Best Dual monitor stands review : Buyer’s guide : ( 2018 )

Best dual monitor stands review in 2017 :

Dual monitor stands are useful for set up multiple monitors in the best way possible. You can use dual stand for playing games, doing programming or any other task that could boost your productivity by extending your computer screen.

To make the things easier for you, we are going to show you top 5 dual monitor stands . But before that , let’s look into some key-factors and buying guide to help you choose your desired product :

Dual monitor stands buying Guide :

Type : Different types of dual monitor stands are available. Some can be attach to the back of the desk and some are wall mounted. Either it is a wall mounted or desk-mounted , always prefer the one that provides maximum flexibility . Because , these types of stands can be adjustable to any viewing angle position easily.

Build Quality : Always consider maximum weight holding capacity before placing the order. It should be strong enough to support a wide range of Monitors.

Setup : Some stands requires installation and some comes with freestanding stand. For the second one, you need to fix it using nuts and bolts and the first one can hold your screens without any installation.

We have compiled a list of top 5 best dual monitor stands to ensure that you purchase the best one. Let’s take a look :

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5 VonHaus Free Standing Heavy Duty Double Arm
4 Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand
3 WALI Free Standing Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount
2 VIVO Dual LCD LED Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand
1 Mount King Dual Monitor Stand S2 Pro Series

5. VonHaus Free Standing Heavy Duty Double Arm Dual Monitor Stand :

With 28.6 x 18.4 x 12.5in size and 10.9 lbs weight, this dual monitor stand allows you to mount two monitors side by side. It can hold two 13 to 27 inch monitor screens up to 17.6 lbs each. Flat screen monitors with 75×75 or 100×100 VESA dimension is compatible with this stand. With the help of pole clamp, you can adjust the height of both monitors. Also , it can be tilt at an angle of 45° and swivel 180° to adjust at an optimal position. You will also get one user manual with complete guidelines for installation and setup.

Features :

Hold two monitors with size 13 to 27 inch up to 17.6 lbs weight for each

Compatible with VESA

Easily configurable and flexible

Easy setup, best for home and office use

4. Dell MDS14 Dual Monitor Stand (5TPP7) :

Dell MDS14 is a high grade dual monitor stand with multi adjustment capabilities like tilt,swivel, height adjustment and horizontal sliding .The dual monitor stand can be used to attach any VESA compliant monitor up to 14.3 pounds and size up to 24 inches. This stand uses Dell quick release mounting solution that can snap monitors without any screw. The base of the stand is U-shaped , that frees up some space below the monitors. Also , its cable management slot on the stand riser helps to neatly stow away the cables.It is supported by Dell technical support if you are going to use this dual monitor stand with Dell systems.

Features :

High quality build

Heavy U-shaped base with cable management system

Compatible with almost all VESA monitors

3. WALI Free Standing Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount :

Designed with an unparalleled ergonomic design, this desk mount can be tilt,rotate or adjust height as per your viewing position. It can hold almost all monitors up to 27 inches with 22lbs weight on each arm. The base is V shaped. You can also bolt through the desk and fix it permanently. Easily mount any VESA 75mm or 100mm monitors . Adjust monitor height up to 0.8 inch after attaching . Monitors can be rotate 360 degrees, joints can be swivel up to 180 degree and the end joint can be swivel up to 90 degree. The package includes the mount, hardware kit and installation instruction manual.

Features :

Optional Grommet-base to bolt through desk

Easily adjustable ergonomic design

Easy installation

2. VIVO Dual LCD LED Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand:

This mount stand from VIVO comes with a lot of great features and its ergonomic design allows to place the screens at any position you like. Since this stand can only be mounted, a lot of valuable desk space are clears up after fitting it on desk. Attached mount is a 4 inch C – clamp with a thin padding below top end to protect the surface of the desk. One 4 inch grommet mount is also includes in the package. For installing , remove the VESA mounting plates , connect it to the monitors and then connect them back. Full articulation : 15° tilt, 360° swivel and with 360° rotation ,you can place them in portrait or landscape mode.

Features :

Mount stand : saves a lot of desk space.

Comfortable design

Extra grommet mount

1. Mount King Dual Monitor Stand S2 Pro Series :

Mount King Dual Monitor Stand is made from high quality Militery grade steel and a heavy weighted base that can hold 2 LCD Screen or TV from 13 inch to 24 inch. The package contains all the hardwares and it takes less than 10 minutes for setup. This stand comes with a cable management hooks to hide the clutter . The viewing point is fully adjustable : tilt the screens up to 90 degree and swivel it full 360 degree. VESA mount is compatible with this monitor stand . You can connect it with 75mm or 100mm mounting holes. Currently mount king is also offering lifetime warranty for this product.

Features :

High quality build

Easy setup and good support

VESA mount compatible


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