Top 5 best boombox CD players to buy in 2020

Best Boombox to buy in 2020: top 5 lists:

Boom boxes were first introduced in 80 ’s. At first, boombox was composed of two or more loudspeakers, radio tuner and one cassette player. In the mid-1980s, the boombox grew in popularity and starting 1990s, CD player was introduced with boomboxes. As the technology grows, more compact sized and more modern looking boombox music players started hitting the market. Most modern boomboxes are made out of plastic. In 1986, 20.4 million boombox units were shipped in the United States.

Most modern boomboxes include one CD-R, CD-RW compatible CD player and aux ports to connect other music players and smartphones. Some also contain card reader and a USB port for USB devices. In mid-2010, Bluetooth technology is integrated to boomboxes, that allows you to connect one Bluetooth device wirelessly. In simple words, the boombox is a portable and easy to use, all-in-one stereo system.

We have compiled a list of top 5 best BoomBox music player. We hope that this article will help you in selecting the right one:

Last update : 11th June, 2020

nameCD playerFM/AMlink
Jensen C-490 Stereo CD Playeryesyes

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AXESS PB2703 Portable Boomboxyesyes

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August SE20 Bluetooth MP3 Boomboxnoyes

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Velour Portable Stereo CD Playeryesyes

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Sony Portable Full Range Stereo Boomboxyesyes

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5. Jensen CD-490 Sport Stereo CD Player :

This player comes with one foldable carrying handle, you can either folds up or opens up for easy movement. It comes with one Top loading CD player with the capability of playing CD-R/RW disk. AM/FM stereo receiver to listen FM radio and one port to connect headphones if you don’t want to listen songs loudly. It also runs on batteries ( batteries are not included in the package ). For playing musics from other devices, it has one aux input port. You can connect any phone, music player, iPad, iPod or any other device using that port. One small LED screen is on front to show the track info and other status like play/pause,power , fm etc.

Features :

  • Top loading CD player.
  • FM/AM receiver.
  • Runs on AC power or batteries.
  • AUX input port
  • Small LED display to show track info.

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4. AXESS PB2703 Portable MP3/CD Boombox :

AXESS PB2703 is a portable top loading music player from Boombox that comes with two small 3 inches sized speakers. It is a 15W player with all different connectivity options like USB, SD/MMC and AUX input. It doesn’t have the Bluetooth capability but you can use one 3.5mm AUX cable to connect to mobile phones. It also has FM radio tuner for listening FM channels. One small LED panel is on top to show you all the controls. It is a battery operated music player. You can either use the connector to connect it with power or charge it and use outdoor on battery. With the package, you will get one user manual and the plug charger.

Features :

  • 11.8” wide x 10.6” high x 5.4” deep
  • USB,SD-MMC,AUX connectivity.
  • FM radio.
  • small LED panel.
  • Battery or 120V,60HZ AC current.

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3. August SE20 Mini Bluetooth MP3 Stereo System :

August SE20 is a very promising portable Bluetooth wireless speaker. It comes with two 3W speakers. It cannot play music from CD but comes with Bluetooth V3.0, one SD card reader that supports up to 16 GB card, one USB port to connect any pen drive or hard disk and one AUX-in port. Using the Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect music from smartphones, iPhone/iPad or any Bluetooth enabled devices. This connectivity works up to 10m distance. You can also use this on battery. It comes with one Li-ion 3.7v, 800mAh battery that lasts over 7 hours on full charge. The track control pad is on top, with buttons for different functions like play/pause/rewind/next etc.

Features :

  • Two 3W speakers.
  • Bluetooth 3.0.
  • SD card reader, USB port and AUX in port.
  • 3.7v, 800mAh battery.
  • Control pad for different playing options.s

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2. Velour Portable Stereo CD Player Boombox :

Velour Stereo CD player comes with one remote control that allows you to control it from anywhere in the room. It comes with one metal stand that allows you to either hang it on a wall or keep it at an angle on desk. Mainly it runs on AC current, but you can use 6 AA batteries to run. It has one front-loading CD player, one SD card reader and one USB reader. Also, one FM radio player with 10 preset stations allows you to choose from any station you like. Velour CD player has an aux 3.5 input port for connecting any music player. Four equalizer settings are available: Rock, Pop, classic and Jazz. For quite listening, it has one port dedicated to headphones. Lastly, Velour Boombox comes with one Alarm clock functionality that can wake you up automatically by playing a song. For the clock, 2 AA batteries are required.

Features :

  • Wall mount or stand on a desk.
  • AC or Battery operated.
  • CD player, SD card reader, USB reader.
  • FM radio, equalizer, aux 3.5 input, headphone port.
  • Alarm clock.

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1. Sony Portable Full Range Stereo Boombox :

One of the best features of Sony Boombox is that it can play both mp3 and WMA music files. You can even shuffle the songs using the shuffle function. Another advantage of Sony portable is its built-in AM and FM tuner. It comes with 30 station memory preset that allows you to save 20 FM and 10 different AM stations. You can connect your smartphone or any other mp3 player using the AUX input port. Thanks to the USB port, you can even play music from hard disk or other USB devices like pen drive, card reader etc. One headphone port is on front that allows you to listen to music on headphones or earphones. This Boombox is great for outdoor use. You can use batteries when you are outdoors. You can use rechargeable batteries and use them repeatedly. Another unique feature of Sony Boombox is its different sleep timer settings. You can select from 15, 30,60 or 90 minutes auto-sleep setting. After you select, the Boombox will automatically turn off. This is a useful feature to save power without playing music unnecessarily.

Features :

  • Plays different types of CD formats.
  • Built-in AM and FM tuner.
  • Save 20 FM station and 10 AM station.
  • AUX input, USB port and headphone port. Works on both AC and Battery power.
  • Four sleep timing settings : 15,30,60 or 90 minutes.

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How to buy a boombox: Buying Guide :

1. Portability :

Boomboxes are not small-sized and not portable as music players, but the quality of sound they can deliver is far better than music players. And that is the main reason most people still prefer them over other players. Most boomboxes are designed keeping portability in mind. But still, if you are going to use it mostly in outdoors, always make sure to check the weight and dimensions.

2. Power :

Most boomboxes run on both AC and DC power or battery power. For outdoor use, they should be capable of running music without power outlet. Before placing the order, you can check their specification document about how many batteries are required and how much time they can play on batteries. We also recommend using rechargeable batteries as these types of batteries are best for reuse.

3. Size :

Size is also important among other factors. Boomboxes come in different sizes and dimensions. It is up to you what size you want to have. Select the one that is ideal for home and outside use.

4. Quality of sound :

Check for the watt of the speakers and other sound tuning functions. But, remember that not all boombox comes with sound-boosting capabilities and it doesn’t mean that it will produce lower quality sound than others.

5. CD Player and AM/FM tuner :

Most boomboxes come with one CD-R/RW disk player. If you have a collection of original CD music albums, having a CD player will be a good choice. Similarly, you can listen to your favourite shows using an AM/FM tuner. Nowadays, most boomboxes come with internal memory that allows you to save radio stations and set any station directly later.

6. Bluetooth Connectivity :

Most boombox comes with Bluetooth hardware that allows you to connect any device wirelessly. You can play music from your smartphone, from laptop or from any other music player with Bluetooth connectivity option. Normally, Bluetooth connection works up to 10 meters of range.

7. Other features for connectivity:

Not only Bluetooth, you should also check for other connectivity features like USB port, AUX in , Card Reader etc. Having a USB port will make your life easier by allowing you to connect any USB drive or hard disk directly to the Boombox. Similarly, using the AUX-in port, you can connect almost any music device using a wire. Also, if you can simply put all your favorite songs in a memory card and insert it in the card reader to listen directly from it.