The best Digital voice recorders you can buy right now

Top 5 Best digital voice recorders review : 2017 :

Now a days you can easily record a sound using smartphones. Tons of applications are there for recording and editing sounds. But still, a dedicated digital voice recorder can give you more feature rich experience as compared to a smart phone.

Technically, digital voice recorders can record a sound and save it internally in digital form and you can transfer it to other devices that can play digital audio files. Most people thinks that digital voice recorders are best companion only for a professional journalist, which is not true. Either you are a student who wants to record lectures of your classes or you want to record your music/singing practices,a good quality digital voice recorder will not disappoint you.

There are a lot of different digital voice recorders available in the market. We have tried our best to picked out the top 10 voice recorders currently available in the market. Let’s take a look : ( If you are using a ad-blocker , Please disable it to get latest price information below )

name internal memory link
Sony ICD-BX140 Voice recorder 4 GB
Olympus Digital Voice Recorder 4 GB
Olympus WS-852 Voice recorder 4 GB
COOLEAD Digital Voice recorder 8 GB
RadRecorder Digital Voice recorder 8 GB

5. Sony ICD-BX140 4GB Digital Voice Recorder :

ICD-BX140 Digital voice recorder is powered by 2 AAA batteries. This voice recorder from Sony can record sounds in MP3 format. You can also connect one external microphone to its input port. It has an internal storage of 4 GB and recording can be done using 8 Kbps and 128 Kbps format. For 8 kbps recording, 38 hours and for 128 kbps recording , maximum of 48 hours of battery life can be achieved. You can play recorded files through a 300-mW built in speaker . The LCD panel shows you recording and playback informations in readable format. The display is backlit and provide visibility even in dim areas.

Main Features :

8 Kbps and 128 Kbps mp3 recording

External microphone connectivity and 300-mW built in speaker

Backlit display

4. Olympus 4GB Digital Voice Recorder :

With its omni- directional stereo microphone, you can record every outside sound by keeping it anywhere you want. Keep it inside your pocket or inside a book, it can deliver you high quality noise-free sounds always. It features a anti-rustle filter that removes all rustling sounds while recording from your pocket . Use it as a USB memory device to transfer data by connecting to a PC . The battery can also be charged by connecting via usb cable. One more interesting feature is its “one-touch recording” : start the record silently using its REC slide switch. Even if it is in your pocket, you can start simply by touching the switch. Four recording modes are available with this recorder : “Pocket”, “Dictation”,”Conference” and “meeting” . Activate the one that fits with your environment before recording. While recording from multiple sources at the same time, it can balance low and high voices properly such that both are clear and noise-free. Overall this is a nice little voice recorder at a budget price.

Main Features :

Noise free , anti-rustle high quality sound

USB charging, can be used as a usb drive

Four recording modes : “Pocket”,”Dictation”,”Conference” and “Meeting”

3. Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-852 :

Olympus WS-852 features one two directional microphone positioned at a 90 degree layout , that can offer high quality audio recording. Previous model we have discussed has four recording modes and you need to set the mode manually. But WS-852 can automatically adjust the microphone sensitivity based on the surrounding environment. It can also adjust the sensitivity according to the volume. You can select among two different modes available, one for beginners and one for advanced users. WS-852 can be used as a USB connector , connect it with a laptop and use it for transferring data. The voice balancer feature can make soft voice louder and ensures that lound sound stays below a threshold. WS-852 can record over 1000 hours of recording time and over 100 hours of battery life.

Main Features :

Automatically adjusts microphone sensitivity

Beginner friendly

100 hours of battery life

2. COOLEAD 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Rechargeable Dictaphone with MP3 Player :

This digital voice recorder has two microphones and one built-in speaker. The microphones has a dynamic noise reduction rating of 6.0, and they can record voices clearly upto 40 ft. If you don’t want the other person to know that you are recording , this recorder will do the task for you : it can start recording automatically when any sound is detected, or even you can set timing when to start. Compatible with both Mac/PC and with a 8GB of memory, COOLEAD recorder can be used as a MP3 player, data transfer device or as a digital alarm clock. Upto 700 hours of recording can be saved inside the internal memory.

Main Features :

Auto recording

Recorder,Data transfer device , alarm clock and mp3 player

Upto 700 hours of recording. Recording bitrate is upto 1536kbps

1. RadRecorder Digital voice recorder :

Powered by one rechargeable lithium ion battery, this voice recorder can run for over 20 hours on a single recharge. If you have a landline phone, you can connect it to record phone calls automatically. VOIP, multi line and extension phones does not work . Even, it can be used as a mp3 player or as a data transfer device. With 8 GB of internal memory, up to 550 hours of recording can be saved ( for 192 KBPS ). RadRecorder digital voice recorder is backed by 50 years of warranty .

Main Features :

Rechargeable li-ion battery

Landline phone recording capability

50 Years of warranty


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