Top 5 Best small TV for kitchen and bathroom ( Updated for 2020)

Top 5 Best small TV for the kitchen and bathroom in 2020 :

It is not an easy task to choose the best TV for your kitchen or bathroom. Most people love flip-down TVs because they take comparatively less space and we can easily folded away from the Screen when not in use. Other TVs are also equally useful. If the size is around 7 to 9-inch range, you can use one car mount and use it while traveling.

One thing we should keep in mind that these type of TVs are small in size and they will not offer as many features as other smart-TVs does.So, you will not be able to watch Youtube or Netflix on most of them.We have picked out top 5 TV for Kitchen and bathroom currently available in the market. Let’s have a look :

Top 5 small TV for Kitchen and bathroom :

Sylvania Kitchen TV10.2 inchYesN/A

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SuperSonic LCD TV9 inchN/AN/A

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Axess LCD TV7 inchN/AN/A

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eXuby LED TV16” x 4.75” x 12”yesyes

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Supersonic SC-131113.3”yesyes

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5. Sylvania Kitchen TV :

Sylvania TV is an under the kitchen cabinet LED TV with a 10-inch display. It has one built-in DVD/CD player to play DVD’s, CDs or music disk. You can connect other Bluetooth devices to the TV and play music. It also has one built-in FM/AM tuner with 30 stations preset memory. Using the remote control, you can control the basic operations like play, pause, stop, music volume etc. The screen can be folded up and tucked away under the cabinet when not in use.

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4. SuperSonic Portable Widescreen LCD TV :

This 9 inches portable TV has a built-in digital tuner and one rotary rod antenna. The antenna can be stretched and change its direction to get a better signal. The screen is attached to a tv-stand with adjustable length. To control the TV, you can either use the remote control or the hardware keys attached on both sides of the screen. These keys include power on-off, channel change, volume control, menu, picture mode change etc. This TV can run on battery. Even if the power is not available, you can watch the news and other TV shows on battery.It has one built-in speaker and one headphone port to connect to a headphone. It has a USB port to connect external pen-drive, hard disk etc. and one SD/MMC card reader to read music/videos from memory card

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3. Axess 7-Inch LCD TV :

Axess LCD TV is a 7-inch portable TV with 400x234 (800x480 max) resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio.It also supports HDTV and standard SDTV format. This TV is powered by one rechargeable 900mAh battery. You can use it while plugging in or on the battery. You will also get one car mount to use the TV to a dashboard. It has one digital TV tuner to watch CATV channels from 2-125 and AIR channels from 2 to 69. It can save 5 favourite channels. To control the TV, you can either use side hardware keys or remote control. There is an A/V input port to connect other external devices. Also, one 2.0 USB port and one SD card slot is available to play movies from hard-disks, pen-drive or SD-cards directly.

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2. eXuby 15.6 inch Kitchen TV :

The size of this LED TV is only 16” x 4.75” x 12” ( L x W x H) and screen resolution is 1366 x 768. The weight of this TV is only 5 pounds that makes it easy to relocate anywhere. You can place or mount it anywhere: kitchen, bathroom, office or even you can use the included car adapter to watch while travelling. Just connect it with an RF antenna and its built-in digital ATSC TV tuner can retrieve all local TV channels in HD.Two built-in speakers are on the back of the TV and you can use either the remote or the hardware keys on top of the TV to control.To connect external devices, it has one VGA port, one HDMI port, and one USB input port. To listen to the music on the headphone, it has one headphone port. Similarly, three RCA/AV inputs and one PC Audio input port is available to connect external audio devices.

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1. Supersonic SC-1311 LED Widescreen TV :

This is a 13.3 inch LED TV. With 16:9 Aspect ratio and 1366x768 screen resolution, this TV is perfect for all of your needs. It has built-in Dual-tuner. Four picture modes: user, standard, dynamic, soft and four sound modes: standard, music, movie, and user is available. You can change the modes using the remote control. Even, separate bass, treble and balance controls are also available. You can connect HDMI and USB devices. An external headphone can be connected using the headphone port.Overall, this is a great small TV for the kitchen.If you don’t want to lose any kitchen area, mount it on the wall.

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**Things to consider when choosing a Kitchen or Bathroom TV: Buying Guide : **

Size of the TV:

This is the first and most important thing that we should check. If you are going to buy a flip-down TV, check. Always try to place it away from the main cooking area. Again, if you want it for your bathroom, don’t place it near the shower or bathtub. Check your kitchen/bathroom area, size of the TV and decide first where you are going to place it before placing the order.

Display :

For a small-sized TV, we will not get 4K resolution output. The main thing you can check is: it is LCD or LED and the resolution of the screen. For a 14/15 inch TV, you can expect 1366 x 768 resolution but for an 8/9 inch TV, the resolution will be much lower.

Extra ports :

Sometimes, we love to watch movies directly from a pen-drive or hard disk. Many of the small TV comes with a USB port and one Memory card slots. You can put your movies in a memory card or USB slot and watch them by connecting to the TV. Also check for other ports like VGA, HDMI and external sound system output ports. Normally, you are not going to connect a Laptop or PC to a Kitchen/bathroom TV. So, USB and a microSD card reader are more than enough.

Power :

You will need to plug into a closer plug point. Some TV works on Battery, but the battery will need regular charging. In the kitchen, if you use the same plug point for other electronic devices like mixture, juicer etc, then the best option is to go for a battery powered TV. Also, the internal aerial may not be strong enough to pick up a good signal. In that case, you will have to connect it with your cable network.

Sound :

There are always a lot of extra sounds keeps running in the kitchen and bathroom. The speakers on the TV should be loud enough to minimize these external noises. Normally speakers lie on the back. So, always maintain a distance between the wall and the back of the TV. Otherwise, the sound is distorted. Alternatively, You can buy a small pair of external speakers and connect them to the TV.