Galaxy note 9 benchmark leak and other rumours

Updated : May 28/2018

Are you ready for next Galaxy Note i.e. Note 9? Samsung has not confirmed it yet, but rumours are going on that they may announce Note 9 around July this year. A recent leak from China reveals few high-quality specs of this new phone like 512GB storage and 8GB of RAM. Almost equivalent to a laptop !! As reported by the source, one more model is available with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage.

Also Galaxy Note 9 includes one Snapdragon 845 CPU for the US models and 9810 for the UK models. As the report says, one MicroSD slot is available with 2TB storage capacity. 2TB !! If all these rumours are true, people will keep backup of their PC on phones instead of keeping phone backups on PC. Few other sources are claiming the external capacity is 512GB, i.e. total 1 TB storage.

Following is the performance testing report from Geekbench :

As per the above image, this test was performed on SM-N960N device and 9810 scored slightly better than 845.

If all these reports are correct then Galaxy Note 9 will compete against OnePlus 6, which outperforms the Galaxy S9 in benchmark tests. Of course, we will have to wait two more months to get the final news on Note 9. What do you think, will it be the first phone with 1TB storage ?

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