Top 10 best plasma electric lighter to check in 2020


Not only for a smoker, lighters are equally useful for other daily tasks . For example, you can start a campfire easily with a lighter. Matchstick days are gone. Everything in this modern world is converting to electrical, including lighters.Plasma lighters are these types of electric lighters. Isn’t it great ? Just recharge it and use it for days . No need to gas refill. Same as electric car.

Plasma lighters are also known as arc lighter or simply electric lighter. They start a small electric arc between two electrodes. You can place your cigarette, cigar or anything in between this arc to light them up. The arc looks smaller but it is hotter than a flame. So, it lights anything faster.

How this arc is produced :

In simple words, plasma lighter works same as lightning. Two or more electrodes are placed on opposite sides. One of the electrode is positively charged and the other side electrode is negatively charged. When you press the power button, high voltage electric current is passed between the nodes that creates an arc of highly charged plasma. It is not harmful as the current is low , but the temperature is high to produce any flame easily.

The arc looks really great. It is small but if you touch, it may burn your finger. So, always keep it away from children.

Why you should buy an arc lighter :

Arc lighters are safe and easy to use as compared to gas lighters. Few points we want to mention on why arc lighter is better than a traditional lighter :

1. They are USB rechargeable : Arc lighters runs on battery and you can recharge them by connecting to any USB port. Connect one USB cable to any power source and connect the other port to the lighter . Within 2-3 hours , it will be fully charged.

You can recharge it using any USB port containing device. Like connect to your laptop or if you are travelling connect it to the car phone charger or while hiking, connect it to a power source etc. After a full charge, you can use it for 200-300 times ( this value may differ based on different products), i.e. use it for a couple of days.

2. They are environment-friendly: Arc lighters are flameless lighters and they doesn’t emit any butane. Butane is harmfull for environment and equally harmful to human. Again, these lighters are built with metallic body , so it will not produce any harm to the environment after dispose.

3. Windproof and Waterproof : Electric arc is windproof. You can use it to light on any windy environments. Also, most of these lighters are waterproof. In one line , they are perfect for outdoor use. Electric lighters have many more advantages for outdoor activities as compared to other gas lighters.

4. Design and Durability : The metallic construction of these lighters makes them more durable than plastic gas lighters. The cost is slightly higher than the plastic lighters but you can use them without worrying about refilling the gas and also it will not easily break if you drop it on the floor. Next , come to design. Below we are reviewing top 10 best arc electric lighters, and you will see that each one is uniquely designed. The metallic surface makes it easier to craft new designs. On the other hand, gas lighters are mostly transparent to show you the current gas level which makes them less stylish and fashionable than arc lighters.

5. Economical : The only refilling you need for an arc lighter is electric recharge. Refilling is one of the main difference between plasma lighter and arc lighter. Conventional lighter costs less than electric lighter but you need to keep it refilling. For arc lighters, you can connect it to an USB port and charge it within hours. The charging time varies and for most of the lighters , it will not exceed more than two hours. One USB cable is packed with the lighter but you can use any other USB cables. Electric car costs more than other cars , is n’t it ? Similarly, electric arc lighters costs more than other conventional lighters. But they provide much more values as compared to the later one.

Different types of plasma lighters :

Before making the final decision, it will be helpful for you to know the types of plasma lighters. Plasma lighters are very popular in the market. We can categorize them into three types based on the arc: single arc, dual arc and triple arc.

Single arc: At first, only one type of lighter was available with two electrodes. They produce one arc between these electrodes. These are known as the “single-arc” lighters. The power of the arc is low and you can use them for a simple small surface.

Dual arc : Dual arc lighters uses two arcs. They have four electrodes and the head produced is more than single arc lighters. Most people prefer dual arc lighters than single arc. Only disadvantage is that you need more power , so the battery will drain quickly than single arc lighters. These types of lighters are best for medium-sized areas.

Triple arc: These types of lighters are the newest among all. They are also known as 360-degree lighters. They use total six electrodes and these are the most powerful of all. They require more power, so the battery is more powerful for these types of lighters. These are best for outdoor activities like campfires.

If you are confused about which one to choose, we would suggest you go for the dual arc. They will fit for almost all types of tasks.

Our top 10 best plasma lighter pick :

We have picked out few different plasma electronic lighters currently available in the market. It is your personal choice to decide which one to buy. But, if you need any help in selecting the best one, do leave a comment below.

Editor’s choice : Saberlight Sparq Rechargeable Splash and Wind Proof Electric lighter :

  1. Comes with an unique cylindrical design, best for anything to light.
  2. The arc is splash-proof and windproof .
  3. It is a dual arc lighter
  4. Lightweight and steel body.
  5. Comes with one rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.
Epress Dual pack lightersdual arc

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Oiikury USB Rechargeable lightersingle arc

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Tesla Coil Lightersingle arc

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Saberlight X Dual Arcdual arc

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ETERNITY Lightersdual arc

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HaloVa Arc lighterssingle arc

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Allsees electric lightersingle arc

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TriGear electric lightersingle arc

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RUMIX outdoor arc lightersingle arc

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Saberlight Sparqdual arc

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10. Electronic Cigarette Lighters 2 Pack, Epress Dual Arc Electric Plasma Lighter USB Rechargeable Cigarette Lighter Metal Beam Lighters :

This is a pack of two USB lighters , each with a dimension of 2.83 inch x 1.38 inch x 0.47 inch. These are dual arc electronic lighter. Dual arc technology is much faster and stronger than 1 arc.The top is same as other lighters and the safety lid keeps it away from accidental lightning. Arc is windproof.

You can charge the lighters using a USB cable. For a full charge, it takes around 2 hours. Two USB cables are packed with the box for charging both lighters simultaneously. On a full charge, it lasts up to 100 uses.

It comes with a gift box and you will get one USB cable with it.

Features :

  1. Two lighters pack
  2. Comes with a gift box.
  3. USB rechargeable and 100 uses on full charge.
  4. Metallic body and small sized.

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9. Oiikury USB Rechargeable Windproof Electric Plasma Arc Cigarette Lighter Engraved Lighters Chinese Dragon :

Oiikury rechargeable electric lighter looks like an antique item with its brass metallic body and the dragon head makes it look more amazing .One more thing you will love about this lighter is that it has no power switch. Just shake and it will light up.It uses the gravity sensor that is included inside its tiny body.

Like other Arc lighters, it is also windproof. You can use it in the windy environment without any problem. The top head is flip-flop designed, open it and shake to start the arc. The arc size is not much large, you can use it for cigarette, candle or any other items with a small burning head. It will not work for cigars.

It comes with one rechargeable Li-ion battery. You can use one USB cable to charge it. For a full charge, it takes less than one hour time and it lasts for a long time.

Features :

  1. Antique look,perfect for gift
  2. Windproof
  3. Shake to start the arc
  4. USB rechargeable.

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8. Tesla Coil Lighters USB rechargeable Arc lighter :

This is a small sized (3” x 1.75” x 0.5”) and lightweight (3 oz) arc electronic lighter.Tesla coil lighter is a windproof lighter. Also, as it doesn’t use any flame, it is equally environment-friendly.

it uses one Li-ion battery that can be charged via USB cable. You can plug into your car, laptop or any other USB compatible device. On a full charge, it lasts for 100 to 300 use. Tesla coil lighter is designed keeping safety in mind. If the lid is closed, it will never light up. So, you can keep it in your pocket or bag without worrying about accidental fire.

It is not a waterproof lighter. So, keep it away from moisture always.

Features :

  1. Small sized and lightweight.
  2. USB rechargeable.
  3. Lasts for 100 to 300 use.
  4. Environment-friendly, good-looking design and safe to carry.

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7. Saberlight X Dual Arc electric Plasma Lighter :

Saberlight X uses dual arc plasma beam technology, which is much more powerful than a single arc lighter. The plasma wave produced by this lighter is hotter than fire and it can be used to light anything a normal lighter does.

Saberlight lighter is a butane-free lighter. Butane is harmful to human and it’s plasma tech eliminates the need for butane. It is also a windproof and waterproof lighter. You can use it in the rain or in a windy environment.

Like other electric lighters, it is also a USB rechargeable lighter. It is powered by a Li-ion battery and you will get one USB cable with the package for charging. On a full charge, you can use it for up to 300 times continuously. Charging time is 1 hour.

Features :

  1. Dual arc lighter.
  2. Waterproof and windproof.
  3. USB rechargeable. 300 times use on full charge.
  4. It comes with one gift box.

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6. ETERNITY Lighters flameless electronic rechargeable lighter :

ETERNITY lighter is a dual arc lighter with a stylish design. The size of the lighter is 2.7” x 1.1” x 0.4” and weight is less than 3 ounces. It is designed mainly for smokes but you can also use it for anything else.

Comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, you can recharge it using a USB cable. One USB cable is already included with the package. It takes less than 2 hours to fully recharged and you can use it continuously for 100 to 300 times before the battery drains out.

The power button is on the side that makes it more comfortable while holding. This is a windproof and weatherproof lighter, that is perfect for outdoor use. ETERNITY lighter is available in three classic colours of solid black, silver and gold. It is perfect for a gift: comes in a gift box that includes on USB cord, one carrying pouch and one cleaning brush. If you are looking for a gift, this is the one you need.

Features :

  1. Dual arc lighter.
  2. Lightweight and multiple designs available.
  3. Perfect for a gift: comes with one gift box, one carrying pouch, cleaning brush and one USB cable.
  4. 100 to 300-time use after fully charged.

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5. HaloVa Arc Lighter USB Rechargeable Electronic lighter :

HaloVa Arc lighter is another butane free lighter with an S-shaped unique design. Its body is made from high-quality zinc and porcelain, that is capable of standing high temperature. Also, it is lightweight and perfect for carrying in your bag or pocket. The S-shaped design is actually for comfortable grip.

HaloVa electronic lighter comes in an attractive silver body. It is a windproof lighter and really easy to operate. As claimed by the company, you can recharge it 300 times. One USB cable is required to charge. You can keep one power-bank in case it needs to be charged while not at home. It takes almost an hour and a half for fully charged.

The package includes one Arc lighter, one cleaning brush and one USB cable. At this price, it is no doubt a nice lighter, but if you are looking for a gift, I would not recommend it. For a gift, you can go for other lighters we are reviewing below.

Features :

  1. Comfortable to hold, lightweight.
  2. The package includes one brush and one USB cable.
  3. Zinc and porcelain body.
  4. 1.5 hours of charging time. Up to 300 times rechargeable battery.

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4. Allsees electric Multi-purpose Arc Lighter :

Allsees multi-purpose arc lighter comes with a unique design that allows you to light anything with ease and precision. The neck of the lighter is almost 5.9 inches long and it is flexible. You can rotate it as you want.

The main advantage of this lighter is safety. The long handle keeps you away from the high-temperature head. Also, it has one safety switch that will turn it off automatically after 10 seconds. Allsees electric lighter can be used to light gas stoves, candles, lamps, BBQ etc. It is perfect for travelling or any other outdoor activities. Its windproof design allows you to use under windy environment.

This lighter can be recharged using a USB cable. After fully charged, you can use it continuously for 400 times. Also if the battery is low, one low power indicator LED is on top to indicate it. Around half an hour is required for a full charge. You will get one gift pack and one USB cord with the lighter.

Features :

  1. Unique flexible neck design.
  2. Safety switch, lengthy neck add more safety to this lighter.
  3. Windproof
  4. Low battery indicator and on a full charge it lasts for 400 times.

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3. TriGear Elite Series Windproof USB Rechargeable Electric arc lighter :

TriGear Elite series electric lighter is a simple but great looking single arc lighter. The power button is placed near the top of the body that makes it more comfortable to hold. Also, the flat square-box shaped body makes it more unique than other lighters.

The body of this lighter is lightweight and small-sized that fits on your pocket easily. It is a windproof lighter, so you can carry it for any outdoor activities. You can use it for cigarette, cigars, candles or any other daily used items. The flip-flop head keeps it safe while not in use. This eco-friendly lighter comes with one soft carry bag. For recharging, you will get one USB cable with the package. Connect it to any USB port and it will start charging. The charging should not take more than an hour and on fully charged you can use it for days.

The TriGear Elite series lighter is a good choice for anyone looking for a gift. It doesn’t come with a giftbox, which is a drawback but the beautiful pouch is a nice replacement for a box.

Features :

  1. Flat square box body.
  2. Windproof.
  3. USB cable for recharging.
  4. Carry bag.

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2. RUIMX Fire Starter Series Waterproof LED Tactical Flashlight with Arc Lighter :

This ARC lighter is actually a flashlight with a lighter on back. One end features the flashlight and the other end features the arc lighter. The back is “screw out” design. The flashlight has 3 different modes: strong, middle and strobe. The light also features focus zoom. Made from aluminium alloy, the company claims that this product will last at least for 10 years on normal use.

The lighter is a single arc lighter and you need to screw out the back cover to use it. It is not the strongest arc but it will do the job for you. It can be used while camping to start a campfire or to light a cigarette/ cigar.

This lighter is IPX6 certified waterproof and designed for heavy rain. Also, the aluminium body will keep it away from rust and corrosion. Arc is windproof. Overall, we highly recommend this if you are looking for an electric lighter for camping.

Features :

  1. Lighter and Flashlight.
  2. Aluminium alloy solid body design, great for outdoor use.
  3. Waterproof and the Arc is windproof.
  4. Three different modes LED flashlight with focus zoom.

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** 1. Saberlight Sparq rechargeable lighter : (Editor’s Choice)**

We have reviewed one more SaberLight lighter before , but we have placed Sparq on first place only for its usability. Flip-flop designs are best for lighting cigarette, cigars and most other things but they are not for lighting bowls and pipes. Thinking this problem in mind, SaberLight has come with a new unique design for Sparq. Sparq is designed in cylindrical shape, so it allows you to light almost anything. Also, it is a dual arc lighter, which can create light more faster than others. The safety cap can be flipped off to one side and it will not add any disturbance even while lighting a flat item.

Sparq uses Plasma- torch technology to produce the arc. This is much hotter than fire. So, it can light anything more quickly than a traditional lighter. Plasma-tech doesn’t emit butane. Butane is not only harmful to the environment but also it is equally harmful to humans.

Sparq’s stainless steel body gives it a totally different look. Along with it, the pink coloured cross dual arc and the blue light power button adds more beauty and modern look. You can also consider this lighter as a gift for your loved one.

Like all pocket arc lighters, SaberLight Sparq also comes with one rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. One USB cable is provided with it for charging. Going somewhere ? Charge it on car-charger. Camping? Charge it using a power bank. The arc is also windproof and waterproof. You can use it in rainy seasons or windy areas. Mean’s Sparq is perfect for outdoor use.

SaberLight Sparq is our “Editor’s Choice”. It is totally up to you what type of arc lighter you want. But, if you are still under confusion, then go for Sparq, check its reviews and answered questions, you will not be disappointed.

Features :

  1. Unique cylindrical design, best for anything to light.
  2. Splash-proof and windproof dual arc.
  3. Lightweight and steel body.
  4. Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Can you carry plasma arc electrical lighters on **flight :** Normally, lighters without any fuel can be checked in but you can’t carry them in hand baggage. But, arc lighters doesn’t contain any fuel. So they are perfect to carry with you !! If you want to carry arc lighters, they should be TSA approved. They doesn’t contain any inflammable fluid and safe to use . But,again it is totally depends on the opinion of the checking officer. So, we would recommend you to directly discuss with the airport security first.

Safety precautions while using these lighters : Plasma electric lighters are safe to use than other butane based lighters. Butane based lighter generates flames and it is dangerous to use it near flammable items. Plasma lighters doesn’t create any flame but still, they produces heat , so it is not safe to use near any flammable items. Also, the heat produces by plasma lighters is more than butane based lighters. You should avoid direct touch with your skin as the burn can be more serious. Again, always keep it away from children.

Can I use it for a cigar : The gap is too small on most of the plasma lighters to light a cigar. But you can place the cigar near the arc and the heat will start the burning. Also, you can go for a cylindrical lighter. Cylindrical lighters are best for lighting cigar and pipes.

Single arc or dual arc : As we have mentioned before, mainly two types of lighters are available : single arc and dual arc. One more lighter is available known as 360 degree lighter but it is not much popular as the other two. Single arc lighters are useful for simple tasks like lightning cigarette , paper etc. Dual arc lighters are powerful than single arc : you can use them for almost anything to light . We would suggest you to go for a dual arc lighter. Single arc lighters also takes some more time than dual arc.

Conclusion :

We have reviewed 10 different types of electric plasma lighters available to you. All of these lighters comes with different designs . These lighters are more safer than other butane traditional lighters. We have placed Saberlight Sparq rechargeable lighter on top position considering many factors. It is a great looking lighter and the cylindrical shape will help you to light almost anything including cigars and pipes. For outdoor use , RUIMX Fire Starter Series Waterproof LED Tactical Flashlight with Arc Lighter will be a great choice. Each one of these lighters are carefully reviewed ,and you will not be disappointed if you go with any one of them. It is up to you. Read comments and reviews on each product page and select the one that will best fit for your needs.