Top 10 best infrared heating pads in 2020

Top 10 Best Infrared heating pads in 2020 review :

Heat therapy is the perfect way to reduce body pain.Heating pads are mostly used to deliver heat to the cramped body area. The heat helps the muscle relax and remove the pain.Different types of heating pads are available in the market. Traditional electric heating pads can only heat your skin which may sometime burn the skin if you use it for a long time. An infrared heating pad is less likely to cause any burn to your skin. Also, the heat produced by infrared heating pad can penetrate into the body muscle and remove pain more effectively.

What is infrared heat and how infrared heating pad works :

Infrared heating pad requires a wire to heat up. Infrared radiation is produced by sun, fire and other natural heat sources.These rays can penetrate the body up to 20 centimeters deep. Therefore infrared heating pads are more effective than any other heating devices. Almost all infrared heating pad comes with a remote to adjust the temperature and sleep timer. Most infrared heating pad uses Jade stones to produce heat. ‘Jade’ is known as a healing stone and it emits far infrared heat when heated using electricity.Not only heat, they also produce ‘negative ions’. Negative ions are beneficial to the human body. You can think them like an oxygen ion with one extra electron. Normally they are found near natural water sources like river, seas, and waterfall and that is one of the reasons why we feel refresh near these places. Research shows a lot of benefits of infrared heat therapy. Let’s take a look at the top 3 of them :

Other Benefits of infrared heating pads :

Increasing the blood flow :

Infrared heating pads uses natural heat to remove pain. It can also stimulate the blood circulation which also helps in detoxification of the body. Full body infrared heating mats can remove the toxin from the whole body. This is the reason most spas use infrared heating mats for treatment.

Stress reduction and boost immune system :

As we have mentioned earlier, ‘negative ions’ are emitted from an infrared heating pad. These ions can help to remove the stress and boost your mental energy. Also, as heat therapy improves the blood flow, it, in turn, improves the immune system of the body.

Burn calories:

Heat therapy can burn extra calories from the body. Study also shows that infrared heat helps to break down the fat cells.

Infrared heating pad comes in a variety of size and shapes. Below, we have picked top 10 pads and mats currently available. Let’s have a look :

10. M-D PAD45 Infrared Heat Therapy Healing Jade Mat :

PAD45 heating pad is best for removing lower back pain. The size of this heating mat is 17” (L) x 17” (W) x 0.6” (H). It uses natural Jade stone to remove pain. 81 Jade Stones are glued on top of it. The size of the stones are 1 inch in diameter . On heated , they also emits negative ions .The temperature of the pad can be adjusted between 25 to 50 degree using a wired remote. The length of the cord is about 6 feet. For long use, you can set the timer using the remote.

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9. Thermotex Universal Platinum Radiant Energy Pain Relief Heating Pad :

This Heating pad uses FAR infrared rays to remove pain. You can use it for back, shoulders, legs, knees, wrists, elbows, and neck pain.Thermotex not only heats the surface of the skin, it uses infrared thermal energy to send prolonged heat deep into the muscle which helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen, eliminate waste, ease inflammation and mainly increases the blood flow. It has three different heating elements and one velcro straps.The thermotex heating pad has two heat settings: low and high. On low, it can provide approximately 111 to 116 degrees F ( 44 to 47 degrees C) and on high mode, it provides approximately 140 degrees F ( 60 degrees C). This product is lightweight, so convenient for travel and also machine washable.

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8. UTK Neck and Shoulder Far Infrared Heating Pad :

Designed mainly for Neck, shoulder and back muscle pain, the velcro strap on the pad helps it to stay in place throughout the session. The length of the cord is 10 feet. The size of the pad is 28” x 25” and it includes 58 natural Jade stones that emit the far infrared rays. It also emits negative ions to remove stress during the treatment process. Using the wired remote, you can change the temperature range from 103°F to 159°F with 1°F increment range. Normally, for warm temperature, adjust it below 110° F. It also has auto shut-off feature. Maximum time is 4 hours but it can be adjustable using the remote.

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7. UTK® Far Infrared Natural Jade Heating Pad :

UTK heating pad features far-infrared heat rays that will relieve pain, improves blood circulation, reduces stress and improves the flexibility of your body. It provides heat via jade-stone and also produces negative ions that remove stress, improves the immune system. UTK pad comes in three sizes. You can select based on your pain area. The power cord is 8.5 foot long. One small digital wired-remote is attached to the pad.That can be used to adjust heat and timer settings. You can also save heat/timer settings for later use. The maximum time is 4 hours. It shuts off automatically after that. The timer can be increased/decrease by 15 minutes using the remote. Similarly, you can also increase/decrease the temperature by 1℉ using the remote. Temperature lies within 103℉ to 159℉ .

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6. HealthyLine Far Infrared Heating Pad :

It produces Far Infrared rays and negative ions from jade and tourmaline stones that reach up to 4 inch/6 inches into the body and relieve pain in the muscle, joint, nerves, and bones. Negative ions are found in outdoor water flowing areas like oceans, beaches, waterfalls etc. They help in reducing tension, stress, anxiety, and depression. The cord is 6 feet in length. The controller can be used to start/stop the mat, increase/decrease the temperature and to set the timer. It also has one LED display that displays the timer and the temperature of the Mat.

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5. Gizmo Supply Digital Far-Infrared (FIR) Heat Sauna Blanket :

Gizmo Supply Blanket uses Far Infrared Suana to create heat. The infrared sauna heats your body directly without heating any surrounding air. As this blanket uses FIR to produce heat, it has a lot of benefits like improves blood circulation, increases metabolism, helps to oxygenate tissues, flushes toxins and heavy metals out of the body etc.It comes with the flexibility to offer you a comfortable sleep in various sleeping positions. Its outer part is made from top-grade Polysynthetic material and the inner part is waterproof PVC with Velcro. Using the controller attached to the blanket, you can choose from three different heating zones: upper-body, waist, and lower-body. The timer is 60 minutes (maximum) and the temperature is adjustable from 77 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit ( 30 to 85 Celsius). Using the control box, you can control both timer and temperature.

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4. Frisby Therapeutic FIR Far Infrared Shoulder Neck Wrap :

Frisby Therapeutic FIR Far Infrared Shoulder Neck Wrap is a neck and shoulder FIR heating pad. It uses Thera fusion infrared technology to produce heat. To use, simply plug into a power outlet and the pad will be ready for optimal use within 5 minutes or less. Like other FIR pads, it also produces negative ios that help to increase overall wellness, lower blood pressure, stress relief and promote overall health. The magnetic clasps hold the wrap tightly on the shoulder to prevent slipping. The temperature range is from 104F to 113F to 122F.The temperature is adjustable. You can also adjust the auto shut off timer from 0 to 90 minutes with 5 minutes of increment. It comes with one handheld controller to control these settings.

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3. Healthyline Far Infrared Heating Mat :

This Heating Mat from Healthyline has a full body wide size of 76” x 32” x 1.2” and net weight is 35 lbs or 18 KG. The top layer of the mat, the stones are placed with glue. The gemstones are rounded shape and flat. Gemstones naturally release negative ions and far infrared. When heated, they become more active and provides more benefits. It comes with a LED display controller to control the temperature. Maximum temperature is 70° Celsius or 160° Fahrenheit. The auto shutoff timer turns it off after 12 hours for overnight use. If you want to use it for all night, set it to about 45 to 55 degree Celsius, according to your comfort.

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2. Therasage Far Infrared Heated Healing Pad, Large :

Therasage healing pad uses Therafusion technology to create Far Infrared heating rays that penetrate deep into the body and effectively removes pain. This product is internationally certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) as to compliance with ISO9001 Management System Practices. Also listed with FDA as medical devices, CMS as Durable Medical Equipment devices and tested for Bio-Compatibility and material toxicity. (https://therasage.com/) .Mainly, this pad uses 420 natural Jade stones to maximize heat transfer.You will also get one wired remote controller to adjust the time, temperature and activate the sleep mode. The pad is 24” x 70” in size and approximately 1/2” thick. Weight is 12 lbs.

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1. MediCrystal Far infrared Amethyst Mat :

MediCrystal is FDA registered, TUV and CE certified manufacturer.This mat is consists of 20 different layers.The top of the mat contains natural purple Amethyst crystal(11.5 pounds), 53 agate disks and monochromic 660Nm Red LED lights. The natural purple Amethyst is fixed with mesh fabric on all the surface of the mat from edge to edge.The gems and agates generate crystal rays, FIR heat and negative ios to kill the body pain. The bio Photon 660Nm Red Light produced by the LED great for skin rejuvenation and collagen synthesis. It comes with a multilayer waterproof cover.The temperature can be adjusted between 86 to 158 degree F or 30° to 70° C with 1°C increment.One controller is included to adjust different settings.

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Final Verdict :

  1. Most people feel the effect of infrared heating pads within 30-50 minutes. Others may need few days to see the result. It also depends on the severity of the pain and how often you are using the pad.
  2. Always consult your doctor if you have a medical condition. For example, if you have a Pacemaker, it is not safe to use heating pads with magnets. Similarly, pregnant lady, heat or blood disease people should avoid this. Be sure to discuss with your doctor first.
  3. Make sure to use the timer. You may fall asleep by keeping it on. It will not cause any damage to your skin at a low temperature but make sure not to use it for a long time. Most heating pad comes with an auto-off timer.
  4. While using for the first time, gradually increase the temperature to test your tolerance. Always drink lots of water during the process to prevent dehydration.
  5. Don’t allow the pad to come direct contact with your skin. Use cloth or towel between the pad and your skin.

Hope you have found this guide useful. If you have any question or opinion about infrared heating pads, please drop a comment below.