Best Printer review , top 10 printers to buy in 2019

Best Printer to buy in 2020 :

Either you are looking for a printer for your office or for home, selecting one with so many different options is not an easy task. We have listed down some key points below that will help you to find out the best printer you are currently looking for:

What printer to buy: Laser or InkJet8

The first thing that comes into your mind while you are going to buy a printer is whether to buy a laser printer or inkjet printer. Mainly Laser printer uses cartridge filled with fine powder and a heated fuser to print. An inkjet printer uses liquid ink to print. Both printers come with a similar price range, but the main difference between these two is that only inkjet printers can print color pages, most of the laser printers can print only black and white documents. Also, this should be kept in mind that you will have to keep it refilled time to time in future, i.e. total cost should be buying cost plus ongoing running cost. Running cost is different for different manufacturers. You can calculate it dividing the total number of pages an ink or cartridge can produce by the price of the cartridge. Normally inkjet printers have more running cost as they can print color pages.

If you want it only for printing black and white text pages, laser printing is faster than inkjet. If you want to print color, photograph or any colorful pages, inkjets are superior, also color laser printers are more costly than inkjets. Colour lasers are not good for photos, you can use them only for printing color charts and colored documents.

So, if you are looking to buy a printer for your house and want to print both colored and black & white documents, go for an inkjet printer. And if your primary needs are only to print black and white documents, laser printers are ideal for printing top-notch quality doc.

Running Cost Calculation:

First of all, think about how much you are going to print using the printer and what types of documents you print most of the time. Most of the manufacturers give an estimated cost per page or cost per photo, using these you can easily calculate the average running cost for a printer per year.

Ink, Paper, and Speed: Mainly two types of inks are popular: Dye and Pigment-based. Dye-based inks are cheaper as compared to pigment-based. But as compared to quality, pigment based inks are better and these inks are often more expensive. Most black inks are pigment based while colors are mostly dye based. Most of the printers are designed to work only with A4 size papers. But A3 size compatible printers are also available. For home or office use, A4 size printers are mostly used. For two, three pages per day, speed is not a considerable factor. But if you print lots of documents daily, then you can choose laser printers as they can print faster compared to InkJets.

MFP Printers ( All in one ) and Photo printers:

An MFP or multifunctional printer or all-in-one printer has other capabilities like scanning, faxing, copying, handling both sides of a page etc. Some MFP printers can also connect to the internet and print out a document without using a computer. Also, you can email a document to a printer and it will print it out automatically. Photo printers can print more high-quality photos than inkjets. These printers can print only photos. They also have some other features like cropping, red-eye correction etc.

Network connectivity and other features:

Not only the ethernet cable, some printers can be connected to wifi and the internet. One more important thing to look out for is pen drive and card reader support. This will allow you to print directly from your mobile’s memory card and digital camera.

We have listed down some popular printers currently available in the market below. Let’s have a look:

Samsung Wireless Monochrome M2020W
HP Envy 5660 e
Brother HL-L5200DW
HP Envy 4520
Canon PIXMA MG3620
Brother MFC-J985DW Printer
Epson Expression XP – 830
Epson WorkForce Pro WF-6590
Samsung Electronics SL-C3060FW
Canon Lasers imageCLASS LBP151dw

1) Samsung Wireless Monochrome M2020W:

Samsung Wireless Monochrome M2020W is an NFC-enabled wireless printer with a 400 MHZ processor and 64 MB RAM that can print up to 21 pages per minute. If you have a smartphone with NFC, you can print directly from your mobile. Samsung Wireless Monochrome M2020W series can be connect using Wi-Fi direct, which allows you to connect and print from any smartphone or tablet. You will have to download the Samsung Mobile Print Application from Playstore, AppStore or windows phone store to avail this feature. You can print any Document from your Mobile Phone. Also, you can connect this printer using Google Cloud Print and print from anywhere in the world. Setting up this printer is also easier than you think. You can connect to your WiFi using one-touch WiFi Protected Setup button. M2020W uses Samsung’s unique Rendering Engine for Clean Page Technology that improves the overall quality of your printed images and texts. Another software Samsung easy eco Driver removes unnecessary text and images that reduce consumption of paper and energy.

2) HP Envy 5660 e:

HP Envy 5660 is an All in one wireless InkJet Printer, compatible with your laptop, smartphone or tablets. You can setup it easily using HP Auto Wireless connect feature with your home/office wifi network. Using its automatic two-sided printing, you can save paper up to 50%. Included memory card slot can be used to print documents directly from the card. It can scan a document as an attachment to an email. Its scanner can scan up to 1200 dpi. Black and white documents printing speed is almost 22pages per minute and colored documents 21 pages per minute.

3) Brother HL-L5200DW:

Brother’s HL-L5200 DW printer is a medium ranged wireless printer that can print up to 42 pages per minute. It is compatible with Wifi, Wifi direct, Google cloud printing and Ethernet. You can print using Brother iPrint&Scan application on your mobile devices. It can hold 300 pages maximum and you can print using mobile or tablets. USB connectivity is also available. L5200 has lower running cost as compared to other printers within this range ( compatible with 3000 pages TN820 and 8000 pages TN850 cartridge). It can print automatically both sides and it has some advanced security features like restricting unauthorized printing.

4) HP Envy 4520:

HP Envy 4520 is a wireless All in one color inkjet Photo printer. Apart from printing, you can use it for copying and scanning documents. Two-sided automatic printing can help you to save papers. Control it from your smartphone or tablet with HP EPrint application. If the network is not available, you can use wireless direct for printing. Like other HP Printers, you can directly scan documents as an email attachment. Scan resolution is almost 1200dpi. ISO Printing speed is 9.5 ppm(b&w) and 5.5 ppm (coloured) and maximum printing speed is 20ppm(b&w), 16 ppm(colored).

5) Canon PIXMA MG3620:

PIXMA MG3620 is an Inkjet All-in-one wireless printer offered by Canon. Like other printers we have discussed above, It is compatible with your mobile devices. Just install Canon Print Application and you can print/scan documents directly from your mobile devices. You can use iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with AirPrint and Android devices with Mopria or Google cloud print. Automatic both side printing is also supported, using it you can cut down your paper usage by 50% almost. Printing speed is 9.9 ppm for black and 5.7 ppm for colored.

6) Brother MFC-J985DW Printer:

If you are looking for a printer with lower maintenance cost, then MFC-J985DW will be the best option. With this Inkjet printing printer, you can print 2400 black pages for under $25 and almost 1200 colored pages for under $15 using INKvestment cartridges. Compatible with Android and ios mobile devices, you can print using AirPrint, Google Cloud print, Mopria, Brother iPrint and Scan or even wifi direct. Maximum printing speed is around 10ppm.

7) Epson Expression XP - 830:

Expression XP- 830 is a small-in-one wireless printer with the capability of printing, copying, scanning and faxing documents. With its Auto Document Feeder, you can quickly scan both sides of documents, even scan it directly as an attachment to the email. Two-sided printing is also supported. Compatible with your smartphone using Epson Connect software. You can connect it from Android, iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, Kindle Fire, Mac or any windows devices.ISO Printing speed is 14 ppm for black and 11 ppm for colored.

8) Epson WorkForce Pro WF-6590 Printer:

WorkForce Pro Printer is designed for heavy office use packed with lots of features. Its scanner can scan up to 1200 dpi resolution and the automatic document feeder with capable of two-sided scanning can hold up to 50 pages of papers. You can connect any hard disk or pen drive using its USB 2.0 port and print any document from it or scan any document, save it. Controlling the printer is also easy with its 4.3 inches colored touch screen. You can access it using WiFi Direct, NFC or Ethernet cable. The printing speed of WF-6590 printer is around 24 ppm.

9) Samsung Electronics SL-C3060FW Wireless:

SL-C3060FW Wireless printer developed by Samsung Electronics can print up to 31 pages per minute. With Samsung’s Instant Fusing System technology, it warms up quickly that means lower energy consumption. ReCP technology and CMS technology helps to enhance the graphics quality and mobile printing quality by improving the sharpness and removing white gaps. This printer has a Dual core CPU that also boosts printing speed. You can connect it to your mobile device wirelessly or NFC. 4.6-inch colored touch screen controls give it a really nice look.

10) Canon Lasers imageCLASS LBP151dw:

Canon imageCLASS LBP151dw is a single function laser wifi printer. It doesn’t have a lot of options like above printers we have reviewed, but if you are looking for a small, compact sized printer with a high printing speed, then you can take a look into this. LBP151dw can print up 28 pages per minute (black) which is really good in this price range. Also, you can connect it with wifi and print using your mobile device. Morpria Print Service and Google Cloud print can be used to print from your smartphone. Canon has one application dedicated to printers known as the Canon PRINT Business app. You can download it on your ios or Android Device and use it with this printer. Other notable features include two-sided printing, that can help you to reduce paper use and Energy Saver mode ( with this mode, it takes only 2 watts or less electricity to operate ). Overall this printer is best for your personal use or home office.