Oculus announces a new VR Headset Oculus GO

Yesterday, Oculus has announced a new VR Headset that will start shipping from early next year. As reported, it will cost $199 . Unlike Oculus Rift , which was mainly designed for smartphones, ‘Oculus Go’ can be used without plugging to a phone or computer.  As mentioned on Oculus website, it can be used with […]

Sandisk has launched one 400GB MicroSD card

400GB MicroSD card from Sandisk : Sandisk, which is owned by Western Digital has introduced one 400GB microSD card yesterday . Currently,it is the largest microSD card available in the market. Let’s take a look into the main features : 1. UHS-1 card : This 400GB Sandisk Ultra MicroSDXC card is an UHS-1 rated card […]

Firefox 55 is adding support for VR today

Google chrome and microsoft Edge has added VR support earlier this year. VR in web-browsers , also known as webVR makes it possible to experience VR in your browser. Today , Mozilla is going to roll out Firefox – 55 with included VR for its Windows Versions. You will be able to experience WebVR on […]