Top 8 Best Wind Chimes to buy : review and Buyer’s Guide 2019

Wind Chimes are a type of percussion instrument hung outside of a house that makes sounds when the wind blows. Normally, wind chimes are made of metals or wood in shapes of tubes and rod but other materials like glass, bamboo, or stone are also used. Based on the material and shape, it can produce different sounds. Always check for length of the chimes, number of pipes and volume before making the final decision.

If you are going to use it outdoor, wooden or bamboo chimes are better than metal chimes. Metal wind chimes are believed to attract good fortunes and they are placed in Northwest, West or North areas. Bamboo chimes are used to deflect bad energies and recommended to place in the east, south and south-east areas. Since bamboo makes a gentle and pleasant sound, you can use it near your bedroom or office room.

In this post, we are going to show you top 8 wind chimes with a little review for each. Let’s take a look :

name size color material weight link
Pixpri 2.6 x 6.1 x 15.51 inches Forest Green Aluminium 2.5 pounds Check Price on Amazon
Artisan 27 x 5 x 5 inches Silver Aluminium and Bamboo 0.65 pounds Check Price on Amazon
UpBlend Havasu Chime 6 x 4 x 38 inches Mahogony/Light Bronze Aluminium 2.8 pounds Check Price on Amazon
Rainbow Multi colored 0.75 x 5.75 x 9 inches Multicolored Glass and Aluminium 0.6 pounds Check Price on Amazon
Woodstock moonlight waves 1.5 x 5 x 34 inches Antique Copper copper 13.3 ounces Check Price on Amazon
Cohasset Antique 32 x 5 x 32 inches Brown Wood and bamboo 1 pounds Check Price on Amazon
Iserlohn Wind Chime 34 x 4.7 x 34 inches Bronze Bronze Aluminium 1.05 pounds Check Price on Amazon
Pathonor LED 6.2 x 5.3 x 5.2 inches multi color Glass and plastic 11.2 ounces Check Price on Amazon

8. Pixpri Wind Chimes, Metal design windchimes  with Soft B Pentatonic Scale :

Pixpri Wind Chimes features a beautiful elegant design with forest green coated aluminium tubes and one circular silver shiny wind catcher in the middle. The top include a “S” type hook to install anywhere you want. The middle disk easily catch the light and reflects . Pixpri wind chime offers a soft and calming B scaled tone. Metal tubes and wind catcher spinner are weather resistant. So, you can use it for outdoor without worrying about anything.

Features  :

Black and silver design with six B-scale sound tubes

Made from durable aluminium

Easy installation and water resistant

Check Price on Amazon

7. Artisan 27 inch Wind Chimes :

This wind chime comes with 15 beautifully tuned tubes. The tubes are made from Aluminium and the support plate, clapper, wind catcher is made of Bamboo. Installation is really easy with an “S” ring on top. From the top of the “S” ring to the bottom of the removable wind-catcher: it is 27 inch of length. The whole product is weather resistant, you can use it outdoor if you want. Currently ‘Artisan’ is providing 30 days of money back guarantee and 12 months of warranty. If you have any issue within the first year, you can return it and they will replace it without any charge.

Features :

15 tubes and 27 inch Wind Chime

30 Days money back guarantee and one year warranty

Water resistant

Check Price on Amazon

6. UpBlend 38 inch Wind Chimes :

Havasu chime from UpBlend produces soft, rich melodies with its hand tunes E-major aluminium tubes. It comes with an ’S’ shaped suspension chord secured with high strength suspension cord. The striker is made of wood and it is 38 inches long from the top of the “S” hook to the end of the wind catcher. The 6 aluminium tubes are sized from 13.5 to 19 inches. The suspension platform is 6 inch in diameter. The striker between the suspension platform and wind catcher is adjustable, i.e. you can move it easily vertically. Perfect for any location.

Features :

38 inch long

Hand tunes in E-major Pentatonic scale

Corrosion resistant, aluminium tubes anodized in a bronze bath

Check Price on Amazon

5. Rainbow Multicolored Glass Wind Chimes :

This is a very stylish wind chime with rainbow-colored rectangular bars. It has 6 strands of glass bars in rainbow colors. Each glass bars are 2.5 inches long. In between the glass bars, there are 3 metal chimes. Each chime is 6 to 8 inches long. Top circle base is made from plastic with 2.5 inches in diameter. From top to bottom, it is 20 inches long. This is similar to Chinese glass indoor chimes.

Features :

20 inches long

Stylish rainbow colored Windchime

Best for indoor use

Check Price on Amazon

4. Woodstock 34 inch Moonlight waves wind chime :

This wind chime has 34 antiqued copper-plated steel disks. This wind chime is 34 inches long from top to bottom. It produces gentle soft tickling sounds that mimic the waves of the shore. The reflection of light on the disks look like moonlight gleaming on the ocean’s surface. All the strings are suspended from a hanger made of durable ash wood with sleek black finish. It is great to use for both indoor or outdoor.With its original and innovative design, this wind chime will surely add beauty and elegance to your home.

Features :

34 inches long

34 copper plated steel disks

Unique design

Check Price on Amazon

3. Cohasset 133 Medium Plain Antique Wind Chime :

This wind chime is made of eco-friendly bamboo and coconut wood that produces a warm and relaxing tone. It has 6 hand tuned bamboo tubes stained a rich natural brown. This product is handcrafted by artisans on the island of Bali. The rounded top is 5 inch and a chime is approx 16 inches long. The middle string is of size 30 inches and one wooden piece is attached at the end. You can buy it for both indoor and outdoor use.

Features :

Made of eco-friendly bamboo and coconut wood

It has 6 hand tuned bamboo tubes

32 inches long

Check Price on Amazon

2. Iserlohn 34 inch Wind Chime :

Iserlohn Wind chime consists of 18 bronze aluminium tubes 4.5 to 10.4 inches long. The tubes are small in size, the diameter is only 0.4 inches. Top platform is rounded and it is 4.7 inches wide. You will also get 2 pack smooth spinning swivel hooks clips. Smooth spinning is made from stainless steel and the S hook is 1.8-inch length. Easy to install, hang under a roof or on a tree: this wind chime is best for both indoor or outdoor use.

Features :

18 tubes

34 inch long

Best for indoor and outdoor use

Check Price on Amazon

1. Pathonor Color changing LED solar mobile Wind chime :

On our first place, we have one different looking Windchime with 6 Hummingbirds made from glass and plastic that clash with each other and makes beautiful tunes. Inside these cute birds, there is some color changing LED lights that glow at night and makes it even more beautiful. LED lights can work up to 100000 hours. Keep it in a position with direct sunlight and within 6 to 8 hours it will fully charge. Best for outdoor use.

Features :

LED lights

Solar powered

Beautiful design

Check Price on Amazon


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