Best Radio headset review 2020 : Buyer's guide

**Top radio headset to buy : **

Are you looking for a radio headset ? With the increase in technology, it looks like most of the people have forgotten about radio stations . Everyone loves to listen music on their mp3 player, phone , tablet and laptops. Most of the peoples prefer to listen online music than radio as they can listen to the song they want to. Also, smartphone makers have stopped including built-in radio FM tuner with new phone models.

But the good news is that radio stations are not dead yet. Most of the peoples still loves listening to a good radio station. Some of them prefer to listen while working, while going for a walk or exercising in the gym. It is great source to listen to updated news , musics and sports etc.

Portable radio Headsets :

Portable radio headsets are headphones with a included radio tuner. These types of headsets are becoming extremely popular among peoples of all ages. Why not? Using a portable radio headset, you can listen to offline songs on your phone or you can easily switch to any FM station to listen news, music , sports ,studies or anything else .

Portable radio headsets are mainly designed as bluetooth headsets now a days, which is most convenient because you get the freedom of movement without thinking about any wire getting tangled up.

**Best portable radio headsets to buy : **

Portable radio headsets comes with different colors , sizes and price. Before purchasing a radio headset , there are few things you should take into consideration. If you want to buy it to listen music at workplace or any other noisy place, you should check for the noise cancellation functionality. As we have mentioned before, most of the headsets have bluetooth enabled, so you would need to have a good battery life. And of course the price and the look of the headset. Again if you want it to listen songs while working out, you may prefer a phone call receive switch on it.

With lots of different models available in the market, it is really hard to find out the best one. Here are the top 10 best portable radio headsets currently available in 2020 :

[table colalign=“left|left|center|center|center|center”] No,Name, Bluetooth , SD card , battery life ,link 10.,Sport Wireless Headset,yes, yes, 8 hours, 9.,Levin Stereo,yes,yes,5 hours, 8.,ZANYA Over Ear,yes,yes,8 hours, 7.,Pyle Sound 7,yes,yes,9 hours, 6.,Rymemo Wireless,yes,yes,7 hours, 5.,Venstone BT-06 ,yes,N/A,6 hours, 4.,Rock-N-Grv,yes,yes,N/A, 3.,Esonstyle Foldable,yes,yes,5 hours, 2.,GranVela A809,No,yes,18 hours, 1.,Bluedio T2 Plus,yes,yes,40 hours, [/table]

**10. Sport Wireless Headset Mp3 Player Micro : **

Stylish great looking designed wireless headset . It has an excellent sound quality. It has a built in sd card slot. You can use TF card upto 8 gb. Save your songs in the TF card and play using its built in sport player. Sport player supports MP3 and WMA format. It has a built in FM radio player . Play time is almost 8 hours. This headset is available in four different colors : Black, blue, red and green. You can connect it to your laptop using USB cable and manage the memory storage on the headset. No external software is required for connecting to a PC.

** Pros : **

  • External card slot
  • Good playing hours
  • Multiple color choice available

**Cons : **

  • Build quality could have been better

**9. Levin Stereo Bluetooth Sports Headset : **

Levin Stereo Bluetooth Sports Headset is a affordable bluetooth headset with a eye catching blueish design . The control buttons are placed on the right side , that makes easy to manage your music playing list. This Sports Headset has three in one features : MP3 player, FM radio and TF card slot. It has 6 hours of talking time , 5 hours of music playback time and 3 hours to fully charge. Standby time is approx 175 hours. This headset has also the feature to accept call directly .

** Pros : **

  • External card slot
  • Inexpensive
  • Good Playing hours

**Cons : **

  • Average build quality

**8. ZANYA Over Ear Bluetooth Sports Headphones with FM radio : **

ZANYA Over Ear Bluetooth Sports Headphones are great pick for the ones looking for a affordable headphone with FM radio included. Apart from FM radio, this headphone also supports memory cards upto 32 GB. With a single click, you can switch between local MP3 playback and FM . Its polymer - li battery provides playback upto 8 hours and 33 ft transmission distance. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 , this headset is compatible with all bluetooth enable devices. It is also collapsible, i.e. you can carry it easily . One more notable feature is its included pedometer. You can track your motion data using it for better workout and easily share it using android or ios application. This application can be downloaded by scanning a qr code ( you will find it on the package).

** Pros : **

  • Good design with collapsible design
  • Memory card supported model
  • Good battery life
  • Inbuilt pedometer

**Cons : **

  • Sometimes connectivity loses as per the users

7. Pyle Sound 7 - Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with FM radio :

Pyle Sound 7 is a bluetooth headphone with FM radio included. It also has a built-in microphone , you can easily switch between your call and songs. Pyle Sound 7 features a SD memory card slot, you can put songs into a card and directly play from it. Included rechargeable battery can provide upto 9 hours of music playing experience. The FM radio has a excellent signal reception capability. Controls are placed on one side and charging port is on the other side. Overall, the build quality is decent with a comfortable , very soft ear pads.

** Pros : **

  • Great design
  • Excellent battery life
  • Comfortable

**Cons : **

  • Nothing

**6. Rymemo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with FM radio : **

Rymemo Bluetooth Headphones has a advanced bluetooth technology that supports A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP. This bluetooth Headphone is compatible with your pc, smartphone, tablets and any other bluetooth enable devices. Bluetooth range is about 33 feet. Output sound frequency is 20Hz-20KHz , with a over air design that makes more noise cancellation. You can recharge the batteries approx 2 hours time and playback time for a fully recharged headphone is about 7 hours. It also has a SD card slot for external cards. Its control buttons has all different options to play,pause,skip musics, answer/hangup phone calls as well as switch between bluetooth,Card reader and FM radio. This headphone comes on 9 different colors.

** Pros : **

  • Great design with 9 different color options
  • Excellent bluetooth technology
  • Good battery life

**Cons : **

  • Not all colorful designs looks great

**5. Venstone BT-06 Wireless Bluetooth with FM radio: **

Venstone BT-06 is a bluetooth headphones with FM radio.It has built in microphones and extra buttons like skip/play/pause to control all your music track as well as pick up/hang up phone call. Next and Previous buttons are also used for controlling the volume. Short press for adjusting the volume and long press for next/previous. It has foldable design made from PU leather stretchable headband that can fit on any head. Advanced CSR bluetooth 4.0 technology helps for continuous music playback without any interference. The batteries take 1.5 hours to fully charged and it gives a playtime upto 6 hours. You can also use these headphones with a audio cable in case of low battery .It also has one inbuilt card reader you can use for listening musics from external sd card.

** Pros : **

  • Stylish design
  • 6 hours battery life
  • Inbuilt microphones

**Cons : **

  • Microphones are not so good

**4. Rock-N-Grv Wireless Stereo Headphones with FM radio : **

Rock-N-Grv headphones have a sleek design with built in control buttons and microphones. Using these buttons, you can control your music playback and answering phone calls. It is compatible with almost all different types of bluetooth enabled devices. You can charge it using a usb cable or with an adapter. You can wirelessly listen to mp3 files via the built-in micro SD card . On low battery condition, you can even use it using its included 3.5mm cable.

** Pros : **

  • Excellent build quality with noise reduction
  • Built in mic and FM radio
  • Comfortable headbands

**Cons : **

  • Average music sound quality

**3. Esonstyle Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset with FM radio **

Esonstyle Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Headset uses A2DP stereo technology that provides a high quality stereo music . On receiving a new phone call, it automatically pauses the music . You can also listen music by inserting one sd card in its card reader. The quality of the FM is also good. It can detect new station easily. It has a foldable design that occupy a little storage space in your bag.Ear pads are designed with soft leather material that are extremely comfortable for long hours of use. Not only wireless , also this can be used also as wired headphone with its 3.5 mm headphone jack . These headphones work with all different type of bluetooth enabled music system. You can select this headphone from four different colors . The battery takes 2 hours to charge and can be used upto 5 hours.

** Pros : **

  • Good sound quality
  • Foldable design
  • Four different colors to choose from

**Cons : **

  • Lower battery life

**2. GranVela A809 Lightweight Foldable Stereo Headphones with FM radio : **

Granvela A809 is a nice pair of headphone available in more than 10 colors.One thing we want to mention first that these are not bluetooth headphones . But the design quality is really great . Ear-pads are soft , that helps you to listen songs continuously for longer period of time. It has inbuilt micro SD card slot . And of course you can listen to FM radio directly using GranVela A809. One notable feature is its Equalizer key, using which you can choose different sound mode like rock, pop etc. Battery capacity is much much better than the previous headphones we have reviewed : 18 hours of playback time. Batteries are required to listen from sd card and FM. If you want to listen from PC or Mobiles, you need to have them plugged. You can even listen for 1 hour by keep charging it for only 3 minutes. For fully charge, it takes around 2 hours.

** Pros : **

  • More than 10 color designs available
  • Good audio output with equalizer key
  • 18 hours of playback time
  • Fast charging

**Cons : **

  • Bluetooth is not supported

1. Bluedio T2 Plus Turbine Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with FM radio:

Bluedio T2 Plus is our top pick for this list. These headphones have a superb sound quality with 57mm driver from Turbine series. It uses bluetooth 4.1 technology that provides upto 40 hours of music playback time. Sound quality of the FM is outstanding. Also you can directly play MP3 and WAV audio inserting a SD card into its built in card reader.If you are looking for a good pair of FM headphone with great battery life, we would recommand that go for Bluedio T2 plus.

** Pros : **

  • Great sound quality
  • 40 hours of music playback time
  • Affordable

**Cons : **

  • None