Top 10 Best Fog Machine to Buy in 2019

Fog machines are used in many occasions like parties, stage performance, for creating videos, clubs etc. Not only for entertainments, but fog machines are also used to give fire safety training. In this post, we will explain to you a little bit on how they work and a list of top 10 best fog machines available in the market. Let’s take a look :

How the fog machine works :

Two different types of fog machines are available: Dry ice fog machine and Fluid Fog machine.

Dry ice fog machine: These types of fog machine uses dry ice to create fogs. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. If you mix it with warm water, frozen carbon dioxide will react with water, air and creates fog. Fogs created like this are heavier than air, so these type of fogs are low lying, best for creating a magical, mystical environment.

Fluid fog machines: These type of machines uses a water and glycol mixture to create fog. The fluid is also known as fog juice. The fluid is passed through a heat exchanger that turns the fluid into a vapour. When the vapour comes out, it is converted into the fog. Always check for ‘watt’ of a fog machine. High wattage means the exchanger can create more fog.

I hope you have got a little idea about the types of fog machines and how it works. All the machines work the same, but it is really difficult to find out the best one. We have picked out top 10 list of best fog machines currently available.If you think that any product is missed, drop a comment below. Let’s take a look at the top 10 list and reviews for each :

Name watt weight link
American Dj Mister Kool 400 18.7 pounds Check Price on Amazon
Yugee Professional Haze Fog Machine 400 4 lb Check Price on Amazon
American DJ VF1000 1000 8.8 pounds Check Price on Amazon
Rockville R720L 440 5.8 pounds Check Price on Amazon
1byone Fog Machine 400 4.7 pounds Check Price on Amazon
Theefun TFM01 400-Watt Portable Fog Machine 400 3.8 pounds Check Price on Amazon
MARQ Lighting Fog Machine 400 3.8 lbs Check Price on Amazon
Chauvet DJ Hurricane H1301 N/A 28.6 pounds Check Price on Amazon
ADJ Mister Kool II 700 19 pounds Check Price on Amazon
ADJ Fog Fury Jett 700 17 pounds Check Price on Amazon

10.American Dj Mister Kool Low lying fogger :

American Dj Mister kool is a low lying fog machine. If you are looking for a fog machine to create graveyard type fogs, then go for this. One thing we love with this machine is that you can create low lying fog without using dry ice. Use standard fog liquid and fog juice to create low lying fog. Comes with a small remote with on-off switch and a timer. You can set the timer to automatically start fog. The remote can also be used to control the output and duration. One thing we should mention that even though it can create a low lying fog with normal ice, with dry ice it produces a much better result. Also, it is compatible with any water-based juice, but always prefer to use low lying fog juice.

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9. Yugee Professional Haze Fog Machine :

This 400w fog spray machine can produce fog at 2000 cubic feet per minute speed up to 2/3 meters of distance. It also has three led lights below the fog emitter. As compared to other traditional fog machines, this machine can save up to 20% of energy (as claimed by the company). It can be controlled with a small remote. After power is turned on, it takes normally around 4 minutes to warm up. You will get notified on the remote control when it is ready. The fluid tank can hold 0.6 litres of juice.

Check Price on Amazon

8. American DJ VF1000 Fog Machine :

DJ VF1000 is great for mobile users. This is a 1000 watt fog machine and can produce 8000 cubic feet of fog per minute. The fluid tank can contain 1 litre of fluid liquid. This tank also has one fluid level indicator. This product has an electronic thermal sensing mechanism for an optimum heating level. On low fog fluid, it automatically shuts down the pump. One thing you should note that this machine is designed to work with only ‘American DJ’ fog fluid. If you use liquid of other brands, it may break. Additionally, you will get one wired and wireless remote to control the fog output.

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7. Rockville R720L Fog Machine :

Rockville R720L is also a LED enable fog machine. Each LED is of 3 watts. The start time of this fog machine is 3.5 minutes and it can produce fog at 3000 cubic feet per minute. This is a 440W fog machine and it produces a thick fog that lasts for a long time. The fluid tank can hold 10 ounces of fluids. If you run continuously, it will last for 1 hour. It works with water-based fog fluid. You can buy fluid from Rockville, Chauvet, American DJ, Visual Effects, or any other famous brands. It also includes one wired and one wireless remote. The included manual has all the steps on how to use this machine.

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6. 1byone Fog Machine :

1byone Fog Machine is a 400-watt fog machine with an output capability of 2000 cubic feet per minute fog. This is the perfect machine to use in Halloween, weddings or in any other show where you don’t want colored fog. Warm up time is 3 to 5 minutes after plugging in. One thing we love with this fog machine is that it is CE, RoHS and ETL certified for safety. The tank of this machine is 300ml. You can start/stop this machine with its included wired remote control.

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5. Theefun TFM01 400-Watt Portable Fog Machine :

This fog spray can produce unscented, uniform fog at 2000 cubic feet per minute output rate. The size of the machine is 230mm/9.06in * 110mm/4.33 in * 115mm/4.53 in . It is a 400W machine. The tank can hold 300ml of fog fluid. It comes with a wired remote control to control the fog output. It can emit fog up to 20 seconds per cycle. It takes around 3 to 5 minutes to preheat. On ready, the remote control will turn on one red light to indicate.

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4. MARQ Lighting Fog Machine :

MARQ Fog machine is a small and inexpensive 400 fogger machine. It comes with three colored LED. LEDs are available in red, white and blue color. Additionally, it is easy to operate. With its wired remote, you can control the fog output. One visual fluid meter is also on the back to display how much fog fluid is available inside the machine. One more good thing about the MARQ Fog machine is that it works with water-based fog fluids such as FogFluidGal, FogFluidQt, and FogFluid12oz, which are cheap and easily available in the market.

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3. Chauvet Hurricane H1301 :

Chauvet’s Hurricane H1301 is a water-based fogger with a compact design and 0.9 gallons (3.3 litres) fog fluid tank.It can produce fog with an output of 20000 cfm. The heat up time is almost 5 minutes. Hurricane 1301 also features a low fluid indicator and automatic shutdown system, i.e. it will automatically shut off if the fluid is low which protects the pump from overheating.CHAUVET Hurricane H1301 comes with a remote control for different fog output settings like a timer, continuous and manual.

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2. ADJ Mister Kool II Low lying Fog Machine :

Mister Kool II by American DJ can create low lying fog using any standard water based fog juice and ice cubes. It can produce output up to 3000 cubic feet per minute. It is powered by a 700W heater that takes only 3 minutes to warm up. The fluid container can contain 0.8-liter fog juice and the chiller box can contain 4 pounds of ice. You will get one ADJ VFTR13 remote control for continuous, timer and manual fog output. To collected the water of the melted ice, one water drainage system with a plastic bag and plastic hose are included. This drainage system also makes the cleaning hassle-free.

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1. ADJ Fog Fury Jett Vertical Fog Machine:

ADJ Fog Fury Jett is a 700 Watt Vertical Fog machine. It includes 12 LED lights of three different colors. It can produce a dry even blast of fog over 25 feet or 7 meters vertically in the air. Fog tank can hold 3 litres of fog juice. It takes around 9 minutes to warm up and the fog output is 20000 cubic feet per minute. It has ADJ’s Electronic Thermo Sensing (ETS) technology for optimal heat level with a short warm-up time. This Fog Machine can be used as vertically or horizontally. Three different operational modes are available: Manual, Remote control and DMX control. One ADJ FFJWR wireless remote control comes with the package. The machine also has one small LCD screen and one low fluid monitor to indicate you if it is getting low on fluid.

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