Top 9 best GPS tracker for cars review and Buyer's guide

Best GPS tracker for Cars : Top 9 and buying guide :

Either you are traveling or not, GPS trackers are useful always if you want to keep an eye on your motorcycle. GPS trackers are small in size and you can install it easily. GPS trackers are useful than other alarming systems. Alarm can be disabled, but if you install the tracker in a safe place, no one will get to know that you are tracking your bike.

A lot of different types of GPS trackers available in the market. Some trackers are hard wired , i.e. you need to connect it to your motorcycle battery using a wire and some are only battery powered. The main advantage of hard wiring gps trackers is that you don’t need to keep them charging. Just install for once and forget about it. On the other hand, battery powered gps trackers are hard to find. Battery powered gps trackers normally comes with a powerful battery that lasts for weeks on one full charge.

You need to insert on SIM card on these gps trackers . The tracker will use the SIM to communicate to your phone. So, always make sure to keep the SIM card activated. Without the SIM, it will be useless. Each gps tracker offers different types of functionality to track the location like sms, mobile applications or websites. It is not easy to find out the perfect one in this flooded market. Before placing the order, ask yourself, what type of device you want and what feature you need. Do you want to get notified if your motorcycle moves a little bit or it moves out of a specific zone ? Do you use iPhone , and if yes, does it provide application that is available on App Store ? Lots of questions comes to our mind , isn’t it ? To make these things easier, we have picked out the top 10 best Motorcycle gps tracking system below. Go through the list choose the one that will fit your needs :

Buying Guide :

The above list includes different types of motorcycle gps tracking devices. But if you are still not sure which one to choose, we have prepared one buying guide for gps trackers to help you out . Let’s take a look :

1. Check for the sensors :

Sensors are hardwares that can provide you different types of informations. For example, accelerometer can provide you data like speed of your bike and in which direction it is moving. Similarly, some motorcycle gps tracker comes with vibration sensors that can notify you even on slight movement of your vehicle. GPS trackers users the GPS hardware and mobile network to calculate the position. Some trackers uses only GPS hardware and some uses both. So, always read the description of the product page to know more about the configuration.

2. Supported applications :

Not all GPS tracker provides app support. We would suggest you to go for a tracker that has mobile applications. Because, even if website portal is available, you may not have the access to your laptop all the time. So, if it has a mobile application, you can directly check the current information on your phone. Again, some trackers send notification on the application if movement is detected. That is also helpful to take action immediately. Most of these GPS trackers uses google maps to show the location. Some come with more advanced settings like history, direction, path , speed etc.

3. Battery life :

When you are looking for a motorcycle gps tracker, you want to make sure that you don’t need to charge it frequently. Think , what will happen if your bike is stolen and tracker died because of low battery ! If you are going to buy a battery tracker, and even if it has a high quality battery like more than 5000mAh, always keep it charging . Don’t let it go below 50%. Normally, almost all GPS trackers moves to sleep mode if your bike is not moving. It is also called idle position . So, if your product description says that the battery lasts for 2 weeks on idle position, it doesn’t mean that it will last weeks if you are riding your bike daily.

4. Durable and water resistance :

You will keep the device on your bike all the time. If it is placed uncovered , it should have the capability to withstand different environment conditions . Many devices comes with a waterproof body and some models can work even on extreme low temperature. You can also buy one cover if you want for extra layer of protection.

5. Extra features :

You should also check for other different features offered by a gps tracker. For example, some tracker allows you to track multiple vehicles on one single application, if you are traveling in group then everyone can use the same tracker and everyone can track each motorcycle simultaneously. Again, the application comes with different configuration like setting a custom zone, check all history etc.

9. ABLEGRID RealTime GPS Tracker GSM GPRS System Vehicle Tracking Device TK102 Mini Spy :

ABLEGRID RealTime GPS Tracker

ABLEGRID TK102 is a simple to use and small sized GPS tracker. ABLEGRID can track your vehicle using GPRS, GSM and GPS technology. For enabling this gps tracker, you will have to insert one GPRS enabled sim card. After inserting the SIM card, you can turn it on and place it anywhere on your bike . This is a battery powered device , so before first use, you need to charge it fully .

You can start the tracker by sending one sms on the SIM card. The sms should contain “beginpassword” text, where “password” is the password you have set. By default, it is “12345”. To track the current location, call the sim card . It will reply one SMS containing the GPS coordinates and google maps link. If your mobile phone has Google map installed, you can click and open the link on Google map or if it is not installed, you can view it on any web browser directly.

The back side contains one powerful magnet . You can keep it outside of your vehicle if you want. The body is waterproof , so it will not cause any problem on rainy days. Other features includes low battery alarm, remote voice monitoring, geo fencing etc. The battery is a 3.7V 800mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. The standby time is 96 hours. You will get one power adapter in the package for charging .

Few things are limited on this device like it doesn’t have any dedicated apps or it doesn’t store location history. But if you are looking for a budget motorcycle GPS tracker, with no monthly fee then you can think about it.

Features :

  1. Simple to use, no monthly fee.
  2. SMS location tracking. Uses google maps.
  3. Magnetic back, waterproof design.
  4. Low battery alarm, geo fencing and remote voice monitoring.

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8. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable Real-Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker :

Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini SpyTec STI_GL300 is a smaller sized lightweight tracking device. Only 3 inches in length and 2 ounces in weight, this tracker fits almost anywhere you want. It is a motion activated device, i.e. it will get activated only if any motion detects. So, the battery will last up to 2 weeks on a full charge.

STI_GL300 can send you location changing updates on every 5 seconds, that helps to track any fast moving motorcycle. It automatically turns off if the motion stops. That will help saving the battery. The location update setting can be changed manually. If you want, change it to update on each minute. Also, you can ping the device and get the location update.

To check the current location , you need to log in to the company’s web portal. This is the only downside of this tracker. Means, you will have to use one laptop or your phone’s internet browser to keep tracking . In the portal, you can change settings and check the alerts.

You can create custom secure regions for the device, i.e. if it leaves this region, it will start to ping you. It is called ‘geofencing’. You can add one geofencing like your home or office apartment and if someone took your motorcycle outside this area, it will inform you. Geofencing can be change or edit from the website.

Overall, we love the design and portability of the device. Main drawbacks are : it is not waterproof and you need one web browser to access the portal. You can use your phones web browser but using one application will have many more advantages.

Main Features :

  1. Lightweight, 2 ounces only
  2. Lasts for 2 weeks on full charge.
  3. Custom location update interval, custom geofencing region.
  4. Built-in accelerometer to keep it in sleep mode if no motion is detected

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7. AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker :

AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker GL300W can be used to track almost anything you want : bike, car or people. It is lightweight and compact in size. Also, the battery lasts for up to 14 days. So, if you are using it for a bike, recharge it for once and forget it for two weeks. You can have the real-time tracking and check the tracking history of 1 year. You can track it from any device you want : track it from a mobile or track it using one mobile phone or tablet. For an Android phone, you can download it from the play store and for iPhone,iPad, you can download it from the AppStore.

GL300W can send alert on real-time events like device switched on-off,battery low,geofences, mobile network connect/disconnect or on speeding. It can also send email notifications apart from saving events. All the reports can be downloaded in files. The device is powered by google maps. You can have the full benefit of it like checking places of interest, traffic status and street view. You can also create zones for your device, if the device enters or leaves a zone, it will send you email notification. You can set up to 100 zones. It is really useful because you can set different zone like parking lot, office building etc.

GL300W is really a great product from americaloc . It has different plans you can choose from. The small-sized and long battery life is the main plus point for this device.

Main Features :

  1. Lightweight and small-sized device
  2. Long battery life : On one charge , it lasts for two weeks.
  3. Real-time event tracking and 1 year of data.
  4. Create custom zone.

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6. XCSOURCE Vehicle GPS Tracker Real Time GPS Tracking Motorcycle Car Bike Antitheft GPS Tracking Device Locator AH207 :

XCSOURCE Vehicle GPS Tracker XCSOURCE GPS tracker runs on DC power. You need to connect it with the battery of your motorcycle before first use. The only thing that is required to start this GPS tracker is a SIM card. You can use either 2G or 3G/4G sim card with it. Consider 3G or 4G sim for better performance. You can also use it for your car. Install a sim card, connect it to a 12V power source and hide it in a secure place. That’s it.

One more thing we love is its multi-platform support. For both Android and iOS devices, it has applications. You can also use its web portal to get the current location. Not only that, it also supports SMS service, i.e. you can send instruction on SMS to the SIM card installed on it and it will send you the location on SMS back. The location on SMS is a link to the map. You can click on it to check on any web-browser. For all SMS code, check the manual provided with the package. XCSOURCE GPS tracker uses Google maps for tracking and to make any changes, it requires the password. So, even if someone will try to change the settings, without the password that is not possible.

One LED light is on top to indicate the status of GPS, network connectivity and battery. If you are going to place it outside, put it inside a waterproof case. GPS hardware can position accurately even on a low network connection. It is helpful to track in remote areas.

Features :

  1. No subscription required. Works on 2G, 3G or 4G SIM.
  2. Mobile apps and web app.
  3. Real-time tracking.
  4. Get the location information via SMS. It uses Google map, so the SMS will contain one hyperlink of the current location on Google map.

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5. Amcrest AM-GL300 V3 Portable Mini Real-Time Motorcycle GPS Tracker :

Amcrest AM-GL300 V3 Portable Mini Real-Time Motorcycle GPS Tracker Backed by Microsoft Azure secure cloud, this GPS tracker can give you 100% accurate position from anywhere in the world. The size is almost equal to a lighter. So, it will fit almost anywhere you want. Not only GPS updates, it can even send you SMS update or email update if you want. For more info about the available plans, you can check the Amcrest website.

For charging, you can use one normal USB cable. One cable is included with the package. On a full charge, it lasts for 10 to 14 hours of time. Actually, it turns off automatically if no motion is detected and again turns on for any motion. That helps for longer battery life.

For tracking the device, you can use either laptop , tablets or mobile phones. Amcrest GPS application is available on both Play Store and App Store. So, either you have an android phone or iPhone, you can download and use it. Whenever any event is triggered, it can send you text or email notification. Using the apps, you can also monitor the live position of your motorcycle and create a report for the events. The map supports satellite, normal map and hybrid views.

You can set different zones or boundaries. If your motorcycle is moved outside this radius, you will be notified. You can edit and change your zone settings from the apps or by using a browser.

One companion water-resistant magnetic casting bag is available to buy. You can put the tracker inside the bag and hide it by attaching on any metallic surface like underneath your vehicle. You will not get the bag with the package, but it is a good choice if you want to keep it out of sight.

Main Features :

  1. It can send updates on SMS or via mail.
  2. 10 to 14 hours of battery backup after a full charge.
  3. Dedicated mobile apps available for both Android and iOS.
  4. You can set custom zone.

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4. BARTUN Vehicles GPS Tracker Magnet Tracking for Cars Motorcycle :

BARTUN Vehicles GPS Tracker Magnet Tracking for Cars Motorcycle Bartun GPS tracker comes with a solid design with some great features. Not only on a motorcycle, you can also use it for cars and other vehicles including heavy duty trucks. The main advantage of this GPS tracker is that it includes one powerful magnet, that you can attach to any vehicle. Not all GPS trackers come with a magnet. For most, you need to buy one separate case.

You need one 2G SIM card to work with this gadget. It doesn’t support any 3G or 4G network. The network mode must be GSM 850,900,1800 or 1900MHZ. After putting the SIM card, one led will light up to indicate you “success”. Next, you can use your own mobile phone to control and change different settings like send one message “gprs123456” to the sim installed on the tracker and it will start the GPRS. But remember that GPRS network should be available for the tracker to work.

Other than SMS tracking, you can also use movement alarm and Geo fence to protect your motorcycle. It has mobile application, so you can use the apps if internet is available. If the internet is not available at your place, use SMS. You can also check the history data using the app or web browser.

This GPS tracker comes with one powerful battery of 60 days capability. You can charge it using one USB cable. On low battery, it will remind you on the app. It is also waterproof and contains one shock sensor. It has different alarm settings like overspeeding alarm, shake alarm, SOS alarm, movement alarm etc. If the vehicle is not moving, it moves to sleep mode automatically, that increase the life of the battery.

Features :

  1. Track by using the app(available for both iOS and Android), using internet web browser or by using SMS.
  2. Magnetic body, attach it on anywhere you want.
  3. Strong inbuilt battery, one full charge it can last up to 60 days.
  4. Overspeeding alarm, shake alarm, SOS alarm, movement alarm.

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3. TrackmateGPS Mini 3G H Real-Time Hard Wired GPS Tracker for Vehicles :

TrackmateGPS Mini 3G H Real-Time Hard Wired GPS Tracker for Vehicles Trackmate GPS mini 3G H is a good choice for your motorcycle if you need one small and easily concealable motorcycle GPS tracker. TrackmateGPS is easy to use and comes with lots of different options. The dimension of the device is 3.4” X 1.75” X 0.50” and weight is around 60 gram.It is a 3G device and works with any WCDMA/GSM or 3G network connection. This is a hard-wired device with standard hard wiring 9-30V. Even you can use it for remote ignition turn off. This feature needs extra setup and plan. It comes with one internal battery that can provide backup for 6 hours. The body is IP65 certified dustproof and waterproof. So, it is fine even if you are going to place it under your motorcycle.

Android and iOS apps are available for checking the live location feed on this device. You can add geo-fence alert and define a custom area. If the vehicle is entering or leaving this area, it will notify. Similarly, you can add other alerts like speed alert, power failure alert or inactivity alert. Inactivity alert means it will alert if no movement is detected in a specific time period. Real-time tracking can work as fast as every 3 seconds. Other intervals are 5 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds and 5 seconds.

You don’t need one different SIM card for this device. It comes with one active SIM card that can be used worldwide. You can configure your email id or multiple email id for receiving location alerts. Up to 1-year history of location is stored and you can view it on the map or you can export it to any document. You can check the official site of Trackmate GPS mini 3G H www.trackmateGPS.com for more information on plan and pricing.

Features :

  1. Included sim card.
  2. Hard-wired device with a battery of 6 hours backup.
  3. iOS and Android application for real-time notification.
  4. Dustproof and waterproof: IP65 certified device.

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2. XCSOURCE GPS Tracker 10000mAh Anti-Lost Waterproof GPS Tracker :

XCSOURCE GPS Tracker 10000mAh Anti-Lost Waterproof GPS Tracker XCSOURCE GPS tracker works on 2G GSM SIM card. You need one micro sized SIM card to install on it. Nano size is not supported , so you will have to use one adapter for nano cards. It uses GSM and GPS for positioning. Even if the GSM connection is not available, GPS will provide you more accurate position. For tracking the device, you can either use the web portal or the mobile applications. Mobile apps can be downloaded by scanning the QR code comes with the package.

It’s body is IPX6 waterproof and six strong magnets are attached on back. Using the magnets, you can paste it easily on any metallic surface of a vehicle. You can create custom area or Geo fence and get alert whenever the motorcycle enters or exit from this area. It comes with movement and shake sensor. Shake sensor can notify you even on a little movement of your vehicle. One more sensor, called induction sensor is also included with XCSOURCE GPS tracker. If it is attached on a metallic surface and someone tries to take it off, it will notify you the current location, i.e. you can have the last location of your vehicle.

The battery quality is good as compared to most of the sensors out there : 10000mA rechargeable. On a full recharge, it can last up to 4 months or 120 days on standby mode. On low battery, it will notify you with a alarm. Apart from these features, you can also do voice monitoring and get over speeding alert. With the package, you will get one USB cable and one storage package. Overall, we loved this product, it is small sized, great battery backup and has almost all the features that is required by a GPS tracker. Make sure to use one Micro 2G sim card or the SIM may got stuck in the slot.

Features :

  1. Great battery life , 10000mA rechargeable battery. 120 days standby time on full charge.
  2. Mobile apps for both android and iOS.
  3. Shake sensor, Geo fence support, voice tracking, over speeding alert and live tracking.
  4. Magnetic back. Get notified if someone tries to take it off.

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1. GPS Tracker for Vehicles,ABLEGRID GT001 Real-Time Magnetic Small GPS Tracking Device Locator for Car Motorcycle Truck Kids Teens Old :

GPS Tracker for Vehicles,ABLEGRID GT001 ABLEGRID GT001 is a small battery powered GPS tracker. It is lightweight and small in size, i.e. you can hide it anywhere easily. It also has one strong magnet on the backside for placing it under your vehicle. The magnet is powerful and you don’t need any other magnetic case to buy. For motorcycle, you can place it in the side box. To start the tracker, you need one SIM card. One thing you should note that it works only on GSM 2G network. Currently, they are offering one SIM card with the tracker. If you remove the SIM card, it will turn off automatically.

The battery of ABLEGRID GT-001 GPS Tracker is 3300mah. On a full charge, it can work 2 weeks continuously . If it is on ideal mode, it can automatically turns on standby position to save battery. The battery lasts up to 180 days on standby . That means, even if you are tracking your motorcycle continuously, the battery charging is not required for weeks.

GT001 can be controlled by using ABLEGRID mobile app or ABLEGRID website. It can show you the live position of your vehicle, route and approximate speed. Login to the website or app and check all the information from anywhere you want. You can also check the history of the routes. It uses UBLOX G7020 chipset for GPS, that provides more precise positioning. GT001 uses google maps api, so everything is shown on google maps. The mobile application can notify you on low battery condition.

One more important feature of this tracker is its Voice surveillance function. Using it, you can listen to the surrounding sound of the device at any time you want. It is useful if the vehicle is not moving and the device is not inside anything. You can charge the device using one micro USB cable. One cable is included with the package. GT001 requires monthly subscription plan to work. You can check their website for details about the plans and pricing.

Features :

  1. Can be accessed via mobile app or web portal.
  2. Long battery life : works 2 weeks continuously and 180 days standby time
  3. Magnet on back and you will get one free simcard.
  4. Voice surveillance function to listen surrounding sound.

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