Top 10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors in 2020

It sometimes become necessary to keep our doors wide open during those hot months of the year. Doing so, we let invite the nasty insects and pests to get inside our home.

So, is there a solution to this? And yes, there is.

The magnetic screen door is the perfect solution you are looking for. The mesh screen not only keeps insects away from getting inside but also lets natural air and light in. The magnets that are attached from top to bottom of the screen helps in easy entrance and closes seamlessly. However, if you have pets in your house, they are going to love it.

Another advantage of a magnetic screen door is easy to install. You don’t have to go and ask for help from your friends to install it. Also, it is easy to clean with a simple sponge.

In this post, we are listing down the top 10 best magnetic screen door for 2020. Go through the list and drop a comment below if you have any question :


10. Upgrade Fiberglass Magnetic Screen Door for French doors :

upgrade fiberglass magnetic screen door

This reusable and durable fiberglass magnetic screen door is easy to install and is 10 times stronger than traditional polyester screens.
Its freehand sliding screen door helps kids and pets to walk through easily.
Also, the sturdy screen keeps away bugs, flies, insects. In fact, its light fiberglass mesh lets natural light and fresh air in, rather than those old polyester mesh.

Things we love:

  • Upgraded fiberglass mesh
  • Good quality magnet
  • More sturdy screen
  • Easy installation

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9. Hoobest Magnetic Screen Door

Hoobest magnetic screen door

Hoobest magnetic screen door comes in two different colors and fits doors up to 36 * 82 inches maximum.
The screen has 14 strong magnets and 12 magnet strips that hold tight and last long. The strong magnets are sewn into the seam leaving no gaps for bugs to sneak in.
At the same time, this durable mesh curtain lets fresh air in, great for pets and friendly for children. Without using any tool, you can easily install it.

Things we love:

  • Good and durable quality mesh
  • Great for pets to enter
  • Easy installation
  • Keeps away bugs

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8. Magic Mesh Magnetic Screen Door

Magic Mesh Magnetic Screen Door

This hands-free magnetic screen door by Magic Mesh fits all standard door sizes. Also, this magic mesh is available for single doors, double doors and garage doors.
The screen door is made up of heavy-duty mesh, making it strong and powerful enough to keep away those nasty pests.
The screen door is lined strategically with 18 magnets in the middle to ensure easy opening and best seal closing.
Furthermore, this durable, frameless, detachable magic mesh door is simple to install and can be stored away easily for the off-seasons.

Things we love:

  • Simple installation
  • Heavy-duty mesh
  • Pets friendly access
  • Durable and frameless
  • Lets fresh air in

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7. MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door

MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door

Magzo fiberglass magnetic screen mesh door provides you with different door sizes starting from 30*80 inches to 38*90 inches.
This screen door has a windproof magic sticker hasp on the middle and bottom, which makes it strong enough to prevent the wind from blowing away.
The heavy mesh construction gives you fresh air, better light and easy access.
At the same time, the screen mesh is quick to install and removal and easy to clean.

Things we love:

  • Provides with different door sizes
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain

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6. Megamesh Magnetic Screen Door

Megamesh Magnetic Screen Door

Unlike any other magnetic screen door, MegaMesh provides its door with 26 strong magnetic points of contact, so that it easily opens and closes.
The durable micro screen mesh puts a stop to all the pesky pests from entering into your house.
Also, it comes with a video tutorial for an easy installation.

Things we love:

  • Invisible magnets
  • Pets friendly
  • hands-free access
  • Keeps away nasty pests

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5. Homitt Magnetic Screen Door

Homitt Magnetic Screen Door

With its 26 strong magnetic points, Homitt fiberglass magnetic screen door makes it close faster and no slamming. But it also allows for easy walk through while your hands are full.
The screen has a reinforcement line attached in the middle of the top, to prevent the mesh from tearing.
The fiberglass mesh lets natural air to get inside, however, it restricts the entry of pesky insects.
This screen door is easy for installation with no tools required.

Things we love:

  • Easy passage for pets
  • Made up of fiberglass
  • Simple installation

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4. Bug Off Instant Screen

Bug Off Instant Magnetic Screen Door Screen

This Magnetic Screen door by Wolf & Moon Products ensures you with 14 different standard sizes.
This hand-free durable screen door provides easy access and closes automatically, leaving no gaps. keeps bugs away.
At the same time, it benefits you with simple installation and can be adjusted to your choice.

Things we love:

  • Ideal for pets
  • Bugs can’t get through
  • Durable

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3. Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

This magnetic door is made up of fiberglass mesh making it more durable and ideal for heavy use. It comes in different colors and sizes to fit your door exactly.
The 26 high energy magnets are sewn in the seam which ensures that neither the screen door slams forcefully nor the door is left open. As a result, bugs and insects are not invited.
Simple to install, the screen door is hand free and adjustable.

Things we love:

  • Pets friendly access
  • 26 high energy magnets
  • Heavy-duty hook and loop fastened

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2. Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door

The Flux Phenom magnetic Screen Door fits all door sizes up to 38 inches in width and 82 inches in height. You can adjust it to make it a perfect fit.
The product package provides you a full assemble kit and a free video installation tutorial which makes it easy to install.
The door netting is lined with powerful magnetic cubes and strips that make entry and exit easy. However, this screen is durable, hand-free, allows fresh air to come in and keeps bugs away.

Things we love:

  • Heavy-duty mesh
  • 26 magnets for best entry and exit
  • Easy to install
  • Pets friendly

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1. iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

Now, if you are looking for a Magnetic Screen Door with simple installation, durable, easy to remove in off-seasons, iGotTech provides you with all of the features.
The 26 magnets sewn in the reinforced adjoining edges prevent the screen from falling off and leaves no gaps. Hence, it keeps bugs and insects away.
Also, unlike any other magnetic screen door, it is budget-friendly.

Things we love:

  • High-quality mesh
  • Great for pets
  • Keeps away pests
  • Budget-friendly

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Conclusion :

You have read our pick for the top 10 best magnetic screen doors. Almost all the items we have listed above are equally good. But it is your choice what type of item you are looking for. Magnetic screen doors are useful in many ways. It is good for summer but you can always go for a new one as most of these items are cheaper.


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