Why you should update your Xbox with this new April 2018 release

XBOX is releasing one new update today. This update package includes few important improvements for all display, streaming quality, and audio. If you have a QHD monitor and Xbox One S or X, you will be able to play games on 1440p resolution starting from this update. Let me quickly walk you through the main changes for this update :

1. Auto Low-Latency mode (ALLM): Auto low-latency mode or commonly known as game-mode will automatically switch other devices like a TV into game mode. Again if you move to a different application, it will stop the game mode.
2. Variable refresh rate output: For FreeSync and FreeSync 2 compatible devices, the variable refresh rate can be enabled. It helps the gamers to minimize the display stuttering. You can enable/disable this option from the Display settings menu.
3. 1440p resolution : Now, Xbox One X and Xbox One S supports 2560 x 1440 resolution output. So, if you have a 1440p display, you can enjoy full HD and 4K gaming experience.
4. Share Controller: You can share control of a game with a Mixer.com viewer. This option can be enabled from the “Broadcast and Capture” section.
5. Twitter share: Share screenshots and game clips on twitter directly. To view all shared items on twitter, you can follow “#XboxShare” hashtag.
6. New themes: Automatically move to dark or light based on the time of the day . One new high-contrast light theme is also added with this update.

These are the main features you will receive with this update. If you want to know more, you can visit this link of official release article.


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