Best Travel Adapters review 2020 : Buyer's Guide

Best Travel adapters in 2020 : Buyer’s guide :

Travel adapter : What is it ? Adapters are different in different areas of the world. If you are staying in a hotel, some hotels offer travel adapters to guests, but not always. So, it would be better to consider buying one travel adapter before traveling to a new country. Travel adapters come with different connection points that can fit on any plug points.There are different types of travel adapters available like some adapters have multiple ports and some are only one port adapter. If you have more than one electronic devices, go for the multiple port adapter ,otherwise single port adapter will do the work.

We have picked out the top 8 travel adapters currently available. Let’s take a look :

LOOP Worldwide Travel Adapter Charger4.8 ounces12
PORS-ELA International Travel Power Adapter4 ounces12
BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter/Voltage Converter19.2 ounces34
EnergyPal International Travel Adapter ETCS0422.4 ounces44
BESTEK Grounded Plug Worldwide Travel Adapter( 8 packs )4 ounces1no
Imperial Design Easy 2 Pac 10A Universal Travel Adapter1.6 ounces11
AIDOUT USB Wall Charger- Electric Converters2.4 ounces12
Zoppen International Travel Adapter4.2 ounces14

Top Travel Adapters in 2020 :

8. LOOP World Adapter Plug, Worldwide Travel Adapter Charger :

LOOP World adapter supports more than 150 countries . This power adapter has two USB ports for charging your smartphone and tablets. USB ports are not good as like the AC socket for charging your smartphones, i.e. using USB ports will take more time to charge , but still you can use them if the AC socket is busy. One thing you should know that this adapter is not suitable for high powered devices like Hairdryers, Flattening/Curling Irons etc. This adapter is available in 4 colors : black, blue, pink and white.

Pros :

  • More than 150 countries are supported
  • 2 USB charging ports
  • Built in spare fuse, safety shutters, plug lock

Cons :

  • Not compatible for high powered devices

7. PORS-ELA International Travel Power Adapter :

PORS-ELA’s Universal Travel Adapter allow you to charge over 150 country’s outlets. To get the list of all countries , please check the product page by clicking the image above. It has one AC socket and two USB ports i.e. it allows you to charge 3 devices simultaneously. It comes with a built in fuse to protect your devices from high voltage current. One spare fuse and one travel pouch is included with the package. It is available in two colors : blue and green. Overall this power adapter is good if you have only a few electronic devices, but only drawback we have found is that it cannot be used for high powered appliances that require over 660 Watts at 110V, and 1380 Watts at 230V.

Pros :

  • Compatible with more than 150 country’s outlets
  • Included Spare fuse and travel pouch
  • Safety shutter

Cons :

  • Cannot be used with high end devices

6. BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter 220V to 110V Voltage Converter :

Using high voltage on electronic devices may damage your charger. This Universal Travel Adapter manufactured by BESTEK can convert 90-220V volt to 110-120 Volt(US voltage) that enables you to charge your devices without any worry. It includes one EU power cable and 3 international power adapters that supports more than 150 countries over the world. This device is NRTL safety tested , which makes it more reliable to use with your electronic devices. It has 3 AC outlets and 4 USB ports ( 6A ) allowing you to charge 7 devices simultaneously.

Pros :

  • can convert 90-220V volt to 110-120 Volt
  • 3 AC and 4 USB ports
  • NRTL certified

Cons :

  • The cooling fan is little bit noisy

5. EnergyPal International Travel Adapter ETCS04 :

EnergyPal Charging station ETCS04 allows current from 90V to 265V . It has 3 different international adapters that can support outlets in more than 150 countries over the world. The main plus point is that you can charge 8 devices simultaneously using this power adapter. 4 AC outlets and 4 USB ports. The power cord is 4.4 ft and its size is 9 * 6 inches , little bit over-sized but with all these ports, we cannot expect the size less than this ! Additionally , it uses 100 % copper wire and it is also certified by FCC, RoHS .

Pros :

  • 100 % copper wire
  • 4 AC and 4 USB ports
  • FCC, RoHS certified


  • None, but little bit over sized

4. BESTEK Grounded Universal Plug Worldwide Plug Travel Adapter 8 packs :

If you have only one or two electronic devices and you don’t want to spend too much money on multiple adapters, then you can take a look into this 8 packs of travel adapters. It is a pack of 8 adapters with all different types of connectors except for the large south african plugs. Includes standard type 3C for China, type UK for UK, type JP for Japan and USA, type IN for India, type BR for Brazil , type FR for France, type IS for Israel and type IT for Italy. It has a capacity upto maximum 250 volts , 13 A current. If you don’t want to buy this 8 packs, you can also choose 3 pack adapters with 3 different adapters from the list shown above.

Pros :

  • 250 volts, 13 A current
  • You can buy all 8 adapters or a pack of 3 adapters

Cons :

  • Will not work in South Africa

3. Imperial Design Easy 2 Pac 10A Worldwide Universal Travel Adapter :

This worlwide travel adapter can be used with wall AC Plugs , includes Type I, Type C , Type G and Type B plugs adapter that can be used in over 150 countries. It also has one inbuilt USB port for connecting mobile devices ( works good with Apple, Samsung and HTC devices ). These plug adapters are SGS, ROHS and C certified . Adapters provides output 10A , 100-250 V and the USB port provides 5V DC 2500mA. Built with fire resistant material, included safety shutters and one LED indicator , this travel adapter is great if you have only one or two electronic devices. Also, for easy and safe carrying , it comes with a black rounded carrying case.

Pros :

  • Nice design , good for carrying around.
  • Compatible with more than 150 countries
  • Small sized, but includes a USB port

Cons :

  • Not for products over 1500 watts

2. AIDOUT USB Wall Charger- Electric Converters for Universal Travel Adapter :

The AIDO travel adapter and travel charger can be used with more than 150 countries over the world including USA, EU, UK and AUS. It also has two ports that can be used to charge usb devices like smartphones, mp3 players , bluetooth headset, powerbank etc. simultaneously. The USB port output is 2.1 A . Even though it includes four interchangeable plugs and four plug socket, its compact design is great for travellers. But, since this is adapter , not a converter, so don’t use any high powered devices like hair dryers, irons etc with it.

Pros :

  • Can be used in more than 150 countries
  • Compact design
  • Two USB ports

Cons :

  • Don’t use any high end devices

1. Zoppen International Travel Adapter :

Zoppen International Travel adapter includes 4 USB ports and one AC adapter. With its smart IC technology, simultaneously 5 devices can be charged. This plug can be used in more than 150 countries. Similar to other products we have seen above, this adapter does not convert voltage, so don’t use it with any high capacity electronic devices. Built with thermal material, safety shutters for AC sockets , current stabilizer, a 6.0 A fuse for short-circuit prevention and certified by FCC, CE, RoHS, IEC60884-2 -5 this adapter is safe and reliable for all world wide travellers.

Pros :

  • Compact design
  • 4 USB ports
  • Can be used in more than 150 countries

Cons :

  • None

Conclusion :

Before buying anything , always check “FAQ” and user reviews. One more thing, most of the adapters are not converter. So, try not to use any high-end devices with it. Also , always check for the current output of the country, if your device can handle it or not.