Top 10 Best Karaoke system for kids to check in 2019

Top 10 best karaoke system for kids :

Music helps children improve overall confidence and promotes brain and body wellness. Kids love to sing and Karaoke machines are perfect gadget to keep your child entertained for hours. Most Karaoke machines let kids sing songs from their favourite movie or show. If you are looking for new toys for your kids, then karaoke machine should definitely be a part of your options.

The word Karaoke is a Japanese word comes from the word Kara and first three letters of okesutora. Kara means empty and okesutora means orchestra, i.e. empty songs or songs without any vocals. Karaoke machine plays Karaoke tracks. Karaoke tracks are recorded-tracks without lyrics. Most Karaoke machine supports CD+G disks. Also known as CD-G, CD+Graphics or TV-Graphics, these compact discs can present lyrics along with the karaoke music.

We have picked out the top 10 Karaoke machines currently available . Let’s take a look at our list :

name CD+R support Bluetooth link
Croove Portable Bluetooth Karaoke No Yes Check Price on Amazon
SU.YOSD YS-10 Karaoke Microphone No Yes Check Price on Amazon
Akai KS303W-BT Bluetooth Karaoke system Yes Yes Check Price on Amazon
Kidzlane Karaoke Machine No Yes Check Price on Amazon
Frozen 66227 Disney Disco Party Yes Yes Check Price on Amazon
Singing Machine ISM398BT No Yes Check Price on Amazon
Singing Machine SML343BTP Yes Yes Check Price on Amazon
Voice Flashing Bar Karaoke system Yes No Check Price on Amazon
Little Pretender Kids karaoke No Yes Check Price on Amazon
Singing Machine SML625BTW Yes Yes Check Price on Amazon

10. Croove Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Party System :

It is a simple,compact and light-weight portable karaoke system that will surely be enjoyed by kids and adults. This machine is battery powered and requires 4 AA batteries to make it work (not included in the package).The Croove portable bluetooth karaoke party system comes with one built-in speaker and one microphone.Separate volume controls are available for speaker and microphone .It is a Bluetooth enabled device.You can connect any external music player,computer or smart phone via bluetooth or AUX cable.One LED indicator is on top to display which input is using currently.It also has one built-in FM radio.If you want to play from USB drive, Croove karaoke system has separate input for USB drive.

Features :

1. Compact design.
2. Bluetooth and AUX connectivity.
3. Separate volume control for microphone and speaker.
4. FM radio.
5. Separate input for USB flash drive

Check Price on Amazon


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9. SU.YOSD YS-10 Karaoke Microphone :

With a 2200mAh battery, this metallic Karaoke microphone can be used continuously 5 hours after fully charged. Not only kids, even adults can also enjoy using this microphone. The head of the microphone uses three layers of filtration process to remove all noises and distortion while singing.You can play music from a USB device like a pen-drive or from a micro-sd card.It also has AUX input and Bluetooth drivers.Bluetooth device connectivity can work up to 10-meter distance.It can connect to any Bluetooth device.One more great feature of this microphone is that you can record your own singing.plug the micro USB port into the microphone and connect your phone via Bluetooth or using AUX port. Now, open any recording app and record.It is available in four different colours: white Gold, white rose, black gold and black rose.

Features :

1. Rechargeable 2200mAh battery.
2. USB, AUX, micro-SD card and Bluetooth connectivity.
3. Record your singing on phone.
4. Metallic Aluminium body.
5. Microphone with smart noise cancellation technology.

Check Price on Amazon

8. Akai KS303W-BT Bluetooth CD&G Karaoke System :

KS303W-BT from Akai is an easy to use Karaoke system with a front-loading CD/CD+G player. You can connect this system to your TV with the supplied AV cable and sing along to the lyrics displayed on the TV screen. The KS303W-BT comes with a wired microphone and one demo CD+G. It features Bluetooth connectivity, allows you to connect your smart-phone, laptop or any music player via Bluetooth.You can place your smart-phone or tablet/iPad in the supplied cradle while playing the music.Two microphones can be connected at the same time. Both of the speakers are of 2W each. You can set the volume for each microphone individually, change the master volume, change the echo or change the balance of the speakers. One more thing we love is its lightning effects.Multi-coloured lights are around both of the speakers and one multi-coloured equalizer is there on the CD door.

Features :

1. Front loading C/C+G player.
2. Connect to the TV and display lyrics on the TV screen.
3. Bluetooth.
4. Two microphones can be connected.
5. Lightning effects.

Check Price on Amazon

7. Kidzlane Karaoke Machine for Kids, Sing-Along Portable 2 Microphone Player :

Kidzlane Karaoke Machine will keep kids entertained for hours. Features a lightweight and durable design, this machine comes with two microphones attached. Both microphones have separate volume controls. You can power this machine by 4 AA batteries or 5V micro-USB cable. One small LCD screen is on top that displays the battery status and other important information. It includes one 512 Mb memory card that can store up to 100 mp3 songs.Kidzlane Karaoke machine has total four streaming options are available: Bluetooth, USB, aux plug or FM radio. The inbuilt FM receiver can scan stations automatically and the LCD screen shows which station is playing currently. To connect external devices, you can either turn Bluetooth on or use one aux line-in cable.’USB’ port is to attach one USB-device directly. It will scan the device and show you the total song count on the LCD screen.

Features :

1. Comes with two microphones with separate volume control.
2. Two power options: 4 AA or micro-USB cable.
3. USB port and in-built FM radio.
4. You can connect other devices via Bluetooth or aux plug.
5. Inbuilt memory card for storing songs.

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6. Frozen 66227 Disney Disco Party Karaoke Machine :

This is a 5 lbs Karaoke machine designed for ‘Frozen movie’ lovers. It comes with one lyric booklet and a CD+G containing songs “Let it Go” and “Do you want to build a snowman” from “Frozen”. Frozen Karaoke Machine can be connected to the TV for louder music and light. Colourful flashing lights on front add extra fun. This machine can be connected to any other devices like iPad,iPhone, android-phone, other tablet devices and you can use its front-load CD player to play music from a disk. One microphone is included in the package but you can connect two microphones at the same time.

Features :

1. Colour flashing LED lights
2. Front load CD/CD+G Karaoke player
3. Connect any other devices including smart-phones or tablets
4. Connect to the TV and see the lyrics flow on the TV screen.
5. Comes with one CD+G.

Check Price on Amazon

5. Singing Machine ISM398BT Karaoke System :

Stream your little one’s favourite music using any Bluetooth enabled device with this adorable ISM398BT Karaoke machine. This system supports almost any Bluetooth device and works with any Karaoke application. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can use Singing Machine’s Mobile Karaoke App. This is not a CD or CD+R compatible device, you will have to connect a device via Bluetooth or using an AUX cable. It has two built-in speakers and one wired microphone. If you want, you can connect one more microphone for duets.4-C type batteries are required (not included in the package) to use.There is a little holder on the front to sit your tablet or phone.

Features :

1. Bluetooth enabled.
2. Compatible with any Karaoke app.
3. AUX connectivity.
4. Inbuilt speakers and one microphone.
5. Supports Two microphones.

Check Price on Amazon

4. The Singing Machine SML343BTP Portable Karaoke System :

SML343BTP Karaoke system from Singing machine comes with a lot of awesome features and multi-coloured LED disco lights with random flash effects. It has one front loading CD player that can play music from CDs and CD+G disks.You can also connect two microphones to sing a duet. Both microphone’s volume can be changed separately. For power, 8 batteries are required or included AC adapter can be used. It has one inbuilt speaker but external speakers can be connected. You can also connect to a TV for scrolling lyrics. One small two-digits LED display indicates the current song track number.If you have an iPad or iPhone, you can download Singing Machine’s free mobile Karaoke app to stream thousands of karaoke songs.

Features :

1. LED disco lights with flash effects.
2. Front loading CD, CD+R player.
3. Two microphones can be connected with separate volume control.
4. Battery or AC power.
5. Connect to a TV for scrolling lyrics.

Check Price on Amazon

3. The Voice Flashing Bar Portable Karaoke System :

The Voice Karaoke system is a nice-looking, easy to use CD+G karaoke machine that allows your kids to sing along with their favourite songs by connecting two microphones simultaneously.This portable Karaoke system has a flashing light bar that adds more fun to a party night.You can also connect the machine to a TV for amplified music and light. After connected, you can view and scroll the lyrics on a TV screen, making it easier for your kids to sing along.It requires 6 C batteries to operate. To connect with other external devices like iPad, iPod,iPhone or any other smart-phone, tablet and music player, you can use the included AUX cable.The package includes one CD+G and lyrics booklet, one hand-held microphone, AV cable, AUX cable, AC adapter and one user manual.

Features :

1. LED flashing light bar
2. Connect to a TV for amplified music, light.
3. Scrollable lyrics on TV.
4. AUX cable to connect to external devices.
5. Free CD+G and lyrics booklet

Check Price on Amazon

2. Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones :

This purple coloured Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine comes with one adjustable stand and two microphones to sing along together.The height of the stand can be adjusted from 18.5 inches to 40 inches. It requires 4-AA batteries to operate.Unlike other products, the batteries are included and your little one can enjoy singing right after opening the box.The stand of this karaoke machine has two-foot padels: left one is to add some special effects and the right one to create applaud.To play music, you can connect other devices using one AUX cable. That means iPhone,iPad, Android phone, tablets, laptop or any music player can be connected to this machine.It even has multi-coloured flashing lights near the foot-pedals to add more fun to the show.You can carry it like a handbag using the flip out handle.

Features :

1. Dual microphones
2. 18.5 inches-40 inches stand
3. Foot pedals for special effects.
4. AUX connectivity.
5. Flashing lights.

Check Price on Amazon

1. Singing Machine SML625BTW Bluetooth CD+G Karaoke System :

On our first place, we have one Karaoke system from singing machine comes with jaw-dropping light effects and high-quality speakers in the wooden cabin. Built with 40 multi-coloured LED lights that synchronize with the music, you can even record your voice to a USB device via the integrated USB port.It has one CD and CD+R player to play your favourite music CDs.One microphone is included in the package, but you can connect two microphones simultaneously with separate volume control for each.8 C batteries are required to operate this machine.One three digits LED display is on the front to show the current track number. To connect an external device, it has all available options: use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly, use AUX cable to connect other music player or use one RCA cable to connect to a TV.By connecting to a TV, you can watch scrolling lyrics on a TV screen.Using singing machine free mobile Karaoke app for iOS devices, you can stream thousands of on-demand songs. With SML625BTW, you will get one coupon to download 5 free karaoke songs of your choice.

Features :

1. 40 multi-coloured LED lights.
2. Record on the USB device.
3. CD and CD+R player
4. Bluetooth, AUX and RCA connectivity to the TV.
5. Scrolling lyrics on TV.
6. Download 5 free karaoke songs using singing machine mobile app.

Check Price on Amazon

Kid’s Karaoke Machine Buying Guide: What to look for?

Ease of Use :

First of all, we are going to buy this machine for a kid. So, the Karaoke machine should be easy to setup and use. Normally, a machine with only a few options is better for kids.

Compatible with TV or not :

Karaoke machines with options to connect to a TV can display lyrics on the screen. Also, you can scroll lyrics on TV directly. This feature is great for indoor use of the machine and to practice new songs.

CD+R support :

As we have mentioned earlier, CD+R discs can show lyrics on any external display like TV while playing a music. Reading and singing a song will also improve the reading speed of kids.

USB, AUX and SD card support :

Pen drives are better storage than Compact disc because you can easily erase and store new songs. Also, they can hold a lot of songs as compared to a CD. Similarly, if it supports micro-SD cards, you can download karaoke music on phone-card and play from it. AUX port is available in most of the Karaoke machines. If you don’t want to remove your SD card or use a Pen-drive, this port comes in handy to play music directly from phone or music player.

Bluetooth compatibility :

Only a few machines supports Bluetooth. It is not a ’Must have’ feature for a Karaoke machine but if you want to control the music remotely, go for this option. Bluetooth can work up to 10 meters. So, if your little prince/princess is singing inside a different room, you can have the control of the tracks and volume.

Portability :

Portability means the Karaoke machine shouldn’t be too large or too heavy. At least your child should be able to move it from one room to another.

Design and Durability :

Kid’s Karaoke machines come in bright and vibrant colours. Some karaoke machines also have built-in disco lights to add more fun. Check these options first because they don’t care if it supports USB or Bluetooth, only it should look classy. Again, it is a child’s toy. If anything is designed specifically for kids, it should be very durable. You cannot expect your child to be neat all the times.


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