Razer launched Abyssus Essential, an entry level glowing gaming mouse

Razer is one of the most well known company that creates high end accessories for gamers. Recently they have launched one new gaming mouse known as “Abyssus Essential” , targetting mainly entry-level users. I am using the word “entry-level” because this mouse is the cheapest gaming mouse developed by Razer. Currently, it is available at $49.99. One thing you should note that it doesn’t come with all features that other mouse holds like dedicated side-buttons. The most eye-catching feature is its 7200 dpi sensor that can track at 220 inches per second(IPS).

abyssus essential 2

Like other Razer accessories, this mouse is powered by Razer Chroma lighting system. It will add one LED lightning effect to the bottom surface of the mouse. The lightning is RGB lightning and you can sync with other Razer chroma products using the Razer’s Synapse 3 software. You can even create custom lightning and share them with your friends or download new lightning profiles. Over 16.8 million colors are available to choose from.

With an ergonomic design, Abyssus Essential is great for long gameplay. It is light weight, so good for high speed moves. Comes with 3 buttons, these are durable up to 10 million clicks. These buttons are configurable.

Approximate size of this mouse is 114.7 mm / 4.51 in (Length) X 63 mm / 2.48 in (Width) X 37.3 mm / 1.46 in (Height) and weight is 78 gram. The length of the cable is around 2.1 meter.

Currently this is available only on Razer’s store. You can check and order it here .

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