Top 5 Best laser engravers for laser engraving in 2020

What is laser engraving process :

Laser engraving is the practice of using a laser to engrave an object. It is similar to a printer. Instead of ink, it uses a laser to cut images or any shape on the surface of an object. Engraving can be done on a wide range of materials including wood, acrylic, plastic, metals etc. You may need some time to learn the basic operations of each laser engraver and cutter. But after that, it will become much easier to cut your own design on different objects.

Laser engraving machine mainly consists of three parts: a laser tube, a surface and a controller. The laser beam removes the surface of the material to draw patterns. Most people got confused with laser marking, etching and engraving. But remember that all are different. Modern laser engraving machines are compatible with most of the graphics software. The laser engravers designed for home use are normally best suited for most materials like bamboo, leather, glass etc. but not all are strong enough to work on metals. So, always check the specification document before placing the order. Be sure to check our buying guide at the bottom of this post.

namepowercraving spacelink
Qiilu Laser Engraving Machine1500 mw42 X 42 x 78 mm

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Orion Motor Tech Engraving machine40 w12”x 8”

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TEN-HIGH Engraving machine50 w40 x 60 cm

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WER Laser Engraving machine1500 mw42 X 42 x 78 mm

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Mophorn Laser Engraving Machine80 w500 x 700 mm

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5. Qiilu 1500mw Laser Engraving Machine :

Quillu Engraving Machine comes with one 1500mw laser head with a quick response time of 10 seconds that can engrave up to 550*550 pixel resolution images. This machine can be controlled by any PC, smartphone or tablet. Supports Windows XP, 7, 8, and Windows 10. iOS App is available for iOS 9 and above devices compatible with iPhone,iPad and iPod touch.Similarly, for Android devices, you can use their app on Android 4.0 and above. Applications are available in English, German, Japanese, French, Italian and Chinese language.The craving space of the engraving machine is 42 x 42 x 78 mm.It can cut wood, plastic, Acrylic, Bamboo, Rubber, Leather, Paper and other flammable materials, but can’t engrave metal, glass, ceramics and stone. The operation area has 8 position holes and two rubber bands for fixing the engraving object. This machine comes with one electronic fan for cooling down the system. You can also adjust or change the laser head after using the machine for years. One more thing we love about this product is its Bluetooth connectivity feature: Connect it to a phone via Bluetooth and use the USB ports to a power bank to start engraving. It can remember where it left on a power-cut: use 5V 1A current or a power bank to continue to engrave.

Features :

  • 1500mw laser head with 10 seconds response time
  • Engrave up to 550*550 pixel image
  • Compatible with all Windows PC, iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Available in English, German, Japanese, French, Italian and Chinese language
  • It can cut different flammable materials, but can’t engrave metal, glass, ceramics and stone.
  • Electric fan for cooling down, adjustable laser head, USB and Bluetooth connection

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4. Orion Motor Tech 12”x 8” 40W CO2 Laser Engraving Machine :

Thie machine from Orion Motor Tech is one of the best engraving machines you can get for the money.It comes with a premium quality focal lens and one 40W CO2 laser tube. This machine has an engraving workspace of 12″x 8″. It’s engraving speed is 0-400 mm/s and cutting speed is 0-50 mm/s. It is powerful enough to cut through 2mm or 3mm wood or acrylic.It works only on anodized coating/ non-metal surfaces like wood, stone, glass, leather, paper, rubber, bamboo etc.

This engraver is compatible with most of the graphics software like CorelDraw and laser DRW. These applications are not included, but you will get one copy of Shenzhouyi to get started with. The only drawback we found on the software side is that it is not compatible with MAC machines. You can use it on Windows 10,8,7, XP or even 2000, but not on MAC. USB connection is supported to connect to a PC.

Orion Engraving Machine is designed mainly for small business and home users. It comes with one CO2 Laser Engraver, one air exhaust fan, one venting tube, a water pump, one USB cable and one manual.

Features :

  • 40W CO2 laser tube
  • 12″x 8″ engraving space
  • Compatible with most graphics software
  • Works with most non-metal surfaces. Doesn’t work with a metal surface.
  • Not compatible with MAC but compatible with Windows PC.
  • Air exhaust fan, water pump, venting tube and USB port

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3. TEN-HIGH Upgraded Version Linear Guide CO2 Engraving cutting machine :

Ten-High engraver is an affordable machine, great for small business and home uses. If you haven’t used any engraving machine before, you can watch the video guide of Ten-High to learn how to setup this machine.Also, they provide really good technical support. This machine comes with a 50W CO2 laser with 30 cm of adjustable height of the engraving area. The Engraving depth depends on the power and speed. You can use it for engraving almost all non-metal materials like acrylic, plywood, solid wood, PVC, Leather, fabric, PET etc. For metals, it only engraves the coat of paint.

The machine has a front-end double door. You can connect it to a laptop or Desktop PC using the provided USB cable. Corel Draw or Winseal XP is supported for creating the design. Engraving area is 40x60cm. The laser energy can be adjusted. Water is used for cooling down the temperature.

Features :

  • 50W CO2 laser, adjustable energy.
  • USB connectivity
  • 40x60cm Engraving area, adjustable height.
  • Works on non-metal surfaces.Engrave paint-coating on metal.
  • Front-end double door.Water cooling system.
  • Easy setup.

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2. WER 1500mW Miniature DIY Laser Engraving Machine :

One of the most user-friendly engraving machine: you can control this with almost any smartphone. Compatible up to Android 4.0 and iOS 9. Apps are available for both Android and iOS platform. Control it using Windows 7,XP,8,10 , Android smartphone,iPhone,iPad or iPod touch.You can connect it using a USB cable or via Bluetooth.

The carving area is 42 x 42 x 78 mm. It cannot carve metal or glass but works with most materials like wood, plastic, rubber, pencil, wallet etc.The laser is of 1500mW and it can print images with 550x550 resolution size. It is a battery operated machine, 6000mAh polymer Li-ion battery can last up to 3 hours on full charge.

You can engrave on a wide variety of materials, an amazing gift for DIY lovers. One more great thing about this engraving machine is that you will get one Google protective glass with the package. Always wear this glass to protect your eyes while engraving.

It is a lightweight machine. Made from Acrylic, Aluminum and stainless steel, it weighs only 1.092 kg.

Features :

  • Lightweight, small sized.
  • Control it by using a USB cable or via Bluetooth.
  • Works on a variety of surfaces.
  • Battery operated machine.
  • You will get one Google eye-protective glass.

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**1. Mophorn Laser Engraving Machine 80W CO2 Laser Engraver : **

Comes with a 20”x28” or 500x700 mm engraving area, this machine comes with a powerful 80W laser tube that is suitable for engraving variety of materials like wood, bamboo, plexiglass, leather, rubber, glass etc.

This engraving machine is equipped with DSP control for RDdraw . It also supports other softwares like CorelDraw, AutoCAD etc and supports multiple graphics formats like HPGL, BMP, GIF, JPG, JPEG, DXF, DST, AI etc. Morphorn Laser Engraving machine comes with four wheels that make it easier to move around. It features one water cooling system, one exhaust fan and one air pump. It keeps the temperature of the laser tube normal which is great for long time use.

You can connect it to a laptop or desktop via USB port. With the package, you will get one Laser engraving software package, user manual CD, water cooling system, air exhaust fan, Air pump, communication cable, and one laser tube. 3 reflect optics and 1 focus optics comes as preinstalled in the machine.

Features :

  • 500 x 700 mm engraving area.
  • 80W laser, CO2 sealed off laser glass tube.
  • Easy to move around, comes with four wheels.
  • Water cooling system.
  • Supports multiple graphics format. Can be connected to a PC via USB port.

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**Buying Guide : **

1. Compatible operating system and software :

You need to connect it to a PC to use. Check what are the compatible operating system for the Engraver. Also, check for what are the compatible graphics software. In case any software is supplied with the engraver, make sure that it is compatible with your operating system. If you have a Mac, double check this information again.Most of the software are designed targeting only windows users.

2. Laser power :

It depends on what type of material you are going to use for engraving. More power means more heavy materials can be cut easily. But remember that it is not always same for all engravers. Normally 40-50W power is enough for working on most materials.

3. Size of the Bed :

Bigger the working area, larger the material size you can use. We would recommend you to go for a larger Bed sized machine because you can’t change the Bed for a machine. What will you do if you need to engrave on a large surface in future?

4. Cooling system :

Small laser engravers use air cooling system or water cooling system. For longer operation, it helps the machine to cool down quickly and in turn increases the lifetime of the parts. Water cooling system can be divided into two parts: closed water cooling system and open water cooling system. For closed water cooling system, you will have to keep changing the cooling liquid periodically.

5. Portability :

Not a must check feature but don’t you think that if the machine is lightweight or it comes with wheels, it will be a lot easier for you to move it around? Think about rearranging your room, changing your apartment, changing your business place etc., we should consider the weight more seriously. What say?