Top Best DSLR Camera Slider review : 2018

Top DSLR camera slider review : 2017

Creating a high quality video is not a tough task. Almost all DSLR cameras can produce good video footage now a days. But to create a steady and smooth footage, it takes a lot of practice.

Instead of taking videos with your bare hand, you can try using camera DSLR slider . With a camera DSLR slider, the shakes can be minimized in a video. Mainly sliders consists of two parts : the sliding part which carries the camera on a stand and the path rails for the sliding part. We have picked out the top 5 slider currently available . Take a look into the following top dslr camera slider review :

name dimension weight
Neewer Portable 13.5 x 7.5 x 4 inches 3.5 pounds
IMORDEN 52 x 4.7 x 2.5 inches 6.3 pounds
Shark Slider S1 Bundle 31 x 5.5 x 4 inches 12.5 pounds
Konova Camera Slider 31.5 x 1.8 x 0.8 inches 7.2 pounds
Opteka GLD-400 47-inch 47.2 x 3.5 x 2.8 inches 1 pounds

5. Neewer Portable Camera Movie Video Making System :

Neewer Portable camera movie video making system includes one shoulder mount and one 15 mm Rail rod system. It can be handled using a dual-hand handgrip. It is constructed of high quality heavy duty aluminum .You can use it with compact cameras, SLR cameras, camrecorders and prosumer camrecorders. Its ergonomic design is good for producing high quality steady pictures and videos.

Features :

Portable with shoulder mount

15 mm rail road system, a 1/4 inch and 3/8 threaded hole in case you want to set it on a tripod

Dual hand handgrips

Ergonomic design , angle and position adjustment

4. IMORDEN 48″/120cm Ball-bearing Typed Camera Slider :

Made of Aluminum and a length of 120 cm, this camera slider can be used with any DSLR camera with weight upto 15lbs. Stainless steel Shaft and 4 roller bearings make the slider more smooth. With its top bubble level, you can easily adjust the horizontal position with ground level. On both sides, 1/4 & 3/8 screw holes on both sides and middle bottom provides multiple mounting options : you can place it vertically on one tripod or can be even attach it flipped over on two tripods. Mounting holes on top of slider help you to add light or mic.

Features :

Aluminum, can take weight up to 15lbs.

Smooth slider with 4 roller bearings

Bubble level for easy horizontal adjustment

Multiple screw holes : easily place on a tripod, place it horizontally on two tripods or add extra light , mic on top

3. Shark Slider S1 Special Bundle: Extra Auxiliary Weight, Carrying Case, Extension Rods and Extra Belt :

Shark Slider S1 Bundle comes with a auxiliary weight, extender rods, extended belt and one carrying case. With its multiple 3/8-16 and ΒΌ-20 threaded holes, it can be mounted on a tripod easily. The shark is about 31 inch long. During travel time , it can be changed to 25 inch and at max, it can be extend up to 47 inch using the additional two carbon fiber extension rails. Legs are adjustable , so you can easily position it on any surface . Also the rubber ball feet minimizes the friction with the surface.

Features :

This package includes one shark slider S1, Auxiliary weight ,extender rods, extended belts and one carrying case

Max extended size is 47 inch

Multi position adjustable legs with rubber feet

Can be easily put on tripods

2. Konova Camera Slider Dolly K2 80cm (31.5 Inch) :

This camera slider can be mounted in a various way : you can put it vertically, horizontally, diagonally and sideways. For vertical shots, put the slider on a tripod and flip it vertically using a ball head or a fluid head. Similarly, for horizontal sliding shot, set it up on two tripods . The legs are fitted with rubber feet and each legs can be adjustable in heights and degrees, so you can securely set it up on any surface you like . This camera slider is made of high quality aluminum that can support easily heavy camera systems.

Features :

Can be placed vertically, horizontally, diagonally and sideways

Built with high quality material

Adjustable rubber feet

1. Opteka GLD-400 47-inch Camera Track Slider Video Stabilization System :

On our first place, we have a 47 inch camera track slider Opteka GLD-400 . 47.2 inch or 120 cm long this slider can give you the ability to create Hollywood style production shot . Made of heavy duty anodized aluminum with self lubricating glide rails, this slider is the best value for your dollar. You can use it by attaching directly to a tripod or it can also be used standalone with its included feet. Its feets are approx 2 inch size. This camera slider also has spirit level and tension adjustment/ locking knobs.

Features :

Create hollywood quality production shot

47.2 inch or 120 cm long track with Anodized aluminum constructed body

self lubricating rails,tension adjustment/locking knob/spirit level

Can be used on a tripod or on a flat surface with its 2 inch long feet


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