Oculus announces a new VR Headset Oculus GO

Yesterday, Oculus has announced a new VR Headset that will start shipping from early next year. As reported, it will cost $199 . Unlike Oculus Rift , which was mainly designed for smartphones, ‘Oculus Go’ can be used without plugging to a phone or computer.

As mentioned on Oculus website, it can be used with more than 1000 VR games, social applications and also to watch 360 degree videos. That means, you can watch VR movies , games, series etc. on your TV directly .

Oculus Go is designed with breathable fabric , adjustable straps : it is fully adjustable. You can even use it with glasses. One small remote controller will come with this Headset. We are not entirely sure, what it will be used for but as mentioned in their website, you can “Draw constellations in the night sky, cast a fishing line with precision, capture enemies in a multiplayer standoff, and more” with it.

source : Oculus