Google Home Voice calling is now available in USA and Canada

Now you can make voice calling with Google home and no cell phone is required for this. On Google I/O, this feature was announced first and now it is rolling out for US and Canada users.

Users can call any people from contact list or local business using Google home. The calling person should be in US or Canada and the main advantage is that you can call anyone, doesn’t matter the recipient owns a Google Home device or not. Amazon Alexa: The main competitor of Google home has started supporting calling earlier this year. But the features of both devices are different to each other. For calling using Alexa, you need to call on another person’s Echo device or Alexa mobile app, which is not required in case of Google Home. 

This voice calling is completely free as it is using WiFi for communication. By default, the people you are calling won’t see your actual phone number. But, if you are google voice or Fi customer, then you can change the setting using Google Home smartphone app for Android and iPhone. 


Image Source : Google


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