Top 10 best hidden spy camera to buy in 2019 Review

Top 10 best spy camera to buy in 2019 :

Hidden spy cameras are not only for spying peoples , you can also use them to keep an eye on your pet,your nanny is really taking good care of your child or not,monitor your home from miles away etc.Technology and smartphone has moved the spy hidden cameras to a new level.Now a days, most of the spy cameras comes with motion detection feature and smart phone integration. Any motion found and your phone will beep.

Spy hidden cameras comes attached to different items. Like a table clock, a pen , a light bulb or any other common things that nobody will notice. In this post, we are reviewing top 10 different types of spy cameras. You can choose the one according to your need. Let’s take a look :

name video quality Real time video link
FREDI hidden camera 1080p yes Check Price on Amazon
Alon HD Hidden spy clock camera 1080p yes Check Price on Amazon
Spy Hidden charger camera 1080p yes Check Price on Amazon
SOOSPY spy pen 1080p no Check Price on Amazon
DigiHero spy camera 1080p yes Check Price on Amazon
Wifi Spy Hidden Camera Alarm Clock 1080p yes Check Price on Amazon
Spy Vision Hidden Camera 1080p no Check Price on Amazon
NIPS Spy camera 1080p no Check Price on Amazon
WNAT Spy Cam Bluetooth Speakers 1080p yes Check Price on Amazon
iCooLive Wireless LED Bulb 1080p yes Check Price on Amazon

10. FREDI hidden camera 1080p HD mini wifi camera spy camera wireless camera for iPhone/Android Phone/ iPad Remote View with Motion Detection :

FREDI hidden camera is a portable mini spy camera packed with a lot of features. First of all, this is a HD video camera with a 140 degree wide angle lens. You can use it to capture pictures or to record HD 1080p videos. Best thing is that it can be connect to any smartphone via wifi.

It supports night mode : one of the major feature that we should look in spy cameras. The range of the IR night vision is up to 16 feet. This is a battery powered spy camera. It has one built-in 400 mah battery . After fully charged, it can record continuously up to 2 hours for daytime videos and up to 1.5 hours for night videos. For storing the recorded videos, it supports one SD card slot of maximum size 128 GB. The oldest recorded file is overwritten by new files to prevent no memory problems. This setting is configurable. If you find any trouble while connecting the camera to wifi, press and hold the reset button on side to restart it.

Features :

1. Can be connected to iPhone , iPad or Android Phone
2. Small and battery powered.
3. HD 1080p recording
4. Live video support on phone.
5. Supports external SD card up to 128 GB .

Check Price on Amazon

9. Alon HD Hidden spy clock camera :

This is basically a clock with a camera hidden inside the screen. The size is small and it can fit in almost any place. The camera can capture HD video recording at 1080p resolution and also it works great even on low light condition. The lense is 168 degree wide angle, you can expect it to capture a large area of the room. The lense is a night vision lense , so even in dark you will get the footage.

This camera can be paired to your iOS or android phone/tablet.For that, you will have to download the camwf application, connect the camera to your wifi network and then you can take pictures, view live videos or playback any recorded videos . It supports motion detection, that will detect any movement and send you one notification on your phone.It supports SD card of size up to 128 GB. Even if the network is not available, it will record and store the videos in the SD card. You can also view the videos from a PC. On mobile, you have the option to choose from different resolution format : 1920×1080,1280×720,640×480,320×240.

Features :

1. Smalled in size , 168 degree wide angle.
2. Can be paired with iOS or android phone/tablets.
3. 128 GB SD card support.
4. Motion detection, night mode.

Check Price on Amazon

8. Spy Hidden charger camera with full HD motion detection :

This charger camera looks like a USB charger ,works as a USB charger that also acts as a spy camera.It has one port to connect one USB cable like other chargers.This is not a battery powered camera. To use it, just plug in into a wall outlet and then it will start working. To stop the recording, just plug it out.Only thing that we find problem with this camera is that you need to find a outlet with a good clear view of the room.

It can take 1080p videos at 30 fps rate with a wide angle view. In a 32 GB card, it can save up to 6/7 hours of videos. After the memory is full, it automatically removes the oldest videos and replaces them with new videos. We love the design and at this price tag, you are not getting a lot of features but it has almost all the minimum features that a spy camera should have.

Features :

1. Unique design. Can be used as a charger.
2. Not battery powered. Easy to use.
3. 1080p, 30fps video .
4. Automatically takes and replaces videos in the SD card.

Check Price on Amazon

7. SOOSPY spy pen 1080p Hidden camera :

It is a small sized pen camera : a ball pen that you can use to write and one small camera that can be used to take photos and videos.You can hide the camera if you want.The top of the pen can be removed and insert one microSD card upto 32GB. Plug that back part directly to a PC to read the content of the card and play videos directly.The video quality is 1080p and the image quality is 1920p. Date and time stamp can also be added to the recorded videos and images.

It supports loop recording, i.e. if the memory is filled up, new conent will replace the old contents.As it is a portable camera, it comes with a 200mAh battery that can record videos for 60 minutes.To charge it, you can connect it to a power adapter or to a USB cable .

Features :

1. Pen camera. Camera with ball pen.
2. Rechargable battery. 200mAh, that can take up to 60 minutes video.
3. 1080p videos and 1920p images.
4. Loop recording .

Check Price on Amazon

6. DigiHero 1080P Night Vision WIFI Spy mini Hidden Camera :

DigiHero Spy camera is super slim in size and its weight is only 60 gram including the battery.You can carry it in your pocket or put it anywhere in your room.The 90 degree wide angle lens can take videos at 1080p , 30fps.It can be connected to wifi and you can control it using a smartphone. Download the HDMiniCam software from Playstore or Appstore and remotely view live video from anywhere.

It supports micro SD card of size up to 128 GB. If internet is not available, it will record and save the videos in the card. Later, you can connect your phone to the camera and view recorded videos. You can also enable motion detection function via the application and get notification on your phone if any motion detects.

Features :

1. Super slim body security camera.
2. HD 1080p video recording.
3. Control it with your iOS or Android Phone.
4. Micro SD card up to 128 GB supported.

Check Price on Amazon

5. Wifi Spy Hidden Camera Alarm Clock with HD 1080P Wireless Real-time Live Stream :

On our fifth place,we have one table clock with a HD spy camera built in it. It is a 1080p camera that can be monitored using your mobile phone. Download “HDMiniCam” application on your android or iOS device and watch live footage from anywhere you want. It comes with motion detection feature that will send one notification to your phone if movement detects. The microSD card slot can hold up to 64GB card. Videos are saved in the SD card. Also if the memory is full, it will replace the new videos with the older one.The video quality can be changed to low or high resolution.

Features :

1. Table clock camera.
2. Smart phone control.
3. Motion detection and live video feed.
4. Supports up to 64GB memory card .

Check Price on Amazon

4. Spy Vision HD mini spy camera :

Spy vision is a portable cubical camera with 0.8 inches in size. This is a HD recorder , capable of capturing 720p/1080p videos and HD quality photos. It has 6 infrared LED lights for night vision. It also has motion detection feature, enable it and it will automatically start recording videos if any movement detects. You can choose the video quality for auto recording. On its back, one slot is there for microSD card (upto 32GB card can be used).It supports loop recording, means if the SD card is full, it will automatically delete some old videos and replace it with new one.

This is a rechargeable mini camera. It has built-in Li-ion battery that can be charged using a 5V charger. You can even use it while charging. Using one USB cable, you can connect it with a PC and watch recorded videos. The package includes one 3-in-1 USB cable and one Card reader.

Features :

1. Small 0.8 inch in size.
2. 720p and 1080p recorder.
3. Night vision and motion detection.
4. MicroSD card up 32GB, loop recording and rechargeable battery.

Check Price on Amazon

3. NIYPS 1080p portable mini small HD spy camera :

Only 0.87in x 0.87in x 0.71in in size and 0.7 oz in weight, this mini spy camera is perfect for home or office use. Or even you can use it as a body camera if you want.NIYPS mini spy camera can record videos in 1080p HD at 30 fps. It has 4 pcs infrared lights for taking pictures in low light condition. It supports memory card up to
32 GB of size. The battery is 240 mAh that can record videos up to 50 minutes of time on fully charged. It has one motion detectioin sensor that allows it to record videos only if any motion is detected. You can keep it plugged in to the charger for continuous use.

Like other cameras, oldest recorded files are overwritten by new videos automatically. In the package, you will get two mirrors for hiding the lenses. Also, the package includes one magnetic bracket for placing it on any flat surface, one clip to put it in your pocket,one sling ,magnets , usb cable,one card reader and the user manual.

Features :

1. Small sized, multipurpose camera.
2. HD video and photo recording capability.
3. Motion detection, night mode.
4. Lots of accessories.

Check Price on Amazon

2. WNAT Hidden Camera 1080P WIFI HD Spy Cam Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Mini Camera :

A hidden camera inside round bluetooth wireless speaker. Both the speaker and the camera works at the same time. The main advantage is that you can rotate the bluetooth camera and point the lense to anywhere you want , it will look same. Also, the lense can be rotated to 180 degree left and right side. You can connect its application and rotate the lens from your mobile phone. The camera supports SD card up to 128GB but you can monitor live videos even if it is not inserted.

It supports motion detection and automatically records videos if any motion detects. It also sends you the pictures and videos recorded.Using the app, you can also view previously recorded videos. If the SD card is full, it will automatically delete the old videos. It comes with one 3000mAh battery that can last for up to 5-6 hours. Apart from motion detection recording, you can also setup it for time-lapse and 24 hours video recording. If you are not at home, keep it connected to a power source.

Features :

1. Speaker with a camera that can be rotate 180 degree remotely.
2. 128GB SD card with loop recording.
3. Motion detection recording,24 hours recording and time lapse recording.
4. 3000mAh battery with 5 to 6 hours of backup.

Check Price on Amazon

1. iCooLive Wireless LED Bulb WiFi IP Hidden Camera 360 Degree Panoramic 1080P HD Fisheye :

iCooLive LED Bulb comes with a HD 1080p hidden camera on top. This is a panoramic Fisheye camera that will give you the vision of the entire room.You can install it on a E27 socket and it will light up your room. This light can be controlled via a mobile application. Download the application on your phone and control the light and the camera from your phone. The camera supports night vision and motion detection. The light can automatically turn on at night.If any motion detected, it will send one notification on your phone.

It also has one small microphone and one speaker. You can hear and also speak using the application. It also supports one TF card upto 64GB.5 different recording modes are available : round,roller,bowl,runway and four-screen multi display mode. It can be changed using the mobile application.

Features :

1. LED bulb with HD fisheye camera with different recording modes.
2. It can be controlled via mobile app.
3. Motion detector and night vision mode.
4. External card with 64GB capacity.

Check Price on Amazon


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