Top 5 best butane lighters you can check in 2021

Butane cigarette torch lighter:

Butane torches are used for many purposes like cutting metal, cigar lighter, outdoor use or even for kitchens. This post is on butane lighter for cigars and we will mostly talk about cigar lighters. Finding out the perfect butane cigar lighter is very very difficult for hundreds of companies producing products in the market. In this post, we are reviewing top 5 best Butane Cigarette torch lighters that are currently available. Let’s go through them one by one:

Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Attachment :

Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch Lighter with Cigar Punch Attachment The size of the Scorch Torch lighter is 1.20” x 0.90” x 3.00”. The textured grip and ergonomic design make it easy to hold. This lighter features a side switch to operate. The top cap opens automatically on activating the side switch, which makes it easy to use. Not only a cigarette, but you can also use it for lightning anything you want. The triple jet flame torch is powerful enough to do any kind of job.

One more great thing about this lighter is its flame is adjustable. Refilling the butane is also easier than you think. If you want, you can do it by yourself: just follow the guide that comes with the lighter. It is also better than other lighters for cigars. It comes with one cigar punch that will be useful to you are looking for a lighter for Cigar.

Features :

  1. Small sized lighter . 1.20” x 0.90” x 3.00”.
  2. Easy to use side switch.
  3. Powerful triple jet flame. You can also use it for a cigar. Comes with one cigar punch.
  4. Adjustable flame. Easy refilling.

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VVAY Triple Jet Flame Torch Cigar Lighter :

VVAY Triple Jet Flame Torch Cigar Lighter VVAY Turbo Jet Lighter is a multipurpose lighter. Only 4.33 inches in length, this butane lighter is easy to carry while traveling. It features three burners. It will use a little bit more butane, but the flame will be much stronger than any other single burner lighter. This is the main reason we have mentioned it as a ‘multipurpose lighter’. It is also a windproof lighter. You can even use it in a strong windy environment without any issue. One regulator is at the bottom to adjust the flame.

One more plus point of this lighter is its rotatable head. You can rotate the head up to a 45-degree angle. That is helpful if you don’t want the flame aligned directly with your hand.

Features :

  1. Multipurpose lighter.
  2. Only 4.33-inch height.
  3. Three burners. Windproof. You can also adjust the flame.
  4. Rotatable head.

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RONXS Torch Lighter, Butane Lighter in Pocket Size, Adjustable Triple Jet Flame Cigar Lighter Refillable Gas, Heavy-Duty Zinc Alloy Lighter Gift for Men:

RONXS torch butane lighter RONXS cigar lighter gives triple burners that allow you to use it almost anywhere like fireworks, BBQ, stovetops, etc. The flame is adjustable. There is a small fuel level window to indicate the current fuel level. You will get the lighter without any fuel. So, make sure to order butane separately.

Its body is made of zinc alloy, which assures durability. Size is around 0.95” x 0.8” x 3.1”, and weight is 80g, 2.85oz. It’s design and safety make it a perfect gift on any occasion.


  1. Triple burners
  2. Adjustable flame
  3. Fuel level window to check the current level
  4. Zinc alloy body, lightweight

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Zoocura Refillable Butane Torch Lighter Adjustable Pen Lighter Double Flame Lighter Jet Flame Lighters Multipurpose for Grill BBQ Camping:

Zoocura Refillable Butane Torch Lighter Adjustable Pen Lighter Double Flame Lighter This is a double flame, powerful, and lightweight butane lighter. It is only 1.8 g in weight. As claimed by the company, you can use it up to 500 times after a refill. The flame is adjustable. You can get up to 2.3 inches long flame with this lighter.

The body of this lighter is made of zinc alloy with three-layer safety protection. You can use it for any indoor activities like candle, cigar, kitchen as well as for outdoor activities like BBQ, camping, etc.

Butane is not included with the package. That you need to buy separately. At the bottom, there is a small fuel gauge visible window to get the current fuel status. The size of the lighter is 50.950.8 inches. Overall, this lighter is another one that you can choose for you or as a gift.


  1. Double burners
  2. Adjustable flame and fuel window
  3. Zinc alloy body.

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### Yusud Quadruple Jet Torch Cigar Lighter, Strong 4 Burner Red Flames Cigarette Lighter with Punch, Nozzle Rotatable and Butane Refillable

Yusud Quadruple Jet Torch Cigar Lighter Yusuf quadruple Jet torch cigar lighter is a stylish cigar lighter with four-burner flames and a flexible torch head. The head is rotatable for your convenient use. Also, it comes with a 6mm cigar punch on the back of the head. With its zinc alloy body and stylish look, it is a perfect fit for a gift or own use.

The size is 3.7’’ * 1.5’’ * 2.3’’ and the weight is approx 3.7 oz. You can control the flam with the underneath gas pressure dial easily. Rotate it clockwise to weaker and anti to enhance the flame.


  1. Four burners
  2. Adjustable flame, fuel window
  3. Lightweight *

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Warning and tips for using a butane cigarette torch lighter:

Butane cigarette torch lighter is not a child’s toy. Few things we should always keep in our mind like:

  • Always keep it away from children. Also, while using, keep the nozzle away from the face or any inflammable object.
  • Don’t keep it burning for a long time. Maximum time is different for different lighters and you can find it in the guide.
  • Please ensure that you are not near any open flame when refueling.
  • Do not place it in a place with prolonged sunlight like in a car.
  • If you felt something wrong with the lighter, don’t try to fix it by yourself.
  • Never put it in a fire.

Overall, we hope that this post helped you to find the good butane lighter that you were looking for. We picked the top 5 for us to make this easier for you. But, of course, the choice is yours.