New iOS 12 update will add Grouped Notification on all iOS device

Updated On : 5th June,2018
Updated By : Alex

iOS 12 will bring grouped notification for iPhones :

Same as Android notifications, Apple is upgrading your iPhone’s notification with group notification feature. Today at Apple’s annual developer conference, the company unveiled this new feature. Apple will start rolling out this update most probably starting this fall.

Android is using this feature for a long time. It helps clean up your notification centre. For example, you go 10 notification from Facebook and 20 message notification from whatsapp.iPhone or iPad shows you 30 notifications in this scenario. But after iOS 12, it will show you only two ‘group notifications’. You can expand each or this group to read detail about all of them.

For Android, developers can categorize different types of notification into different groups. Like, one social networking app can have different groups of notifications like ‘chat’,’follow’,’like’ etc. If you want, you can turn off specific notification group. Apple has not yet confirmed this feature yet. After the update of XCode(software used to develop iOS apps), we will most likely get this information.

Group notification is a popular feature of Android and iPhone users will surely love it.

iOS 12 also includes one new feature of limiting usage for a specific app. This feature is to limit time spending on certain apps. You can set a time limit for an app and it will show you one notification if you are spending more time on that app.