Sandisk has launched one 400GB MicroSD card

400GB MicroSD card from Sandisk :

Sandisk, which is owned by Western Digital has introduced one 400GB microSD card yesterday . Currently,it is the largest microSD card available in the market. Let’s take a look into the main features :

1. UHS-1 card :

This 400GB Sandisk Ultra MicroSDXC card is an UHS-1 rated card that can provide transfer speed up to 100 MB/s . Write speed is lower than reading speed and it also depends on many factors like device, usage condition etc. At this speed , you can copy up to 1200 photos within a minute.

2. Class - 10 : Full HD video recording :

Class - 10 speed rated : this card can easily capture full HD videos . Record 1920x1080 videos and play it back without any lagging. Full HD support may vary based on different factors . Check this for more info. Also , you can record without worrying about running out of space. Not in TB , but this microSD card can provide you more than enough memory space as compared to other cards.

3. A1 rated card :

This card is also rated as A1 , i.e. it can load apps more faster . Playing games and running applications is much faster with this card. If you have a Nintendo switch , this card can be used.

4. Smartphone Compatibility :

Like other Sandisk cards, this card is also compatible with Android smartphones and tablets. As it is A1 rated, get a better smartphone experience by running apps and games more smoothly than other cards.

5. File management App :

You can download SanDisk Memory Zone app from Google play store and view, access, and back up all of your files . This app can also automatically move all of your data to the card. If you are going to use this card with Smartphone or tablet, then make sure to download this app .

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