Best Wireless Charging for iPhone 8,iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X

Wireless Charging pads for iPhones:

Apple has finally adopted wireless charging for its latest lines of iPhones including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X .Wireless charging means you can charge your phone without connecting to a chord. For wireless charging , one pad is required to transmit the power and one receiver is required connecting with the phone. For iPhones and other phones with wireless charging capability, this receiver is built into the phone itself.

Wireless charging mechanism of iPhones belongs to Qi standards. Qi (pronounced as Chee) is the mostly used standard for smartphones . Manufacturers like Google, Samsung, Nokia, Sony , HTC, LG, Motorola and Huwai is already using Qi wireless charging with some of their high-end phones. So, Qi wireless charging is not new to the market and there are a lot of third party wireless charger available. Well, if you are looking for a wireless charger for your iPhone, here are a list of best Wireless charging Pad with Qi Standard :

1. Belkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone 8, 8 plus and iPhone X :

Compact designed Belin Wireless charging pad lets you to charge any Qi-enabled wireless smartphone including iPhone 8,8 plus and iPhone X. It comes with a 2 amp wall adapter and a micro USB cable. The pad is made from soft and high quality friction material that can keep your phone safely while charging. The transmitting coils can deliver a 1 amp output. One LED indicator is there on one side of the pad for indicating the charging status.

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2. Anker Wireless charger :

Anker charging pad has two different power supply mode : 10W and 5W. 10W is for fast charging mode. Fast charging mode is compatible with only some Samsung smartphone models, so don’t use it with you iPhone 8,8+ or X. For iPhones, 5W mode will do the work. Anker wireless charging pad includes non-disruptive LED indicators to quickly show the charging status. Also it has some advanced safety features like temperature control , overcurrent/overvoltage protection, surge protection etc.

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3. CHOETECH Qi Wireless charging pad :

CHOETECH Qi Wireless pad comes with a 0.7 watt power cooling fan that can keep cooling the phone while charging. The fan can only work on fast-charging mode. iPhone 8,8+ and X has fast charging mode only over USB-C .You can still buy this device for your iPhones , and in future if you will have any other fast charging capable device, you can use it with that. It has one LED indicator : Blue light means it is on standby mode and green light means charging. On full charge, the light automatically turns off. You can keep your phone on portrait or landscape mode and keep working or watching videos while charging. Other features includes overcurrent/overvoltage protection, temperature and overcharge protection.

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4. Otium Wireless Charging Stand Dock :

Otium charging dock features 2-coil design that let you place the phone in vertical or horizontal mode. Compatible with all Qi compatible wireless charging device, this dock also supports fast-charging like some other docks we have discussed above. But as you are going to use it with iPhone, don’t use the fast-charging mode. It has one multi-color light band to show the charging status. It turns to blue when ready and green when starts charging. Other security feature includes temperature control, surge protection and short circuit prevention to keep your device safe while charging.

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5. Qi-infinity Fast wireless Charger :

This wireless charger is designed as foldable with 7 different modes. You can place your phone as flat or at 90 degree .Also you can place it horizontally if you want. This charger is made from high quality ABS material with rubber oil finish. Its rubberized foot on every corner avoide slipping the phone. One LED indicator is available to show you the progress of charging. Approved by FCC,RoHS and CE, this charger provides safety for under-voltage, over-voltage and from short circuit.

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Apple Airpower :

Apple is also working on one new wireless charging accessory , Apple Airpower. You can use it to charge not only iPhone 8,8+ or X, but also the apple Watch and Apple Airpods. You will be able to charge them simultaneously. But this accessory won’t be available until next year.So, we will have to wait for next year to get more details on price and features.