Unicode 11 is arriving on June 5 with lots of new emojis

Updated June 1 – 2018
Author : Alex

Unicode 11 is going to be announced on June 5 and most likely all major brands will update their products to handle unicode 11 by the end of 2018. Total, 62 new emojis will be available in this update including parrot,llama,lobster,cold face , hot face etc.

Four new emoji components are also added to this list : Emoji component red hair, emoji component curly hair, emoji component bald, and emoji component white hair. Total 157 emojis are added. The name of this emoji list is Emoji 6.0 . The design of these emojis will vary by vendors. So, it will look different on a Samsung phone and on an iPhone. Websites like facebook, twitter,linkedin can change this emojis at any time. For applications, for phones and other PC OS, it needs one major update for each one. Emojipedia has reported that they are expecting Twitter, EmojiOne, Facebook and Microsoft will release one update by August 2018, Google and Apple by December 2018, and Samsung by February 2019. So, if someone will get one update early and send you one message using the latest emoji and suppose your device has not got any update, then you will get few unreadable characters.

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