Benchmark test results on Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Android phones (mostly S series) uses two different chipsets : Qualcomm Snapdragon and their own Exynos Soc. In the US, they mostly uses Snapdragon processors.Snapdragon chipset enable phones are faster than Exynos. PhoneArena team has recently performed few benchmarking tests on upcoming Galaxy S9 during AWC 2018. Unfortunately only Exynos chipset device was available,so we can say that the results on Snapdragon will have a lot of difference.

They have tried three benchmarking apps to produce the final result : AnTuTu, GFXBench and GeekBench 4. Let’s take a look at their results :

AnTuTu Benchmark :

AnTuTu is one of the most popular Benchmarking software used by millions of peoples.On this test, Galaxy S9 received a score of 241470 beating all other smartphones including iPhone-X. Last year, Galaxy S8 got 172727. So, it is quite an impressive improvement, don’t you think ? iPhone X got 224538, LG V30 and OnePlus 5T both got edge on the Galaxy S8.

GeekBench Benchmark :

GeekBench Benchmark can be categorized into two types : single-core and multi-core. For both tests, Galaxy S9 has lost the race with iPhone X. But still, it was above all 2017 Android flagships.

GFXBench Benchmark :

GFXBench benchmarking is also two types : GFXBench Manhattan and GFXBench Car Chase.You can see the main chart here that the value of Galaxy 9 is slightly less than iPhone X. However we cann’t gurantee you that the same product with same software is going to be released in March.

Our Verdict :

Samsung,for a long time has been batteling with Apple in the smartphone world. Actually, we cannot compare both devices. They are totally different : one is using iOS and the other one is using Android.If you love Android OS, then don’t think about iPhone. These Benchmarking tests gives us one overall quality of the phone and also they are not performed on the Qualcomm chipset device. If you are from US, ofcourse you are going to use Qualcomm. Let us know what you think about these Galaxy S9 benchmark scores.

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