Top 10 best fingerprint scanner for windows PC in 2019

Top 10 best fingerprint scanners for windows devices :

In today’s world, it is really difficult to remember passwords of different websites and keep typing them each time you want to login to a site. Do not use similar passwords on multiple sites and always use second authentication if it is available. You can use a password manager to keep and manage all your passwords in one place. So, what is a fingerprint scanner ? Fingerprint scanners have taken this whole process to a new level. They uses fingerprint or biometric authentication to keep your login process even more simpler.

Fingerprints are unique and they can be used to easily distinguish one person. There are lot of different fingerprint scanner devices that we can use with a PC. Few laptop models comes with integrated fingerprint scanner. For other scanner devices, you will have to connect it via a USB port. You can register one or multiple fingerprints in the device and when the PC starts, just slide your finger over the scanner and it will start the PC without password. Few fingerprint scanners are also compatible with password management software, i.e. you can login to any other websites using your fingerprint.

In this post, we are going to list down the top 10 best fingerprint scanners available for windows devices. Note that these are compatible with only windows PC, not with Mac or linux operating system. Lets take a look at the list :

name link
Digital Persona 88003-001U.are.u 4500 Check Price on Amazon
Verifi P5100 Metal Fingerprint reader Check Price on Amazon
iDoo mini USB fingerprint scanner Check Price on Amazon
PQI mini USB fingerprint reader Check Price on Amazon
BIO-key side touch compact fingerprint scanner Check Price on Amazon
Idem FCC BioScan Compact USB Fingerprint Scanner Check Price on Amazon
Benss Mini USB Fingerprint Reader Check Price on Amazon
IDOL Slide Mini Fingerprint Reader for Microsoft Windows Check Price on Amazon
AuthenTrend Nano USB Fingerprint Reader Check Price on Amazon
Kensington VeriMark USB Fingerprint Key Check Price on Amazon

10. Digital Persona 88003-001U.are.u 4500 fingerprint scanner :

U.are.U 4500 fingerprint scanner from Digital persona comes with a cool blue glow light and a elegent design. The blue light helps for low light environment and also it glows the beauty of the scanner. This device is ideal for both office and home use. The main drawback we found for this scanner is that you will have to install separate software package from Digital Persona, otherwise you cannot use it. This is the only reason, we have placed on 10th place. Below, we are listing few more advanced scanners that works without even using any other softwares. But , if you are still using windows 7, then go for this. This is a 512 dpi scanner and it will surely not disappoint you.

Features :

1. Elegent design with a LED blue light.
2. 512 dpi scanner.
3. Small and high quality construct.
4. Great for home and office use.

Check Price on Amazon

9. Verifi P5100 Premium Metal Fingerprint Reader for Windows 7/8/10 :

Verify P5100 works with windows 7,8,10 and also with windows HELLO. The touch sensor of this fingerprint reader is made of non-optical large silicon and its all-metal housing and a rubber grip gives it a nice modern look. Setup is really easy : plug and play. Connect it via one USB port to your PC and configure it within minutes. You can login to the PC and to other websites using this fingerprint reader. Just scan your finger whenever any password is required on any website.

The weight of this reader is only 3.68 ounces, you can carry it with your laptop if you want. You will also get Roboform free Password manager with the device. It allows you to save passwords for different websites. Overall, we like this product but the only problem we found is its size. It is best for desktops, and you can attach to your PC and keep it lying on your desk. But for laptops, we would recommend you to go for a small scanner like the ones we are reviewing below.

Features :

1. Compatible with windows 7,8,10 and windows HELLO.
2. Large silicon and all-metal housing look.
3. Easy setup and free included Roboform password manager.
4. Signin on websites using fingerprint.

Check Price on Amazon

8. iDoo mini USB fingerprint scanner reader for windows 7/8/10 :

iDoo Lockey is a small fingerprint scanner compatible with all windows versions starting from 7 to 10.Even it supports windows Hello. It looks like a receiver for a wireless mouse. The compact size saves a lot of space and one more good thing is that you can use multiple fingers and even register other users e.g. your family members at the same time. Up to 10 fingerprint IDs can be saved in the scanner. All data is kept encrypted , so even if you lost the device, no need to be worried.

To use this reader, you will have to download a software called “FPS Security key” from iDOO website. Also, it will be sent to your email id after the purchase. To use it, just insert the scanner into one of your USB port, open the FPS security key software and follow the instructions to setup the fingerprints. The response time of the scanner is really fast, it can identify a fingerprint within 0.15 seconds.

Features :

1. Compatible with Windows 7 to Windows 10 including windows Hello.
2. Small sized scanner.
3. 10 different fingerprints of different member can be stored.
4. Quick response time : 0.15 seconds.

Check Price on Amazon

7. PQI mini USB fingerprint scanner for windows 7,8 and 10 :

PQI mini USB finger print scanner is another small fingerprint security scanner designed for Windows 7,8 and 10. With the capacitive touch technology, it can recognize your fingerprint within 0.15 seconds. PQI utilizes windows 10 hello biometrics and uses your fingerprint as a password for the PC. It is certified by FIDO Alliance or Fast identity online Alliance , means it meets all the requirements that modern data safety needs.

You can setup up to 10 different fingerprints. It can be of a single person of different persons.So, you can setup login configuration for your family members at the same time. One small light is on the top that indicates when the device is waiting for the password. To setup this device, you need to download and install the drivers from the PQI website.You can also download the guide from their website to learn how to setup for the first time.

Features :

1. Small sized scanner.
2. Compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10. Also compatible with Windows hello.
3. 10 different fingerprints can be stored. Response time is 0.15 seconds.
4. FIDO Alliance certified.

Check Price on Amazon

6. BIO-key SideTouch Compact Fingerprint scanner for windows :

SideTouch works with windows 8.1 and windows 10 pc, laptops and tablets. This is a Microsoft tested product that works with built-in Microsoft login platform windows hello and passport. Using this scanner, you can setup login for your pc, applications and websites via windows hello. Compact in size, SideTouch can be integrated with BIO-key’s enterprise level system.

With SideTouch, you will get Omnipass online password vault as complimentary. You can visit BIO-key company website and download the Omnipass consumer. Omnipass can store all your passwords on different websites and you can log in to these sites using the SideTouch fingerprint scanner. It works with different popular browsers like google chrome, firefox and internet explorer.

Features :

1. Supports Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 devices.
2. Works with windows hello and passport.
3. Compactly sized scanner.
4. Complimentary Omnipass online password manager.

Check Price on Amazon

5. Idem FCC BioScan Compact USB Fingerprint Scanner for Fast Win10 Sign-in :

Idem FCC certified BioScan USB scanner is a small 14mm wide fingerprint scanner, designed for Windows 10 with windows hello compatibility. This scanner has 360-degree fingerprint reading capability and it can save up to 10 different fingerprints at the same time. Like other products we have reviewed above, you can store your family member passwords at the same time.The sign in time is only 0.25 seconds. One thing you should note that it doesn’t support Linux, mac or windows 10 enterprise version.

With additional software, you can use this scanner to encrypt files and folders on your computer. Not only that, you can also login to other websites using the fingerprint. To achieve that, you can download and install Smart-ID software on your PC.It has one password manager that works with this Fingerprint scanner.This is compatible with both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 interfaces, so even if your PC/laptop doesn’t have any USB 2.0 ports, you can use this scanner.

Features :

1. Small sized 14mm scanner.
2. Windows 10 and windows hello compatibility.
3. Supports 10 different fingerprints at the same time.
4. FCC certified, optionally you can use this scanner to log in to different websites also.

Check Price on Amazon

4. BENSS Mini USB Fingerprint Reader for Windows 7,8 & 10 Hello :

This is a Microsoft certified fingerprint reader that supports windows 7,8,10 32 bit and 64 bit systems.It comes with a 360-degree readability pad that can identify one fingerprint within 0.15 seconds. You can use this fingerprint reader to keep your documents securely. Encrypt and decrypt any document using this scanner. Document encryption will work only in windows 10. Register one folder as secure zone and any file you will copy or move to that place will be encrypted automatically. You will have to download one additional software to use this feature.

You can register up to 10 fingers using this scanner. Register either you or your family member’s id. The driver for this scanner is available to download on their website. The instruction on how to setup it for the first time is also available on the website. You can follow the steps to start using it.

Features :

1. Microsoft certified fingerprint reader supports Windows 7,8,10 systems.
2. Comes with a 360-degree readability pad.
3. Supports document encryption. (Requires to download extra software)
4. Register up to 10 fingers.

Check Price on Amazon

3. IDOL slide mini fingerprint reader for Microsoft Windows 10 login :

IDOL slide mini fingerprint reader works with windows 8.1 and windows 10 HELLO devices and the best part is that you don’t need to install any additional software to start using this fingerprint reader.IDOL mini comes with one of the best fingerprint sensor, AuthenTec AES2510, the same technology used by Apple with iOS device touch ids. Its small size helps you to keep it connected all the time with your laptop.

You can register multiple fingers with this scanner and it also supports 360-degree finger placements. With the package, you will get the windows set-up guide and fingerprint reader best practices guide. If you have a Windows 7 device, you will have to download additional supporting software (not included in the package). At this price range, it is a nice product for fast and quick plug and plays use.

Features :

1. Works with windows 8.1 and windows 10 HELLO device.
2. No need to install any additional software to start.
3. Uses the same technology used on Apple devices.
4. Multiple finger supports. 360-degree finger placements.

Check Price on Amazon

2. AuthenTrend Nano USB Fingerprint Reader with Windows 10 Hello Support :

AuthenTrend USB fingerprint reader is a small sized reader featuring 360-degree instant touch fingerprint recognition technology. This is much more accurate and responsive than other systems. It uses one machine learning algorithm that analyses your fingerprint each time you are login to the system. So, it will keep track of the fingerprints and the analysis progress becomes faster and faster. Normally, it takes less than a second for login. The false acceptance rate or FAR is less than 0.0002% and the false rejection rate or FRR is less than 3%.

It supports multiple accounts and multiple fingers. You can register up to 80 different fingerprints.You can also integrate “OMNIPASS” software to manage passwords and encrypt files, folders on different windows systems: Windows 7,8,8.1 or 10

Features :

1. 360 degree instant touch technology.
2. Learning algorithm that analyse your fingerprint on each login.
3. Less than 0.0002% FAR and less than 3% FRR.
4. Multiple accounts and multiple fingers up to 80 different fingers.

Check Price on Amazon

1. Kensington VeriMark USB Fingerprint Key, Black (K67977WW) :

Kensington VeriMark USB fingerprint Key is compatible with Windows 7,8.1,10 including windows HELLO.VeriMark scanner is Fast Identity Online (FIDO) universal 2nd factor authentication(U2F) certified device, you can use this on other websites like facebook,google, Dropbox, Github etc. using FIDO second factor authentication. You must use Google chrome to avail this feature. It has 360 degree readability surface and anti-spoofing protection .VeriMark USB Fingerprint key has a false rejection rate (FRR) of 3% and a false acceptance rate(FAR) of 0.002%.

It is a small sized device that you can easily carry to anywhere. Again, if you want you can integrate Kensington fingerprint reader with the RoboForm password manager and manage all your passwords in one place.

Features :

1. Compatible with Windows 7,8.1,10 and windows Hello.
2. FIDO, U2F certified device.
3. Use it on different websites using FIDO authentication.
4. Low FRR and FAR. Use it with the Roboform password manager.

Check Price on Amazon


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