Sonos is adding Airplay 2 support on its speaker soon

Updated On : June 6th, 2018
By : Alex

Sonos is planning to implement AirPlay 2 support on its speakers :

Sonos has previously said that Airplay 2 will be available on the Sonos One, the second-generation Play:5, the Playbase, and other future products. Today, at an event in San Francisco, they have announced that Airplay 2 is coming in this July. That means if you have any Apple device, you can directly play them on any music player without using a Sonos app.

This update will be released as a software update. But, not all Sonos speaker will receive this update. For older speakers other than Sonos One, Playbase, and Play:5 it will not be available. Actually, AirPlay 2 requires new hardware support and not all Sonos speaker comes with the required specification. After the update, you will be able to group multiple Sonos speakers to play the same song.

Airplay 2 will also allow you to use Siri on your Apple device. You can ask Siri to play, pause, next, or the previous song. Also, you can place multiple Sonos devices in different rooms and ask Siri to play on a specific speaker. Sonos already works with Amazon Alexa and you will be able to use Alexa along with Siri. Use either assistant you wish.

Airplay 2 was introduced on iOS 11.4 update. So, to use this feature, your iPhone or iPad must have the latest version installed. For Android phones, i.e. for Google assistance, Sonos has not mentioned anything yet. Maybe after Airplay 2, they will start working on Assistance !