Top 10 best hearing protectors in 2019 review and Buyer’s Guide

Best hearing protectors : Top 10 hearing protectors in 2019 :

The chance of developing hearing problem increases as we grow older. If you work in a noisy environment like construction sites, shooting etc. , you should always use one hearing protector to limit the level of sound. Normally, 60 dB is the sound level of normal conversation and 80 dB sound is marked as healthy for human ears. People should use hearing protectors if the noise level of working environment is equal or more than 80 decibels to avoid the risk of hearing loss.

What is Noise Reduction Rate (NRR ) :

Noise Reduction Rate or NRR of a hearing protector is the amount of noise it can remove. It is measured in decibel. For example, if the NRR of a hearing protector is 20 dB and the environment noise is 90 dB, it will allow only 90 – 20 = 70 dB of noise to pass into the ears. They removes all noises but provides the ability to hear important sounds like alarm, other peoples voice etc.

Types of hearing protectors :

Hearing protectors can be categorized mainly into two types : Ear plugs and Ear muffs. Earplugs are small in size and they are put inside the ear canal to wear. These types of protectors are made from different materials like wax, foam, silicone etc. On the other hand, ear muff consists of a hard cup with soft ear cushions that are held together by a headband. They are much larger in size than earplugs.

Advantages and Limitations of Ear plugs and ear muffs :

Both type of hearing protectors have advantage and disadvantages. We have listed down few of them below :

Ear plugs :

Advantage :
1. Small in size .
2. Less Expensive
3.Can be used with other equipments like earmuffs

Disadvantage :
1. Small and not visible to other peoples.
2. Difficult to fit .
3. Easily misplaced .

Ear Muffs :

Advantage :
1. Can be used without any ear-infection .
2. Fits with most head sizes.
3. Easily seen at a distance .

Disadvantage :
1. Not comfortable to use in hot area.
2. Less portable .
3. Inconvenient to use with other protective equipments.

Top 10 Earmuffs to buy :

no name NRR link
10 Mpow Earmuffs 34dB Check Price on Amazon
9 Pro For Sho Ear Protection 34dB Check Price on Amazon
8 3M Peltor X-Series 22dB Check Price on Amazon
7 Snug Kids Earmuffs 25dB Check Price on Amazon
6 Decibel Defense Earmuffs 37dB Check Price on Amazon
5 Fnova EarMuff 34dB Check Price on Amazon
4 Protear Electronic Earmuff 23dB Check Price on Amazon
3 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector 24dB Check Price on Amazon
2 Protear Bluetooth Hearing Protector 25dB Check Price on Amazon
1 MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X 18 dB Check Price on Amazon

10Mpow Noise Reduction Safety Ear muffs :

This earmuff offers 34dB SNR and it has a noise reduction rating NRR of 28dB. Certified by ANSI S3.19&CE EN521, this earmuff can be used in any noisy environment like factory, airport, gun practice, welding, construction site etc. It features 2 layers of high-quality noise dampening foam with double-shell solid high sealing cups connected with a padded headband. The size is suitable for both adults and children, you can even buy it for a 2/3-year-old child. The weight of the earmuff is only 0.63 pounds. It comes with a carrying pouch. You can fold it and easily travel with it.

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9Pro For Sho 34dB Shooting Ear Protection :

The Pro For Sho features a compact and durable design with a Noise reduction rating of 34dB. They are designed for shooting practice areas but perfect for any other environment. The padded ear cushions provide optimum comfort and you can wear them for a long time without any irritation. One more advantage of this ear muff is that they weigh less than half a pound. Not only you, your little one can also use this earmuff comfortably. Plus, they can be folded up easily for easy transport.

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83M Peltor X-Series :

The X-series of 3M Peltor series earmuffs provides an NRR of 22 dB, mainly designed for low-level noise. The metallic part of the headband is covered with a non-conductive material. So, even if the external part accidentally makes contact with an electrical source, it will not do any harm to the person wearing it. This earmuff features a lightweight design with a new ear cushion foam technology that sits perfectly around the ears. The ear cups are adjustable and cushions of the earmuffs are easy to replace. 3M Peltor X-series earmuffs come in different versions X1 to X5 with different NRR levels for each. If you want high NRR level, then go for X4 or X5.

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7Snug Kids Earmuffs – Adjustable Headband Ear Defenders For Children and Adults :

Snug Kids Earmuff is made for comfort and ease of use. The SNR is 25 dB, which is enough for almost all noisy environments. These earmuffs are lightweight and comfortable, kids won’t even remember that they are wearing them. Not only kids, adult can also use this earmuff by sliding the ear cups. Also, the foldable design makes it easy to carry and store in a compact place. This earmuff is available in 8 different colours.

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6Decibel Defense Earmuffs :

Decibel Defense earmuff comes with a whopping 37dB Noise Reduction Rating, one of the highest NRR on the market. It is ANSI S3.19 & CE EN 352-1 certified product. You can use this earmuff in any places like firing range, machine shop, construction site or to study. These earmuffs are made with comfort in mind : the extra padded headband provides maximum comfort and durability plus they use anti-slip technology that keeps the muffs and band securely on your head.

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5Fnova 34dB Highest NRR Safety Ear Muffs :

These stylish and modern looking Earmuffs come with an NRR rating of 34dB, ideal for all high noisy environments. Fnova safety earmuff features mind: layers of professional noise dampening foam coated on high-quality ear cups. The ear cups are designed using unique double shell technology that absorbs almost all surrounding noises and that is the reason it is capable of removing 34dB of sound. This earmuff can be used by anyone including kids and it fits almost any head-size. Also, its foldable compact size makes it suitable to carry and store.

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4Protear Electronic Hunting/Shooting Earmuff Sound Amplification Earmuff :

ANSI S3.19 and CE EN352 certified, featuring 4 wind-resistant, high-frequency microphones, this Earmuff comes with an NRR of 23 dB. The weight of the earmuff is only 0.66 pound. It requires 2 AAA batteries, one on each side. This earmuff is ideal for shooters and hunters. If the shooting sound becomes more than 82 decibels, the microphones shut off automatically for a split-second. The volume and the frequency can be adjusted for both sides. Double-foam ear cushion on both ear-cups makes it comfortable for long time use. The headband is adjustable and fits all head sizes.

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33M WorkTunes Hearing Protector :

With an NRR of 24 dB, the 3M WorkTunes Hearing protector also allows listening to your favourite songs or radio station. It features voice assistance for easier use. It helps to change the current song and radio station without removing the headset. One auto scan button is available to scan all radio stations. Bass controller button helps you to select from three different bass levels. The headband and ear cushions are made from strong and soft durable materials to keep your ears comfortable for long continuous use. 2 AA batteries are required to operate this Hearing protector.

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2Protear Bluetooth FM/AM Radio Safety Earmuffs Electronic Noise Reduction Audio Ear Defenders Hearing Protector :

Convert all your surrounding noises into your favourite music using this Hearing Protector. Connect it to your mobile phone or any other devices via Bluetooth or using a 3.5 mm AUX cable (included). It has one AM/FM receiver that can scan radio stations automatically and save in memory up to 38 channels so that you can select and change channels easily. One digital display is attached to the outside of the ear-cup to display time, Bluetooth, radio frequency and battery level. 3 AAA batteries are required to operate this Hearing Protector. NRR is 25 dB and the adjustable headband is equipped with double layer soft foam that fits all head sizes.

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1MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X – Premium Edition :

The Supreme Pro X is ideally suited for shooters, Sordin Supreme Pro X can remove noises down to 82 dB. It has an NRR rating of 18 dB, that will allow you to hear everything in the surrounding suppressing all loud noises. Sordin Supreme Pro X is completely waterproof, mostly made of steel and circuit boards are lacquered. It requires batteries to operate. The battery compartment and microphones are waterproof. This Hearing Protector is developed to conform to international MIL-specifications. The foldable design with a padded headband and slim cups offer a lightweight, attractive look. You can also connect it via AUX input to other external devices like mp3 player, phones and FM radio.

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