Best Computer Trackball mice review 2020, Buyers guide

Best computer trackball mouse to buy:

If this is first time you are looking for the best computer trackball mouse, let me explain you first what it is actually :

To move the mouse cursor of an optical mouse, you have to move the entire mouse. Trackball mouse has a ball on it and you need to roll it to make the mouse cursor move. That means fingers will do all the moving and clicking, your arm and wrist can relaxed , a totally different experience.These types of mouse are not much popular, many peoples even donot know about their potential.At first it might seem inconvenient to you, but believe me, try it for once and you won’t wish to use your old mouse again.

If you work on graphics designing softwares like photoshop, illustrator etc. , or any other tasks that requires accurate movements over speed, you will find this mouse better than optical . You can also use this for gaming, but gaming mice might be better for this purpose.

Benifits of computer Trackball mouse :

Trackball mice have various advantages over laser mice . Mainly I would like to point out the following three :

  1. Space Saver : You don’t need to move the trackball to control the cursor. Place it on any surface and keep rotation the ball on it. On the other hand , for laser mice, a perfect surface is required most of the time to operate . And of-course a mouse pad if your table is not fit for it. Buy a trackball and you won’t need a mouse-pad anymore.
  2. Ergonomic Design : With a trackball, you don’t need to move your arm. But one point you should keep in mind while choosing a trackball is that size and shape matters a lot for the comfort. Heavy trackball means more comfort as it cannot be easily moved. Similarly a small hand person will prefer a small ball than a larger sized ball. The ball of the computer trackball comes with different sizes like 32 mm, 40 mm ,55 mm etc.
  3. Accuracy and Control : Computer Trackballs are very accurate and easy to operate. You can easily place the cursor where ever you want because you will have full control over the ball movement. Also, some trackballs have programmable buttons that makes a much better experience.

**Buying Guide : **

Before going to buy any trackball, you should consider the following points :

  1. Check for the size of the ball. As we have discussed above, your hand should be able to roll it comfortably.
  2. Mouse Sensitivity. Sensitivity means how much faster the pointer will move on the screen. This value is calculated in dots per inch or dpi. Higher dpi means higher sensitivity. Some trackball mice have options to change dpi manually. But for most of the operating systems has this feature to change the dpi of any mice , so you can use it if your trackball don’t have any manual options available.
  3. Left/Right handed mice: Since you will have to rotate the ball to operate these types of mice, you should always take a look in which hand this ball is facing before buying. There are some trackball mice available you can use either by right hand or by left hand. These types of mice are really useful as you can switch hands easily if one hand got tired. Also some mice can be operated using middle finger and for some others, you will have to use your thumb .
  4. Programmable buttons : And finally, one more point we want to add here is the configurable buttons. Some mice has some extra buttons ( like gaming mice) that can be configured with its driver software . You can even determine what function to assign for each buttons.

**We have analysed best computer trackball currently available in the market and picked out the following top 10 : **

**Top 10 computer TrackBalls in 2020 : **

nameno of buttonsconnection type/weightLink
Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse4usb/2.82 ounce
DBPOWER® USB2.0 Wireless Mousenonewireless/6.4 ounce
Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse4USB/10.1 ounce
Tonor Portable Finger Handheld 4D USB3USB/5.6 ounce
Logitech M570 Wireless Gaming Trackball5wireless/5 ounce
Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse2usb/7 ounces
3DX-700040 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro15usb/1.47 lbs
ELECOM M-DT2URBK Wired Trackball8usb/7 ounce
SANWA SUPPLY PC Trackball Mouse2usb/14.6 ounce

** 1: Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse :**

Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse is our top pick for this list. This rectangled shaped mouse is symmetrical in size i.e. it can be used either by right-hand or left hand. The ball is placed in the middle of the mouse . Size of the ball is 55 mm, which can be placed in the large category if we compare other trackballs. Also the ball is inside a wheel, spinning it you can up/down webpages or documents easily.In the box you will also find a rubber wrapped detachable wrist rest , can be used to prevent tiring of your hand during long hours of work

Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse has four programmable buttons. You can download the software for this computer trackball from their official website and program these buttons with different functions as well as you can adjust the cursor and scrolling speed.

Kensington Expert Trackball mouse must be connected to your computer using USB cable. The size of the cable doesn’t matter actually , as you are not going to move it to operate.

Pros :

  • Detachable wrist rest
  • 4 Programmable buttons
  • Can be used by left or right hand
  • Large ball with spinning wheel

**Cons: **

  • usb connected

**2: DBPOWER® USB2.0 Wireless Finger Handheld Mouse Mice Trackball Mouse : **

This is a small sized computer trackball . With it, you can easily work on any places as it takes only a little space. This is a wireless trackball. You will only need to connect a small usb receiver on your computer , no other setup is required. Wireless range is 30 feets. Of course you are not going to work on a computer from a 30 feet distance, but longer range wifi connectivity means faster transfer of informations i.e. no lags. This trackball works with any type of operating system windows , linux or mac. Just plug it and you are good to go.

Main thing we love in this computer trackball is its simplicity. Just roll the ball with your thumb and click . No other extra buttons or anything. And yes, you can operate with left or right hand.

**Pros : **

  • Wireless
  • Simple design
  • Can be used by right or left hand.

**Cons : **

  • No extra buttons.

**3: Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse : **

Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse can be used by left or right hand , either way. It has four extra buttons. Large two buttons are used for right/left click and other two small buttons are used for forward/backward. The buttons are also placed exactly where they should be, two on left and two on right . The ball is large in size and black dots all over it . It uses a sensor technology developed and patented by Logitech that gives a smooth tracking on any surface except clear glass and mirrors.

Logitech Trackman Marble mouse must be connected to your computer with a usb cable. The included cord is 5 and a half meter sized which is long enough to place it comfortably with your laptop or desktop pc. You will also get a PS/2 connector , that can be used with any old computer.

Pros :

  • Can be used by right or left hand
  • 4 programmable buttons
  • Great sensitivity

Cons :

  • Not wireless

**4. Tonor Portable Finger Handheld 4D USB Mini Computer Trackball : **

In our fourth place, we have a trackball offered by Tonor. It’s attractive looking Ergonomic design features 3 buttons with a green colored ball in the middle. This mouse fits perfectly to your hand, the middle ball can be controlled with your thumb. You can use it either with left or right hand or cradled between both. Setting up with your pc/laptop is easier than you think. Just plug in and start to use. No additional software is required

It must be connect to a PC using usb port. Included usb cable size is 2M.

Pros :

  • Simple Design
  • Three extra buttons
  • Easy setup


  • Not wireless

**5. Logitech M570 Wireless Gaming Trackball mouse : **

Logitech M570 looks exactly like other optical mouse. Only difference is the ball on the left side you can put your thumb on. No need to move your hand while working, you can work comfortably whole day. This mouse has 5 extra buttons and a mouse wheel like other mice. You can download the software from Logitech’s site and program the buttons to whatever you like. With its back and forward buttons, you can flip through documents or webpages easily.

This trackball is wireless with a 30ft of range. It uses logitech 2.4 GHz faster data transmission technology that can transfer data without any delay or dropout. To connect this trackball, you need to connect its wireless receiver to your laptop. With this tiny receiver, you can even connect 5 more wireless devices to it.

Pros :

  • Simple design as other mice
  • 5 programmable buttons
  • Wireless

Cons :

  • Would be a problem for left handed peoples

6. Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse :

Kensington Orbit Trackball mouse is symmetrical in size , i.e. it is comfortable to use regardless of whether you work with left hand or right hand. You can use the ball either with your point finger or middle finger. One scroll ring is there surrounding the ball that can be used to spin through long documents and web pages without clicking. Also you will get one detachable rubber wrist rest for comfort and pain free productivity hours . It has two extra buttons placed on left and right side of the trackball . Using this trackball feels same as an ordinary mouse,but you have a ball instead of a scroll wheel under your finger. TrackballWorks is the free software you can download to program both of these buttons, as well as to adjust cursor and scrolling speed. You must connect this trackball to laptop using a wired USB.

Pros :

  • Simple design
  • 2 programmable buttons
  • Detachable rubber wrist rest

Cons :

  • Not wireless

7. 3DX-700040 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro :

3DX-700040 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro is a modern looking trackball mouse. This mouse is equipped with 15 programmable keys. Yes, 15 . It has 6-Degree-of-freedom sensor that allows you to easily navigate on 3d models (like 3d google street views ). You just need to simply push,pull,twist or tilt the controller. It has some quickview keys that provides access to 12 views. In between these keys, one rotation toggle button to disable/enable rotation axes. Its soft coated hand rest is one more plus point for this trackball. Work for a long hours without having any pain or other problem on your hand. Interestingly, you can use it with either of your hand. On top, it contains four intelligent function touch keys that automatically assigns different commands based on your application . It’s On-Screen Display provides you a convenient visual reminder of the commands assigned to the intelligent function keys. Even you will get a keyboard modifier to access control, shift , alt and Esc functions . This is a corded mouse, you must connect it using usb cord to your pc. What more we can expect from a mouse ? This mouse is like a keyboard with one 3d controller.

Pros :

  • Lots of features available with a On-Screen Display
  • 15 programmable buttons

Cons :

  • Not wireless

**8. ELECOM M-DT2URBK Wired Trackball mouse: **

This trackball is designed with black ball on top left .It uses gaming sensor for exceptionally smooth tracking experience. Mouse wheel and primary buttons are on the left side of the mouse along with back/forward buttons. Total it has 8 buttons .There is also a slim button on the right side for right click. It is easy to remove the ball and clean it. You must connect it to a pc using usb. Setup is also easy. The manual comes with English and Japanese.

Pros :

  • Gaming sensor
  • 8 programmable buttons

Cons :

  • Not wireless

9. SANWA SUPPLY PC Trackball Mouse :

In our 10th place, we have SANWA SUPPLY PC Trackball Mouse USB MA-TB39R . You must connect this computer trackball mouse using a usb connector. It has optical functionality for more accurate cursor movements. The wheel is right side of the mouse, that means you can operate it with your thumb. The other parts looks like a normal mouse, a mouse wheel on the top and two buttons on both side of it for left and right click. The diameter of the ball is almost one and half inch. You can easily pop out the ball for cleaning. No external software is required for setup, just plug in and you are good to go.

Pros :

  • Easy setup
  • Similar to other optical mouse

Cons :

  • Not wireless