What you will get from this new Alexa enabled Amazon Fire TV cube

Updated On : 9th June,2018 Updated By : TBG

Amazon has released one new gadget , called Fire TV cube , that you can connect to your TV and convert it to a new “voice controlled smart TV”. Fire TV cube comes with Alexa and eight far-field microphone to read your voice. It is currently available for Pre order on Amazon. It supports 4K ultra HD content up to 60 fps and also HDR contents.

Alexa and google assistant is built in to almost any smart home gadgets these days. Fire TV does the same thing. Basically you will ask it or virtually ask Alexa to do certain thing on the TV and Alexa will trigger that action for you. Not only with TV, you can control any other things that is compatible with Alexa. Just ask “Alexa, play channalname” and it will start the TV and start playing that specific c. annal. For example, call “Alexa, play ESPN” and ESPN will start . You can even open Netflix and search show on Hulu. Not only TV, you can also control compatible sound bar, A/V receiver, and cable/satellite set-top box using it.

The main advantage of this cube is its support for cable box. It is compatible with set top boxes from major providers including Dish, DirecTV and Comcast. So, you can start a specific channel , switch between channels any you can use other Alexa commands.

You can control almost any apps with it including Netflix, Prime video, Hulu, HBO, FoxNow , Youtube etc. and even access websites using Silk and firefox browsers. For music, you can use Prime music, Spotify and iHeartRadio.

With the microphones, Fire TV cube also has one built in speaker . You can check for weather or listen to news using it. TV connection is not required for it. Amazon has mentioned that it will get sleep time feature lates this year.

One more feature of fire TV cube is that it can connect to Amazon’s cloud cam. If you have any cloud cam installed on your home, you can check live footage using voice command to Fire TV cube.

Fire TV cube is available only in US starting 21 June. No sign of UK release yet.