New Apple watch with LTE will be released end of 2017

iphone watch

Apple is planning to release a new watch model by the end of this year, as reported on Bloomberg  . This model will have built-in LTE modem.

It says that Intel is going to provide the LTE modem .Currently, if we want to use this watch for any network related task like sending msg, calling etc, one phone should be connected. With LTE enable, the watch can directly connect to the network and do all these network dependant tasks . Also, it could allow new possibilities like downloading/updating apps , streaming music without connecting to the iPhone.

The report also says that not all carries are expected to support the watch at first. AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have plan to sell the watch .

The look and feel of the watch is still unknown. Apple watch 2 was introduced last year September, so this one is likely to be announced at the same time with new iPhones.

It is still not clear if a different version of the watch without LTE will be available or not. Battery life could be major issue after enabling cellular connection. Also, will it compatible with all iOs versions , what do you think ?

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