Top 10 best speaker stand review in 2019

Speaker stands have a lot of benefits. Using these types of stands, you can place your speakers on an optimal position, i.e. on a position that provides you high-quality listening experience. Not only that, speaker stands can save you a lot of space most of the time. Don’t you think that placing speakers on a stand looks much better rather than placing it on a table?

Whether you are looking speaker stands for your home or for your studio, finding out the best one is not an easy task. We have compiled a list of top 10 best speaker stands considering different key points like popularity, ratings, reviews, build quality etc. Let’s take a look into the list :

no name height link
10 VIVO SP03B 25 inches Check Price on Amazon
9 PYLE PSTND18 13 inches Check Price on Amazon
8 Sanus Speaker stands 34 inches Check Price on Amazon
7 Atlantic Speaker stands 30 inches Check Price on Amazon
6 Sanus ND36C 36 inches Check Price on Amazon
5 Gearlux Tripod Stand 70.8 inches (adjustable) Check Price on Amazon
4 Mounting Dream MD5401 35.5 to 48 inches Check Price on Amazon
3 Monoprice Speaker stand 26.8 to 43.3 inches Check Price on Amazon
2 VideoSecu Speaker stand 26.5 to 47 inches Check Price on Amazon
1 Mount-It! MI-1214 26.8 to 43.3 inches Check Price on Amazon

10. VIVO Premium Universal Floor Speaker Stands for Surround Sound & Book Shelf Speakers (STAND-SP03B) :

This pair of speaker stands is of height 25 inch. The dimension of the top shelf is 6.25” x 6.25” and the bottom shelf is 9.5” x 9.5”.These stands are supported by dual steel pillars that can carry weights up to 22 lbs each. It has detachable carpet spikes for carpet placement. The padded feet are also removable. You can use them for satellite speakers, bookshelf speakers or any other speakers.

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9. PYLE PSTND18 Speaker Stand :

These stands are ideal to use with bookshelf speaker. Top and bottom supports are connected with double stands, that provides more safety to the speakers. You can also load these hollow columns with sands to increase more stability. At max, it can hold 35 lbs of weight. The size of the supporting plates is 8.30” x 11.30”.Its spikes can be adjusted for additional stability. For large speakers, this stand is not a good choice but you can use them for mid-sized speakers.

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8. Sanus Steel Foundations 34 Inch Steel Speaker Stands :

These steel series speakers can hold weight up to 25 lbs. It fits on any surface with its adjustable carpet spikes and rubber feet. 6″ x 6.5″ top plate and a height of 34 inches, this stand can hold any types of speakers. Overall, they are very solid, sturdy and attractive speaker stands.

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7. Atlantic Speaker Stands for Bookshelf Speakers :

This speaker stand has an adjustable mount for correctly positioning your speakers. You can rotate them up to 45 degrees. It has one rounded hollow stand supporting both pads. The plates are 6 inches by 6 inches in size. You can put large bookshelf type speakers up to 20 lbs securely on it. The stand sits on non-marring feet and 4 adhesive strips, 4 spike studs provides 2 surface options. The height of the stand is approx 30 inches.

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6. Sanus NF36C Cherry Speaker stands :

NF36C speaker stands are very attractive stands with a nice Cherry finish look. The height of the stand is 36 inch and it can hold up to 25lbs. Its base includes adjustable carpet spikes and screw-in polyester feet. The size of the plate is 6 inch by 6 inches. It also includes one patented wire management channel to hide and manage extra cables.

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5. Gearlux Tripod Speaker Stands with Carrying Case and Speaker Cables :

On our 5th place, we have one speaker stand set from Gearlux that includes two heavy-duty steel speaker stands, two speaker cables and a carrying bag. Each stand can hold up to 110 pounds of weight. The height can be adjusted up to 70.8 inches. But the best thing is that you can fold, put them into the bag and carry them wherever you want.

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4. Mounting Dream MD5401 Adjustable Speaker stands :

With a triangle shaped base and expandable tube stand design, MD5401 speaker-stand from ‘Mounting Dream’ is height adjustable from 35.5 inches to 48 inches. Each stand can hold weight up to 11 lbs. It is compatible with different types of speakers like keyhole speakers, vertical hole speakers, horizontal hole speakers or speakers without any hole. One thing you should keep in mind that for speakers without any hole, you need to drill at the bottom. It also comes with built-in cable management for keeping extra cables out of sight.

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3. Monoprice Satellite Speaker Floor Stand :

The stands of this speaker is height adjustable from 26.8 inches to 43.3 inches. They can hold speakers up to 5 lbs each. The design of this stand is such that you can place your speakers always away from the wall. Mounting a speaker away from wall allows it to produce more better quality sound. It’s tubes are hollow for keeping the cables out of view.

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2. VideoSecu 2 Heavy duty PA DJ Club Adjustable Height Satellite Speaker Stand Mount :

This one is also a height adjustable speaker stand with a adjustable height from 26.5 inch to 47 inch. The top plates have side clamping . You can adjust the width from 5.5 inches to 11 inches. It has adjustable screw-in rubber feet that can keep it level on the floor. One more great feature of this stand is that you can tilt the top plates about 180 degree . Also, cables can be placed hidden easily with its wire management system.

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1. Mount-It! MI-1214 Speaker Stands for Home Theater 5.1 Channel Surround Sound System :

Mount-It surround speaker stands includes 4 stands best for setting up a home theater with front and rear pairs.You can attach different types of speakers as it supports different attach system like keyhole style, single bolt or screw type. The height is adjustable from 26.8 inches to 43.3 inches. MI-1214 is actually a set of two MI-1210 pairs. You can check MI-1210 if you want only two stands instead of four.

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