Best Travel Alarm clock Review : 2018 : Buyer’s guide

Best travel Alarm Clocks Review : Buyer’s Guide 2017

Waking up early is really important while you are travelling. Many people use their cell phones as an alarm clock , but the pleasure of using a “real” clock is different. Many hotels have alarm clocks for their guests but don’t think that you are going to spend every night at hotels on journey time 🙂 . Travel alarm clock comes in a different price range with different featurs includes. In this post, we have picked up top 15 best travel alarm clocks to buy in 2017 :

Travel Alarm Clocks :

Alarm clocks comes with different features and size. Some clocks don’t have any ticking sound, some comes with a night light , also how about the ones that tells you the current weather condition ? Let’s take a look at some top models we have picked up :

Name lcd battery weight link
Airsspu LCD yes 3 AAA 6.4 ounce
Travelwey Analog Clock no 1 AA 3.2 ounce
Plumeet Alarm Clock no 1 AA 3.2 ounce
COOWOO Voice control Alarm Clock yes 4 AAA 7 ounce
Casio Travel Clock yes 1 AA 2.4 ounce
GenLed Mini Alarm Clock yes 1x CR2025 battery 2.8 ounce
JCC Alarm Clock yes 2 x CR2025 battery 2.1 ounce
HITO Atomic alarm clock yes 2 AA battery 5.6 ounce
KRASR Digital alarm clock yes 2 CR2025 battery 3 ounce
Westclox Travelmate alarm clock yes L1154 battery 3.2 ounce
Travelwey Digital Travel Alarm Clock yes 2 AAA 4.3 ounce
MARATHON CL030036BK Travel alarm clock yes 2 AAA 4 ounce
La Crosse Technology Alarm Clock yes N/A 14.1 ounce
Ambient Weather alarm clock yes 2 AAA 1.6 ounces
MARATHON CL030023 yes 1 AAA 4 ounce

15.Airsspu LCD Alarm clock :

This LCD screen alarm clock can be operate using 3 AAA size batteries.It has a smart backlight system : you can set it to automatically adjust itself to the outside light.Inside a darker room, it will get dimmer automatically. If you don’t want this automatic feature, you can change the brightness to low or high manually. It can make the alarm get progressively louder until you turned it off or snooze . Also, time settings can be changed to 12 or 24 hour .Current temperature is also displayed on the LCD screen which is really helpful if you are planning a outdoor trip. In addition to that, month , date and alarm settings are displayed on the LCD screen.

Pros :

1. Adjustable backlight

2. Progressive alarm

3. Temparature display

Cons :

1. 3 AAA batteries are required

14. Travelwey Analog Clock :

The Travelwey Analog Alarm clock is completly silent alarm clock. The second hand doesn’t make any sound , great for light sleepers. The snooze button can postpone the alarm for 5 minutes. You can snooze it unlimited amount of time until the alarm is turned off. The dials are luminous . But it requires a good amount of sunlight to glow . That’s why this alarm clock also comes with a on demand light , hit on the top and the whole clock will light up. But let’s say you put this clock with your luggage and the light button is pressed accidently, it will drain the whole battery. To prevent this , this clock comes with a new feature known as “travel lock” : activate this switch and the light will be kept off always.

Pros :

1. Silent clock

2. Light and snooze button

3. 1 AA battery and travel lock feature

Cons :

None yet

13. Plumeet Non Ticking Travel Alarm Clock:

This clock is designed mainly for kids. Ascending sound alarm with a snooze button and nightlight is the main notable features for this alarm clock. The snooze button will postpone the alarm to 5 minutes each time until you turned it off. This clock is available in two colors : Black and pink. It is a silent clock i.e. the second hand doesnot make any ticking sound .

Pros :

1. Comes in two colors : black and pink

2. Silent clock : doesn’t make any ticking sound

3. Snooze button and nightlight

Cons :


12. COOWOO Voice control Alarm Clock :

COOWOO alarm clock is a wooden alarm clock , actually not real wooden clock but looks like real wood. The clock brightness can be adjusted manually or it can also adjust it automatically. Three different type of brightness levels are available . You can charge it using a USB cable. This alarm clock can be voice controlled . Just say something and the time will appear. This feature is great for saving battery life.You can operate it using a usb cable or 4 AAA sized batteries. Best way to use a usb cable as using battery , it can last only for 2-3 days.

Pros :

1. Great design

2. Can be operate using a USB

Cons :

On battery, it can last only for 2-3 days

11. Casio Snooze Daily Alarm Travel Clock:

This one is a digital clock with blue dial.You can change the time settings to 12 hour or 24 hour format. This is a simple alarmclock at the size of a credit card. At this price range, we cannot expect more . The buttons are little bit small but that would not be a problem.One AA battery is required to operate this alarm clock. You will get one battery with the clock. If you are looking for a cheap digital alarm clock, then go for it.

Pros :

1. Simple and cheap

2. Digital clock, 12-24 hour format, snooze.

Cons :

Buttons are little bit smaller

10. GenLed Mini Foldable Travel Alarm Clock :

This alarm clock can be folded , which is helpful for carrying it with ease. Also it will protect the screen from scratches. On one side of this folding case, you will get one chart of “world time table”. Along with the time, it also displays Temperature, Date,Day and alarm info. Snooze is also available. The display is large enough to read from a distance . Overall, GenLed Mini is a great travel alarm clock that is easy to use,read and transport.

Pros :

1. Compact Size

2. Large Display

3. Good Build Quality

Cons :

No way to illuminate in dark

9. JCC Multifunction Mini Square Alarm Clock :

A nicely designed foldable travel alarm clock. The top cover can be used as a stand after unfold. The time can be changed to 12 or 24 hours display. Apart from time, it also displays calendar, temperature and alarm info. The snooze button is on top clicking on it can repeat the alarm on every 5 minutes. Near the snooze button, one light button is also available for the backlight . Click on it and one soft blue light will be illuminate for 5 seconds.

Pros :

1. Compact size

2. Temperature, calendar display

3. Backlight

Cons :

1. The alarm sound is low as comparing to other clocks.

8. HITO Atomic Bedside Desk Travel Alarm Clock :

While travelling , it is really hard to keep up with the local timing for each new city. This alarm clock can update time and date automatically with daylight time saving. The time can be changed between 12 and 24 hours. It also shows the alarm status, current day and temperature. The backlight can be turned on for the whole night and it turns off automatically when the room light brightens the room. Also you can turn the backlight only for 5 seconds , without turning it on for all the time.

Pros :

1. Automatic time change

2. Smart backlight system

3. Shows day and temperature

Cons :

The time is set automatically using radio signal which may not work on island locations.

7. KRASR LCD Mini Folding Alarm Clock :

Folding designed alarm clock with a bright display. Like other clocks , it has 12 or 24 hours display options and also indoor temperature display in fahrenheit or celsius. Along with time, it can also show the date and day of the week. The backlight and alarm snooze buttons are on the back side of the clock.The package also contains a leather protective case. Available in two different colors : Black and Silver or White and silver.

Pros :

1. Clear display with 12/24 hours display,temperature and day,date display.

2. Foldable , easy to carry

3. You will also get one leather case with this package.

Cons :

The alarm sound is not too loud.

6. Westclox Travelmate Folding Alarm Clock :

Simple folding alarm clock with only 5 switch. It shows only the time on its half inch LCD screen. The alarm settings is also displayed on this screen. The alarm can be snoozed and also it has a on demand backlight which is good for night display.The same snooze button can be used for the back light as well.It requires only one small button sized battery to operate and that can be replaceable.

Pros :

1. Small size

2. Folding design

3. Back light , snooze

Cons :

Screen is little bit smaller

5. Travelwey Digital Travel Alarm Clock :

Thin,small and lightweight travel alarm clock by Travelwey with a foldable design. The folding lid acts as a stand for keeping it on a flat surface. The display is large and clear, also it has a on-demand blue light which is great for night display. The light turns on for 5 seconds. Light and alarm control button is on the top and the other controls are at the back of the clock. It has one travel mode switch, turning it on will disable all the buttons. So, no need to remove the batteries while travelling to avoid the buttons being pushed accidently.

Pros :

1. Display is clear

2. Back light and snooze feature.

3. Travel lock

Cons :

Weather display is not available

4. MARATHON CL030036BK Atomic travel alarm clock :

MARATHON Atomic travel clock is available in 5 different languages : English, French, German, Italian & Spanish. Also you can switch between 6 different time zones : Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, Atlantic & Newfoundland . It can automatically sets and adjust the time ,day and date, which is very useful on traveling overseas.The main key feature of MARATHON alarm clock is its auto night light feature, i.e. it has a build in light sensor that detects if the environment is dark and automatically activates the backlight. You can control backlight manually also. Other than these features ,indoor temperature display is also available.

Pros :

1. 5 different language and 6 different time zone settings.

2. Automatically sets date and time

3. Auto back light and temperature display

Cons :

Auto time updater sensor is not strong enough. Sometimes it doesnot receive the correct time signal.

3. La Crosse Technology Color Projection Alarm Clock :

This alarm clock comes with a projector that can project time and temperature on wall or ceiling. The LCD Display is also bright and colorful .You can charge your mobile device by connecting a USB cable with this clock . One 5 volt AC adapter is included, that can be used to keep it charging. The temperature view can be changed to celcius or ferenheit. It can also automatically adjust date and time with auto reset for daylight saving . One backlight is available for night display.

Pros :

1. Date,Temperature Projector

2. USB port for charging mobile phones

3. Colorful display with backlight

Cons :

Little bit heavy

2. Ambient Weather RC-8300 Atomic Travel Compact Alarm Clock :

The Ambient weather RC-8300 Atomic travel clock is very compact and lightweight. The screen displays time, alarm time, time zone, month, date, day of week, indoor temperature and radio controlled clock reception strength .It features an automatic backlight display which is activated in low light surrounding. The time can be changed between 12 and 24 hour format. Also it supports four time zones : Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern and four different languages : English, French, German, Spanish and Italian. The alarm can be set to ring progressively. The time is automatically set via radio signal ( supports only in continental USA).

Pros :

1. Small size and light weight

2. Auto time adjustment

3. Backlight settings

Cons :


1. MARATHON CL030023 Travel Alarm Clock:

Marathon alarm clock has a LED screen with calender ,time and temparature displayed on it.This clock can be folder : you can fold it like a foldable phone or unfold it and keep it on your desk. Also the clock top part can be rotate upto 180 degree. i.e. you can use this alarm clock as travel or desktop clock.Time can be changed to 12 or 24 hours and a indoor temparature display with options to change between celsius and fahrenheit. The MARATHON Travel and Desktop Alarm Clock can be set in 5 different languages including English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.The snooze button is large enough to use .

Pros :

1. Multi language support

2. Temparature,calender and time display

3. Foldable

Cons :

The buttons may got pressed while keep it folded.


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