Best Charging Dock for iPhone 2020 : Buyer's Guide

Best iPhone Charging Dock for 2020 :

It is not an easy task to find out the right Dock for your iPhone. Whether you want it for your office or for home, lots of different options are available. We have listed down some I Phone charging Dock, hope you will find out the one you was looking for.

Spigen S370 Apple Watch Wood Stand
ZIKU Aluminum Apple watch iPhone Charging stand Dock Station
VELOUR Apple Lightning Speaker Dock
iHome iPLWBT5B Bluetooth Dual Alarm
SINJIMORU iPhone Dock / Charging Station

1. Spigen S370 Apple Watch Wood Stand:

This dock is for both iPhone and iWatch. The best part is that it fits on all iPhone models.The bottom of the dock has silicone pad which prevents it from sliding around your desk. The wooden look also looks great on any table. Only negative point is that it don’t have any included charger. You will have to use your own cable.

2. ZIKU Aluminum Apple watch iPhone Charging stand Dock Station:

Compatible with iPhone 5 and above. It also has a stand for Apple Watch that works with both Series 1 and 2. iPad MiNi is also supported. Works with Apple lightning cable (not included). You can put your Apple watch in nightstand mode with this dock. The Apple watch stand is hollow. You can use it to put your extra cable inside. Overall this is a great designed Aluminum dock for your iPhone.

3. VELOUR Apple Lightning Speaker Dock:

You can use VELOUR Apple lightning dock for both play and charge your iPhone using Apple Lightning connector. It works with iPhone 5 and above, also with iPod touch + nano. You can connect other devices to this dock with Bluetooth. Also, you can listen to FM radio. It has sleep timer option plus LED display with bright/DIM control. Other digital audio players can be connected to it using Audio Line-in input. With a remote control, you can control its 2 high-quality speakers like changing equalizer, bass/treble changes etc. Only one negative point we have found with this dock that Apple watch is not supported, otherwise, it has lots of different features as compared to other docks.

4. iHome iPLWBT5B Bluetooth Dual Alarm FM Clock Radio w/Speakerphone & Triple Charging Lightning Dock for iPhone and Apple Watch:

iHome iPLWBT5B is a lightning connector dock to charge and play your iPhone ( supports till iPhone 5 ) and Apple Watch. You can set alarm with this dock, play music from any Bluetooth enabled device or listen to FM radio station with its inbuilt speakers.Charge your Apple watch with its integrated Watch charger. It can automatically sync the time with the charging iPhone and can dim the display. Go for it if you are looking for a multipurpose good looking dock.

5. SINJIMORU iPhone Dock / Charging Station:

In our last place, we have one Aluminium designed iPhone Dock. You can use this one for all iPhone and iPad or even with other phones. This dock comes with a lightning cable (not MFI ) and 2 holders. You can choose it from two colors: black and Silver. If your requirement is only for iPhone and not for Apple watch, you can choose this stylish dock.