iOS 12 will allow users to report unwanted calls and text messages

Updated On : 10th June, 2018
Updated By : Alex

iOS 12 will allow users to report unwanted calls and text messages :

iOS 12 will include a new update for handling spam calls and messages. Not only the default messaging and calling app, developer’s can create any third party application with this feature included. This feature is already a known feature to Android users. Actually lots of free third-party sms and calling apps are available for Android as compared to iOS, that makes blocking spam calls and messages easier. Finally, starting from iOS 12, we will get it on iPhones.

This feature will not automatically get activated after you update your phone. From the settings menu, you will have to activate “Unwanted Communication” feature first. Actually, it is good to keep it optional because all users may not like it.

After activating the feature, you will be able to report unwanted or spam calls and messages. To report a call, open your recent call list and swipe left on any call to report it. In the messaging application, you can report it similarly by swiping left or by long clicking a message.You can also report multiple messages by selecting multiple messages from the message app.As reported on 9to5mac :

“To report SMS messages and calls, the user must enable an Unwanted Communication extension in the Settings app. They can only enable one Unwanted Communication extension at a time.

In order to report calls, the user swipes left on an item in the Recents list and selects Report. For SMS messages, they press the Report Messages button when it appears in the Messages transcript. Users can also select messages by long-pressing a message and selecting additional messages, then selecting Report Messages.

When the user reports an SMS message or call, the system launches your Unwanted Communication extension. Your extension gathers additional information from the user, before deciding whether to report or block the number, as shown in Figure 1.”

Currently, Apple has a feature of filtering unknown iMessage senders. For spam messages and calls, you can download third-party apps like “Truecaller”.