Sonos is going to announce its first smart speaker

As reported by “The Verge”, Sonos is going to unveil its first smart speaker on 4th October. They will be holding a press event in New York city where this product will be announced. Most likely this speaker is going to be same as Amazon Echo.

Codenamed as S13, this speaker will support multiple music-streaming platforms and multiple voice platforms. Maybe S13 will support Google Assistant, Alexa Voice Assistant, and Siri!

A new FCC filing reveals a new graphics for Sonos with a play/pause button and a speaker icon. That means either we can directly control the speaker by tapping the speaker icon or using other assistants. This is really a great news for music lovers. Hopefully, Sonos will free us from Apple, Google and Amazon ecosystem lock-in by letting us choose any voice assistant .We will have to wait till October 4th to find out. source: The Verge source : sonos , The Verge


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