Top 10 best motion sensor light bulbs review (Updated : February - 2020 )

Updated on: Feb 7th, 2020** **Author: TBG

Top 10 motion sensor light bulbs review ( 2020 ) :

Motion sensor light bulbs are normal light bulbs with motion sensing capabilities, means they will automatically turn on if the sensor detects any movement within its range. These type of light bulbs comes in a solar or battery powered model and mainly LED light is used. Install it on your driveway, laundry room, basement or any room and you don’t need to go to the switch to turn it on. These lights are a great way to banish pull-chain lights from your life.

Not all motion sensor lights are the same. We have picked out the top 10 bulbs currently in the market. Let’s take a look (Please turn off your adblocker if the link is not showing below) :

ChiChinLighting Warm white8.1 W
Signstek LED light5 W
iRainy Motion sensor Light bulb5 W
Sengled Smartsense LED11.5 W
Minger Smart LED9 W
Holan 12-LED lightbattery operated
Fulcrum 6-LED lightbattery operated
First Alert PIR725 socketlight-socket
Mr Beams MB390 300-Lumen LEDbattery operated
Vont Outdoor Waterproof Solar Motion LEDbattery operated

10. ChiChinLighting® 8 W Warm White LED Motion Sensor Light :

This 8.1 W warm white colored LED bulb can produce enough light to illuminate your indoor room or hallway. It can work continuously for 24 hours without turning off. On detecting any motion, it activates the light and it gives 60 seconds before automatically turned off. Also, the bulb is energy efficient, it will save you more energy than any other LED bulbs. You can install this light on any E26 or E27 socket. Always keep it facing towards the direction where you want to detect motion.

**Features :


  • 8.1 W warm white light
  • Automatically turns off after 60 seconds of inactivity -Works with E26 or E27 sockets

9. Signstek 5W Infrared Sensor Motion Detector LED Light Bulb Warm White :

Signstek Motion Detector LED light comes with a photosensitive internal switch that will activate the light only on dark. Its motion sensor uses infrared technology for detecting any movement. The light will stay on for about 30-60 seconds after the detection stops. The sensor can detect up to 5-6 meter of range. You can install it on any E26, E27 or B22 socket.

Features :

  • 5W warm white light -Fits on E26, E27 or B22 socket -Infrared sensor with 5-6 meter detection range

8. iRainy LED Infrared Motion Sensor Pir Warm Light Bulb Lamp Auto Switch Stairs Light :

iRainy Motion Sensor LED light consumes only 20% of power as compared to the traditional incandescent lamp and the life is over 10 times than a fluorescent lamp. It uses one infrared sensor. The sensor is at the tip of the bulb, so while installing always keep in mind to place it by facing towards the motion area. This sensor can detect at a range of 5 to 6 meter.

Features :

  • Low power consumption, 5W bulb -Infrared sensor, 5-6 meter of range -120 degree light angle and more than 10000 hours of operating time

7. Sengled Smartsense LED Security Floodlight with Built-In Motion Detector :

Sengled LED bulb is a powerful outdoor light with a high-powered motion detecting sensor that can detect motion within 30 feet range. This 11.5 W light can produce the same amount of light as a 90W halogen light and have an average life of 25000 hours. The bulb will automatically turn off after 90 seconds if no motion is detected.

Features :

  • 11.5W bulb with 30 feet range of motion detection
  • Average life of 25000 hours -110-degree range of detection, automatically turn off after 90 seconds

6. Motion Sensor Light Bulb, Minger 9W Smart PIR LED Bulbs :

Minger Motion Sensor light bulb is a 9W LED bulb with an infrared sensor with a detection range of 13 foot and detection angle 100 degree. If movement stops, it turns off automatically after 60 seconds. This 9W, Cold White motion sensor light bulb is compatible with any E26 or E27 sockets.

Features :

  • 9W motion sensor bulb
  • 13-foot range and 100-degree detection angle -Compatible with E26 and E27 sockets

5. Holan 12-LED Solar Motion Sensor Security Light :

Holan 12-LED solar motion sensor light features two modes. Strong long light mode and strong light sensor mode. On strong long light mode, the light will keep strong and bright, and for strong light sensor mode, the light will be strong bright when people come in. On each mode, the light dies out automatically after 15 seconds. It automatically turns off at sunrise. This light has 12 LED, 1200 mAh battery, solar panel for charging and sensor length of 10-26 feet.

Features :

  • 12 LED,1200 mAh battery, solar panel
  • Two smart sensor modes -Automatically turns on at night, off at sunrise

4. LIGHT IT by Fulcrum Wireless motion sensor :

Fulcrum motion sensor light has 6 LED lights, you can rotate the light to adjust it as required. This light is battery operated: 4 C batteries are required for this 6V light. It has a detection range of around 25 foot and it can detect motion at an angle of 100 degrees. It is waterproof, thus great for outdoor use.

Features :

  • Battery operated, 4 C batteries are required
  • 25 foot, 100-degree detection range -Waterproof, lamp head can be rotated

3. First Alert PIR725 Motion Sensor light socket :

First Alert PIR725 light socket can be used with Incandescent & Fluorescent bulbs. Easy install: Install it on a light socket and then add one bulb to operate. Ideal for indoor use only, it can sense motion in all directions i.e. 360 degrees and up to 12 feet distance. You will also get 3 years of warranty from the manufacturer.

Features :

  • Motion sensor light socket, compatible with incandescent and fluorescent bulbs -360-degree detection up to 12 feet distance -Easy installation

2. Mr Beams MB390 300-Lumen Weatherproof Wireless Battery Powered LED :

Best for outdoor use, Mr Beams can provide 300 lumens of light with 400 square feet of light coverage. Wireless installation: install it anywhere with the included mounting hardware. This battery powered light requires 4 D-cell batteries to operate. It can detect motion within 25 feet of range and automatically turns off after 20 seconds. On daylight, it will not activate. You can adjust the light head, also it is water resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Features :

  • Wireless battery powered light, best for outdoor use, automatically deactivates during day
  • 25 feet range motion detection, 400 square feet light coverage -Waterproof and UV proof

1. Vont Outdoor Waterproof Solar Motion LED Light :

Finally, in the first place we have one outdoor motion light from Vont, that can produce light up to 80 lumens. This light is IP64 waterproof certified and heat resistant. Also, it is wireless, so you can install it anywhere you want. This light is powered by one solar panel on top that charges the batteries during the daytime. It’s PIR motion sensors can detect motion within 15 feet of range.

Features :

  • Best outdoor motion light
  • IP64 waterproof and heat resistant -Solar powered and 15 feet range motion sensor